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Orange Juice Gaming

Hello I'm OJ.

I like mobile games. Concise strategy videos and fun videos are what I do.

Clash Royale and Brawl Stars are my jam. Supercell is fam!

  • Leonard Zemani (PUPIL)
    Leonard Zemani (PUPIL)

    Five minute crafts be like. He outdone us again.😭😭😭😭

  • Tàrā

    Nobody: OJ: literally everytime asking to support him(use code OJ)

  • Patrick RW
    Patrick RW

    Oj congrats on reaching 2mill subs

  • Black Panther Cubic Castles
    Black Panther Cubic Castles

    OJ Is the best!

  • Misfortune Tara
    Misfortune Tara

    I am from future or past if you see this meh

  • Sebastian Russo
    Sebastian Russo

    orange juice: I DID IT brawl stars: YOUR GETTING BANNED

  • Aryan Bhagat
    Aryan Bhagat

    I can play better than you

  • Toh Kayston
    Toh Kayston

    I support use codeoj in shop pls do box opening from level one to maxed out like bentim1 did!!!

  • Elisa Chatzivasiliadou
    Elisa Chatzivasiliadou

    1:15 chesse master or daryl master

  • Joelim -
    Joelim -

    mmmm, its an Orange Juice

  • Mousa Youssef
    Mousa Youssef

    1:21 read the name boys its kina fimliar

  • Mithun Krishna
    Mithun Krishna

    "Fire spirits are from 2016" quick roast


    13:26 SO FUNNY 🤣

  • Alexalex Turturica
    Alexalex Turturica


  • Life of yoshi gaming
    Life of yoshi gaming

    I’ve dreamed of a day where cheese was easy and mi dream came true

  • Jenny Foong
    Jenny Foong

    Oj when he wins one game :IS THIS HOW WE FARM????????

  • Kap pei
    Kap pei

    At 1:25, l came 1st with my brawler is Carl.

  • Sebastián Vaňo
    Sebastián Vaňo

    69 gang here

  • Sebastian Russo
    Sebastian Russo

    im watching the video then like monday tuseday wensday then i look at the date its still march 17

  • JoJo - Brawl stars
    JoJo - Brawl stars


  • WES AND JAKE TuTorials gaming
    WES AND JAKE TuTorials gaming

    Whats next i know bibi baseball

  • Wolfriz

    Tara should be better then brock here

  • Connoriscool

    xD the bull’s name was doom

  • the ohana adventure mirza
    the ohana adventure mirza

    The title should've been jessie+piper=belle

  • Relaxing Music
    Relaxing Music

    It's quarter past one pm here in Serbia now...

  • Connoriscool

    This is amazing and amazing editing great *video I love it keep up the good work*

  • firegaming26

    if i was on nitas place i would trow bear in there

  • Brawl Stars Kerala
    Brawl Stars Kerala


  • Relaxing Music
    Relaxing Music

    Does he play Brawl Stars every day?

  • Giedrius Dapšys
    Giedrius Dapšys

    12:35 that voice crack i am diyng xd

  • Sanad Sweedan
    Sanad Sweedan

    Why is oj is name still her king

  • Ayush

    at 5:03 oj said beautiful instead of beautimas im dissapointed

  • Vinzent Reinhard
    Vinzent Reinhard

    bout 3:40 the sprout winning animation is completly bugged

  • temporary email
    temporary email

    since when is giant skeleton a spell?? disliked

  • Mitchell Bonello
    Mitchell Bonello

    This is like the 2ND smallest update ever, but it is oj’s favourite. Y’all should know why

  • SKYJ Vlogs
    SKYJ Vlogs

    hey oj , congrulations on 2m subs :D

  • omar farouk
    omar farouk

    I havent unlocked a new brawler since the last season(lou’s season) any advice?

  • Jose Rodrigo
    Jose Rodrigo

    Why tf are you matching with level fucking ones maybe it would actually be a close game if you played a level 12 or 13 wtf

  • Legendary Productions
    Legendary Productions

    0:01 2 elixir to counter 13 elixir POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADE

  • {Anormal•Kid}

    What we learned today? 13:56 *betrayal*


    Pls play more clash royale

  • Monique Autar
    Monique Autar

    I like drinking more than eating

  • Dolphins don’t exist sorry Jotaro
    Dolphins don’t exist sorry Jotaro

    When the prince hits your tower Not STONKS

  • Le Heng leap
    Le Heng leap

    Is not surge lol

  • Rien Karaj
    Rien Karaj

    At 1:00 I think when enemy’s are close it bounces but when far away it doesn’t

  • ITSNICK Bird Parker
    ITSNICK Bird Parker

    13:45 the heal spirit is placed two times

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    There is a new TH14 Update In CoC Check it out!

  • MrQuacks

    When I know when code oj runs out I suffercate for long then I type in code oj 🤗

  • Berry Tzy
    Berry Tzy


  • parthadey602

    Pls upload a clash rolaye video also

  • Sheikh Mohammad Ismail 5B2
    Sheikh Mohammad Ismail 5B2


  • Sheikh Mohammad Ismail 5B2
    Sheikh Mohammad Ismail 5B2



    4:39 he says he will be doomed if there is a bull and comes a bull with name doom

  • OMGitsAyaan


  • Fortnite games 215
    Fortnite games 215

    Ok you hate your fans because ima fan

  • Raze Tv
    Raze Tv

    From this day I assure you guys, someday you will be amazed in my hero gameplays

  • Maggie Man
    Maggie Man

    I like Om

  • Aarav Nigam
    Aarav Nigam

    where wuz sd and heist

  • Aarav Nigam
    Aarav Nigam

    2 heist maps???????????

  • Snehal Chaudhary
    Snehal Chaudhary

    I really love oj's evil laugh 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Diego Rincione
    Diego Rincione

    Nobody: OJ: We just went from tier 29 to 23

  • IBRAHIM Brawl_Stars
    IBRAHIM Brawl_Stars

    Oh 2 million subscribers nice keep going

  • Nilesh Parab
    Nilesh Parab


  • John

    He looks like the ''special'' kid in school.

  • RN冬Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ Nᴇɢɪ
    RN冬Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ Nᴇɢɪ


  • Harfouchio Has spoken
    Harfouchio Has spoken

    Now u need 1 min just use a book 😂

  • COZY TEXAS 2008
    COZY TEXAS 2008

    I am indian and I want to join one of your club in bs help me find pls

  • The Official Gummibar Channel 47
    The Official Gummibar Channel 47

    Oj beat the brawl star's strongest boss level

  • Ann Tsang
    Ann Tsang

    6:44 They bots lose at 69% or did they win?...

  • Tyler George
    Tyler George

    if it was a bull with low health im doom bull dies his name Doom

  • Majd Abi Ghanem
    Majd Abi Ghanem

    10:38 Nerdy oj

  • Dijar Çerkezi
    Dijar Çerkezi

    OJ loves cheese

  • anandanan singam - brawl stars
    anandanan singam - brawl stars

    My RSloft is anandanan singam - brawl stars

  • Mitke

    00:15 use captions

  • ShadowSensei

    5:36 he won with 69 *_nice_*

  • noobyplaystuff

    Why do you make troll maps win... why.

  • Tactical Telepathy
    Tactical Telepathy

    I've done this :)

  • Jun Han Ngo
    Jun Han Ngo

    imagine if hot zone and seige map maker comes out longer video timeXD

  • MutantGuy48

    kabul eder misin = pls accept