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Orange Juice Gaming

Hello I'm OJ.

I like mobile games. Concise strategy videos and fun videos are what I do.

Clash Royale and Brawl Stars are my jam. Supercell is fam!

  • PhoenixSeer

    "Mean while LUKIE BEAR doesn't miss all of his shots" Also lukie : *Misses his piper shot after oj said it*

  • Not Ches W
    Not Ches W

    You could upgrade 1+ level for every arena but yes you shoudl upgrade urtroops to level 8

  • Thushara Suraweera
    Thushara Suraweera

    am i Late

  • sUs

    im back in four years :goblin drill ,fire cracker ,elixirgolem,heal sprit ,mother witch,battle healer, royal delevery me:who are you guys

  • Ducky draky
    Ducky draky

    Oj:I am fine with that Me:o-O, AAAAAAAAA, STOP THAT LAVA HOUND

  • dadolf

    2:05 Di- Did he predict squi-

  • Alemations

    Too quick relax

  • Prince kumar
    Prince kumar

    Go level 8 🔥

  • The Communist
    The Communist

    It took ya long enough OJ! QwQ

  • Mhamad

    Oj please do a series like this but on brawl stars or clash of clans

  • B34r Polar
    B34r Polar

    Honestly oj is being an rather funny person than a skilled player, but that's where we love!

    • B34r Polar
      B34r Polar

      Ill recommend watching Morten or other pros if you really want to master the game(Reach at least 7k)

  • Saw Sook Hui
    Saw Sook Hui

    Oj if you hold the button of making resourses, you can immedely put resourse in waiting

  • Amazing Secaina
    Amazing Secaina

    oj is the best brawl stars youtuber ever

  • Abhin raj
    Abhin raj

    Best deck for arena 14

  • Nicholas Jose Olandria
    Nicholas Jose Olandria

    yes become level 8

  • Yasandu Seenapatabendige
    Yasandu Seenapatabendige

    Inferno tower is really good against any big guys(mega knight,pekka) and also in that arena having mega knight is just wins the game. Nobody knows how to counter mega knight.

  • Learning student
    Learning student

    11:00 he even didn't notice that opponent's clan name was hi oj

  • ajoy hash
    ajoy hash

    I want to see you cheese in brawl stars oj aka the cheese master

  • Plyro

    these decks help so much

  • Rutuja Sawant
    Rutuja Sawant

    how many times did he say BOOM-BOOMS

  • TABS

    I love the Rocket boom

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James

    Oj can you make the best deck for arena 14

  • Stijn Vossen
    Stijn Vossen

    The real log bait deck

  • Indy Maas
    Indy Maas

    F2P to 5k. Also buys packs

  • Polarplays

    Still waiting for arena 11 deck.

  • mcp _
    mcp _

    To what arena is mid-leder

  • Darker Than u
    Darker Than u

    u wanna talk about that 300000 gold already?



  • Thushara Suraweera
    Thushara Suraweera

    ad skeliton army and clone

  • Thushara Suraweera
    Thushara Suraweera

    audio breaking

  • Athul Krishna Vettukattil
    Athul Krishna Vettukattil

    Does anyone know kairostime gaming also watch this video

  • Aayush Goyal
    Aayush Goyal

    when cr player plays coc

  • Raghav Singhal
    Raghav Singhal

    i just started a min yest im on arena 3 almost at 4

  • Thushara Suraweera
    Thushara Suraweera

    ad skeliton army and clone

  • Aarit Koshti
    Aarit Koshti

    This deck really needs to be played patiently till double elixir and then in 2x just put royal recruits in the back and split zappies and then split piggies at the bridge! GUARANTEED DAMAGE.

  • Pranit Jajoo
    Pranit Jajoo

    princes can be found in epic sundays. So this is why you see princes

  • Abdul Razzak
    Abdul Razzak

    Me: I'm gonna pull the mega knight OJ: Let's PUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLL the mega knight

  • Andeeplaze Gaming
    Andeeplaze Gaming

    1256bats were spawned in total and yes i did use math

  • madaraa uchiha
    madaraa uchiha

    Everyone: witch is a bad card oj:U TAKE THAT BACK

  • jojit camero
    jojit camero

    "Oh he used pollution oh" - OJ 2021

  • Xxshadow_02

    Sir oj can you please make a video of buzz playing of a island???

  • Ikhsan Jati
    Ikhsan Jati

    im 4000 trophy and still level 7 then i decided to get to level 9

  • Ducky draky
    Ducky draky

    You use stats royale?

  • Jared Higuera
    Jared Higuera

    17:10 When you get a positive elixir trade.

  • Jovan Castillo
    Jovan Castillo

    Join my clan orange ones my name is jovan I made it because I like oj oranges

  • Goldlocket

    can anyone tell me the app OJ used to find these decks

  • Makiah Latham
    Makiah Latham

    I jumped from arena 7 to arena 12 just bc my mega night is level 11

  • PolarBearYT

    This makes me play clash royale not gonna lie!

  • Hayden_w

    arena 12 deck?

  • Pranit Jajoo
    Pranit Jajoo

    It is time to evolve to lvl 8


    Counter splash units of in 2021: mega knight

  • Mayura Nimsara
    Mayura Nimsara

    Are you doing this series for every arena thats money! These series helped me alot keep'm coming🙂

  • Slendergun 17
    Slendergun 17

    I got fisherman arena 9



  • noggehr nomerobhoose
    noggehr nomerobhoose

    In 2:20 you say ice wizard to ice spirit

  • Carter Landau
    Carter Landau

    sad you didnt mention gob giant

  • FrostyFNM

    LETS GO NEEDED A DECK FOR ARENA 9, was stuck there and got a lot of minuised

  • Arrghnav

    He bought something when it's meant to be F2P to 5k

  • MKC20

    You're the worst kind of player. Annoying af and can't win without a deck someone else made.

  • Sudhir K Thakur
    Sudhir K Thakur

    Fun fact: I was level 9 in arena 7 only

  • Ezebelle伊斯貝拉


  • Ezebelle伊斯貝拉


  • Mayura Nimsara
    Mayura Nimsara

    Oj u need to do a video in elecro valley please

  • Patchesdabreakable

    And now OJ gonna face bots a lot

  • Shaun Bennett
    Shaun Bennett

    Your outfit reminds me of some old school novelas, the unbuttoned shirt and the mustache.

  • Big Jo
    Big Jo


  • Đinh Thái Sơn
    Đinh Thái Sơn


  • Hunter Lane
    Hunter Lane

    Thanks to this video you gave me a deck I love 😁😁😁 I’m also lower on the trophies so it just works well with me and if you see this much love and appreciation with the knowledge you share

  • Nombre / Name
    Nombre / Name

    Do you remember when Lava Hound was from Arena 4?

  • Hyper Gaming
    Hyper Gaming

    6:47 thank you for bringing back the red damage numbers missed those.

  • boone-brawl stars
    boone-brawl stars

    this was streamed on my birthday will u like comment plz ....

  • Pooja Goyal
    Pooja Goyal

    POV:You don’t grind trophies and wait for oj to make a video on ur arena

  • Reece Bertrand
    Reece Bertrand

    Forget level 8 move to level 9

  • Aeon_YT

    Oj always lightens up my mood with his videos

  • UnStoppableFusion

    Just upgrade all your cards to level 13. Why do you still want to scam your audience with this crap?

  • Sukiyaki_Senpai UwU
    Sukiyaki_Senpai UwU

    I find it annoying fighting x bow cyclers , but my main deck is the perfect combo for x bow decks UvU

  • Javid Iqbal
    Javid Iqbal

    Nice oj

  • Aaron Quach
    Aaron Quach

    Man doesn’t know how to push lol

  • vedaant bhardwaj
    vedaant bhardwaj

    3:14 1 health tower...