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Orange Juice Gaming

Hello I'm OJ.

I like mobile games. Concise strategy videos and fun videos are what I do.

Clash Royale and Brawl Stars are my jam. Supercell is fam!

  • sean pascua
    sean pascua

    Primo: Im alone Primo: Not really Primo: Lets spin Primo: lets yeet each other Primo: Lets charge our supers Edgar: Hey guys! Primo: No *Edgar dies*

  • Clash with Ram
    Clash with Ram


  • Shailendra Kumar
    Shailendra Kumar

    After getting added of prison goblin and goblin drill , let's shout for hologram tower.

  • Siname

    When they scrap the goblin drill cause is to broken but when they added it is still broken👍

  • fibroustiger480

    I've been playing with and against the thing alot and it doesn't seem to overpowered but thats just my opinion

  • Blue Butterfly
    Blue Butterfly

    The rabid atm parenthetically employ because notify originally spark worth a odd peace. uneven, large sidewalk

  • cynergy

    Clash Royale idea. Unlock a new card get 10/2 and try to trade and see if you can’t get 0/2

  • Jay Bali
    Jay Bali

    Babe say the magic words Babe:what? “Mmmmm it’sa orrrange juise”

  • BadAsss Gaming
    BadAsss Gaming

    So no-one is gonna talk about how there is a reference of Attack On Titan on the thumbnail?

  • Bo-Ru Ju
    Bo-Ru Ju

    I'm hungry.

    • Bo-Ru Ju
      Bo-Ru Ju

      This is the 5000th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ordinary Person
    Ordinary Person

    Rip bo nani cheese

  • aditya hindlekar
    aditya hindlekar

    Bruh everyone is saying that he's throwing punches , BUT CLEARLY WE CAN SEE, ITS THE WHISTLE BLOWS

  • Qadri Aqra
    Qadri Aqra

    Old school brawl Star

  • Rimesh Maskey
    Rimesh Maskey

    "'s beautiful"😁

  • 挑戰100訂閱的阿偶的遊戲頻道

    Oj can u pls tell me where can find this mod

  • Yuvaan Bansal
    Yuvaan Bansal

    Cheese is life and auto aim is best aim !

  • Angela Chapa
    Angela Chapa


  • brawl boy
    brawl boy

    Buzz backdoor

  • Rimesh Maskey
    Rimesh Maskey


  • Cynth

    And Silver Bullet was the most broken gadget in history...

  • Tacticool 12
    Tacticool 12

    Imagine pulling a Bull with buzz and die on how close they are

  • Ram Rami Lalramhluni
    Ram Rami Lalramhluni

    Finally a card to match the goblin at the left side

  • keko - ali_
    keko - ali_

    clash royale youtuber to this

  • Avb - Brawl Stars
    Avb - Brawl Stars

    Hey man can you make a 2021 UPDATED CLASH ROYALE BEST DECKS FOR EACH ARENA video. Would really help.

  • the Dabbing Panda
    the Dabbing Panda

    How to use the heal spell in 2021: You can't

  • Justin Negron
    Justin Negron

    got this recommended to me when goblin drill came out

  • marco chapi
    marco chapi

    The drill is relly good it shouldn't be nerfed

  • Candee

    Dude I ran into him while playing a tournament

  • Robert Matthew Bartolome
    Robert Matthew Bartolome

    Why I I'm Fadi-

  • Lane Mapes
    Lane Mapes

    To bad after all that time they still couldnt drop gob drill somewhat balanced🤣

  • Kaynen Moniz
    Kaynen Moniz

    1:57 who tf has fireball, barb barrel, and royal recruit??

  • Exposure of Intense
    Exposure of Intense

    Anyone know what music OJ used when he cheesed? 😅

  • Glen Short
    Glen Short

    Why does OJ act so cringe these days. Used to watch him like 3-4 years ago and he was much more cool

  • Stokes Cassidy
    Stokes Cassidy

    Oj: I can zoom in and out? Is that a glitch? Me: bruh, it’s Roblox

  • Aahladh Zampa
    Aahladh Zampa

    I got a ad of candy crush,the girl in the ad says there are so many reasons to play candy crush and she didnt even said one,and literally says download it,like wtf😂

  • AlphaCore

    0:36 I wasn't looking I was like, "ARE YOU OK WUT NANI IS TOO OP NERF PEEP WUT"

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid

    Hes really low elixir. Im *digging* it

  • Dos Bros
    Dos Bros

    1:57 that sounded wrong lol 🤣

  • Mizzettt

    All of these are cards now lol

  • RH0N3


    • RH0N3

      what hea sasiid ^

  • Mr_ MurksAlot0712
    Mr_ MurksAlot0712

    Oh likes minors

  • Yoshweeper

    Sprout is my favorite brawler after sandy

  • L0rem Ipsum
    L0rem Ipsum

    NANI!?: (deploys Peep) *Omae wa mou shindeirou*

  • Daryl’s Crossbow
    Daryl’s Crossbow

    Could you please try doing a all legendary challenge in CR

  • walkens jean baptiste
    walkens jean baptiste

    I don’t like how he don’t say “butimus” anymore :(

  • EasyBreesy07

    “I don’t play to win. I play to rush!” That is the story of clash of clans account summed up in I sentence

  • Mike Pham
    Mike Pham

    Ur name is jimmy?

  • Xerox Copy
    Xerox Copy

    OJ: “I don’t really but that many emotes” Also OG: (Has to school to get through his emotes)

    • Xerox Copy
      Xerox Copy

      I cant spell for shit what I meant to say was *scroll* finally

    • Xerox Copy
      Xerox Copy


  • Hero_CR

    Hologram Tower next????

  • Carter Mulcahy
    Carter Mulcahy

    Me watching when goblin drill is out

  • Vegetables hulk
    Vegetables hulk

    Probably the worst thing ever of there not being ammo for newly spawned brawlers

  • Oni Does stuff
    Oni Does stuff

    What if you had CHEEP troops

  • brian budowick
    brian budowick

    0:04 that's the wrong Rosa

  • GamingWithKamito

    OJ: Your nothing to me witch Me: Freaking bi**h Freaking witch

  • Dekko Bae
    Dekko Bae

    5,000 more

  • shubh shah
    shubh shah

    not momma OJ, momma CHEESE

  • RealHaydog09

    Is the drill emote llllllllllimited?

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim

    6:05 El Primo is watching watching every move.

  • hello there
    hello there

    1:13 is sus

    • hello there
      hello there

      1:10 is sus

  • Patient Zero
    Patient Zero

    code orange

  • Dnt mind me
    Dnt mind me

    The red comentator looks like vsauce

  • Doodyat

    He looked so annoyed after every gagdet

  • Stealth Mission
    Stealth Mission

    My deck was basically a bait, all loggies. My skeletons beat people with like four counters.

  • Spy

    10:02 and 10:01 was pretty weird

  • RandomdudeYT

    Goblin drill!

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim

    7:19 Bot Bo caught in 4k giving up in the corner

  • ASR


  • Zygmunt Jaslowski
    Zygmunt Jaslowski

    It's a whale oj says shark

  • Spy

    5:08 was so funny

  • Tzoulian Gkini
    Tzoulian Gkini

    7:51 soccer players when you just touch them

  • Luma


  • Elis Hillerström
    Elis Hillerström

    Him the whole vid: he hit meeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Yoshweeper

    Is there a confirmed release date yet?