Orange Juice Gaming

Orange Juice Gaming
Orange Juice Gaming

Hello I'm OJ.

I like mobile games. Concise strategy videos and fun videos are what I do.

Clash Royale and Brawl Stars are my jam. Supercell is fam!

  • Bill Mcskill
    Bill Mcskill

    IDK something

  • TheFreshnessofMemes

    The amount of times I fought this deck while playing the challenge and didn’t know it was OJs deck-

  • [GT] Rodrigo González Productions™ツඞ
    [GT] Rodrigo González Productions™ツඞ

    The log nerf it's garb

  • Amos Cheung
    Amos Cheung


  • Water is Good
    Water is Good

    Nice video

  • Mr Forrest
    Mr Forrest

    OJ's compulsion to play elixir golem in every challenge

  • Sardinee 45
    Sardinee 45

    skill issue

  • RyyoT4

    3 elixer but working

  • Adam Abougoush
    Adam Abougoush

    Bro I haven’t watched u in a while just wanna say u look fuckin good bro u look way different from before keep on going man💪🏽

  • [IDMCI]


  • ᴄʜᴇᴇʀʏツ

    The blonde cat lady is mad fine

  • oSyked

    6:50 69 8:15 ALSO 69!!!

  • CBOSS_09 ——
    CBOSS_09 ——

    I used this skeleton barrel-balloon clone cycle deck and got like 12 wins in a few minuets lol

  • Jud crum
    Jud crum

    Oj has achieved fatherlessness

  • Jay-d1188

    How to how to recroom I mean mega knight

  • Lerk Plays
    Lerk Plays

    Level 13 max🥲

  • Person yes
    Person yes

    I love the hair bro

  • Frank Nijmeh
    Frank Nijmeh


  • acb

    Worst card ever

  • Dusk moon
    Dusk moon

    I pushed to 5k on my nephew's account with 9 and 10 levels and he's been at 5k for like 1and a half months he can't win

  • Firebolt Gaming
    Firebolt Gaming

    8:30 OJ's reaction time

    • Firebolt Gaming
      Firebolt Gaming

      like literally the moment he died

  • Nebulum Gaming
    Nebulum Gaming

    i had a better one that used skeleking and witch and it was just so overwhelming with all the skeltons didnt lose a match

  • Yo Swag
    Yo Swag

    Clash royal in clash of clans that’s what I call GAS

  • Daly Hsu
    Daly Hsu

    When dyral was not 1000 trophy's the battle before that red teem had 69 on sigh

  • Mahidul Islam
    Mahidul Islam

    OJ I love you but. I hat🤬 E-GLOM.

  • Hansik Rao
    Hansik Rao

    Anyone notice rc name is "Straw Hat"

  • Rosa Saldivar
    Rosa Saldivar

    sus oj:”we penetrated him” WHAAAA

  • Osvaldo Vivaldo
    Osvaldo Vivaldo

    Oj use the ability one the one archer 🤣 2:20

  • Matt A
    Matt A

    The uh oh chat I'm not feeling so good got me 😂😂😂

  • Julian Guerrero Garcia
    Julian Guerrero Garcia

    Your deck was horrible I lost everything 😤😤😠