15 Wins 🥳
We hit 15 wins in the Championship Challenge in the first hour where it's full of sweats. The longer the challenge is out, the easier it gets! Play with 2 friends you know and wait until the last day if you're struggling to hit 15 wins. On average only 1 in 852 teams reach 15.
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  • Murf 2
    Murf 2

    Nice video OJ love your videos 👍

  • RTex_GamerZ


  • noob loser
    noob loser

    oj battldd with ash? wow

  • Spicy Corgi
    Spicy Corgi

    Can you post more clash Royale

  • Claudia De La Cruz
    Claudia De La Cruz

    Who was watching this when it was the last moment to play the tournament and missed it or was it just me.

  • Surge pro
    Surge pro

    Oj:*does something good for the team* Me:I CALL HACKS

  • Melle Puttenstein
    Melle Puttenstein

    I see he moved when he used his gadget in the first time hot zone with sandy

  • Ilija Vujovic
    Ilija Vujovic

    Oh this is not fake OJ sorry😅

  • francis marcos
    francis marcos

    I just won 6/15

  • Jim The Jello
    Jim The Jello

    The fact that he said "do you know what's good about 5/6" Next second"I really love the boomboom"

  • Daniel Nazeef
    Daniel Nazeef

    Thanks to my mum my dad my sister Me: when i win challenge *RUN INTO FOREST*

  • Joey Carlisto
    Joey Carlisto


  • amoree dent
    amoree dent

    straight 6 win with randoms,and then everything went to hell

  • Vani Ko
    Vani Ko

    0:27 whats the app

  • Quốc Phong Lê
    Quốc Phong Lê

    YOU ARE coolllll :]

  • dandi c2020
    dandi c2020

    my team coudn't even score the first one since were bad at brawl ball

  • Brawl Lover
    Brawl Lover

    12:47 oj has the blue star but in the score there is no blue star for oj's team WTF!!

  • Kleo Ter
    Kleo Ter

    I played Tick at hot zone.I was 2 games away 13/15.Y'all understand my pain?

  • Markus Hellsten
    Markus Hellsten

    3:45 i lost there im SO NOOB

  • BiancaYeet

    6 wins 3 losses :(

  • Just a normal person
    Just a normal person

    Who’s gonna tell him the percentages aren’t win rates 👀

  • Tiny Lawyer bs
    Tiny Lawyer bs

    In gem grab I was the 8Bit that oj lost to and my brother was the toxic mr p and my friend was the op bryon

  • JaySky05 !
    JaySky05 !

    Orange juice gets potato edgars and I get 800 trophy edgars lol

  • Deva Gireesh
    Deva Gireesh

    i lost -0wins

  • Games4Real

    My: cheeese OJ: BOM BOM!

  • Perrin Bottema
    Perrin Bottema

    4:38 = 700hp

  • ByTexic

    Zero losses

  • Mango Men
    Mango Men

    what are the chances for winning as I won and want to know

  • Nave

    OJ always makes everything look so easy 🤣

  • GGGamer 69
    GGGamer 69

    Me who has got 0 wins in this championship challenge be like: :(

  • Liam Kriner
    Liam Kriner


  • gamer-x channel
    gamer-x channel


  • Ahmad Dzaki
    Ahmad Dzaki

    Me use tick 7 win 3 lose

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars

    U are a pro brawl stars player

  • Ali Othman
    Ali Othman

    OJ: Woo Easy pizzy orange squezzy Me: winning 9 games and feeling satisfied 😭😭

  • George Games
    George Games

    I only won 7 ;(

  • TheChimpCheese

    OJ: play on the last day to not verse good players All the pro players: Plays on the last day OJ: in the next video: play on the first day

  • MoRiTZz -Brawl Stars
    MoRiTZz -Brawl Stars


  • Fai Tang
    Fai Tang

    15 wins but 2 losses

  • Tiko

    Not me losing 3 times on the first go

  • Syrelle Bernard Marin
    Syrelle Bernard Marin

    I did not even make it past the first one

  • Offical_Script

    400hp for gem carrier 😂

  • Adam Ramirez
    Adam Ramirez

    Idk if I'm good at this game but I got 11 wins with randoms

  • Speed- Brawl stars
    Speed- Brawl stars

    Stream people vs highlights people.... Stream people :oj stop throwing the game! oj stop messing around! And.... Oj throwing the game, Oj missing every shot, Oj losing lane. Highlights people : oj you are the best player! you are op! And.... Oj winning every lane, Hitting every shot, Oj making some op plays. Oj loves making him look op in highlights....

  • Yagya Chandwani
    Yagya Chandwani

    12:47 The blue star is not visible

  • Nlecentral central
    Nlecentral central

    i love watching your vids oj

  • Yeet Brawl Stars
    Yeet Brawl Stars

    I won the championships LETS GOOO 14-2 to 14-3 CALCULATED

  • Drican 89
    Drican 89

    Lavvek was played on 3 acc without any lose

  • Drican 89
    Drican 89

    i can score the goal like a big boy😂😂

  • Niño Bulilit
    Niño Bulilit

    Thanks OJ for the code i got colette :) plus one of my phone just lost all the competitions the one that has colette was in 7 wins

  • Jaden Chung
    Jaden Chung

    I got the win with a game that I almost lost with 1 hp my teammates said they would’ve died internally if we lost that... 15 WINSSSSS

  • :-EDV-:

    I already lost at the first hour i played it and theres alot of good players i lost at stage 2 i guess thts lesson learned from me ;-;.

  • Brother Plays
    Brother Plays

    Ho Ike’s brawl stars

  • Chanyoung Yang
    Chanyoung Yang

    I went to 7/15

  • Brother Plays
    Brother Plays

    Brawl stars is the best

  • safira azul
    safira azul

    Funi moment

  • Donart Neziri
    Donart Neziri

    Imagine having good teamates not me out here carrying my teamates and lost on the last game :(

  • Saiyan Zhao
    Saiyan Zhao

    I lost on 1st hot zone in championship

  • Starlight Lantern
    Starlight Lantern

    oj played ash and ash played mali lol

  • Georgios Thalassinos
    Georgios Thalassinos

    Fan fact:if u write fan fact in your comment in a Radom video people will read it

  • Axy76

    I only won 1 :(

  • Toms

    The end was emotional😭

  • Halit Kurt
    Halit Kurt

    imagine they would win with cheese

  • Oliver Kroon
    Oliver Kroon

    it was all calculated

  • 1

    Enemy team: *oj team* My team: *oj enemy team*

  • yueshijoorya

    It's...kinda painful to watch OJ play...

  • AlxyGaming

    i got 7/1 than lost 2 times ''i did random teams''

  • STF - Brawl Stars
    STF - Brawl Stars

    Lets see how many subs I can get from this comment. Current 4

  • Marko Lupták
    Marko Lupták

    If u heart this my comment I will use your code oj every 7 days

  • Asim gamerx
    Asim gamerx

    But randoms are noobs i need a team and friends🥺

  • Felix’s Channel
    Felix’s Channel

    Bad fandoms are the end of me

  • Trewoe

    Fun Fact : If u type Fun Fact people will read it

  • Marko Ivezic
    Marko Ivezic

    Omg i think he saud the n word in 06:50 am i the onle one?

  • QuiltGamer 783
    QuiltGamer 783

    I lost to a max on heist

  • Prince Yash
    Prince Yash

    because of your creator code i got in brawl stars rico and bibi brawler thank you very much and I am supporting you and i am from INDIA

  • John Cyrus Caronan
    John Cyrus Caronan

    Whats the award?


    i got to stage 7 without 1 single lose


    he lose 2 times

  • everything channel
    everything channel

    Wow I like you oj

  • Lds

    i lost so i just feel bad for ppl who lost too

  • Nithil soorya
    Nithil soorya

    Hey OJ please use Rohin Ruffs Nest

  • Mohammed Ad
    Mohammed Ad


  • scout op
    scout op

    I always use code oj everytime

  • Reyhan Qaedi
    Reyhan Qaedi


  • Pauline Sin
    Pauline Sin

    Sp0oT ~oj 2021

  • creative ideas by Aryan
    creative ideas by Aryan

    1:02 look at his token remaining

  • Jevin brawl stars
    Jevin brawl stars

    I didn't make 15 wins but I made conten

  • Jason Li
    Jason Li


  • Kevin _RBLX
    Kevin _RBLX

    I got 1500 star tokens mega box and got lou

  • Jamals playlist
    Jamals playlist

    I got out on my third match

  • Oreoz and Chill
    Oreoz and Chill

    i was there in the chat when he beat it c:


    I just lose AT last Stage im so sad

  • tannie_friend_RJ

    I lost 3 times in the first round with 3 different brawlers. So I hadn’t even complete 1 round or even 1 game in the entire championship challenge and I’m kicked out already...

    • Anime Is For Gods
      Anime Is For Gods

      I only got 3 wins :(

  • Greece Gameplay
    Greece Gameplay

    I played from the first sec but 3 times in a row i found amber in heist. I had 0 loses until the last bracket of heist and i lost:(

  • Reu Tube-
    Reu Tube-

    And then there is me losing my first three games in a row...

  • Adolphus Hitler
    Adolphus Hitler

    Wow amazing i lost in the first day with 0 WINS Mother fucking Randoms

  • BlueBearry XD
    BlueBearry XD

    Me:lose the challenge on my main account Me playing again on my mini account:hehe boi

  • Player01Hamiel

    i like how you laugh just like all the brawl stars cheese you said hahmuwaaaaaa

  • Ebrahim Khalid
    Ebrahim Khalid

    there is a map of the base use Jess with the gadget of apreg

  • Viết Nguyễn Trọng Văn
    Viết Nguyễn Trọng Văn

    i like oj to say calculated it's so funny

middle = win 🧘
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