25 balance changes & showdown+ 🍊
A ton of balance changes coming with nerfs, buffs and reworks for a lot of abilities, gadgets, star powers, health and damage for all brawlers. Animated game mode banners and NEW MODE Showdown+

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  • Jacquelyn calista Chen
    Jacquelyn calista Chen

    Showdown + ? More like Showdown - to me. I played some 10 matches and my trophy income has 📉 down by like over 10%!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that much; so, *QUIT SHOWDOWN + NOW* (Gameplay uses 100 - 600 🏆 brawlers, mostly Shelly plays (600 🏆) and total 🏆 is about 11k)

    • Jacquelyn calista Chen
      Jacquelyn calista Chen

      (PS: My play style is bush camping)

    • Jacquelyn calista Chen
      Jacquelyn calista Chen

      It teaches me to play aggressive in Showdown, which is *DEFINITELY HOW NOT TO PLAY SHOWDOWN*

  • Luisinho gamer
    Luisinho gamer

    Bots now break skulls

  • Orange Gmr
    Orange Gmr

    Me hearing that clay pigeons got buffed: YESSSS! I NEED THIS!

  • Nuggetee1

    Lets be real They will 100 percent nerf clay pigeons eventually

  • Antonio Ismail
    Antonio Ismail

    I am indonesia

  • levathorn

    Oj do you know that in the beta days poco super with star power his super dealt 1200

  • Top Hat
    Top Hat

    I use code og

  • OH _H0NXY
    OH _H0NXY

    Now some of the brawlers might struggle

  • Honas Padar
    Honas Padar

    Why is your hair looks different 🤨 ?

  • Benito

    Clay pigeon is so dang op now!

  • Rury Fitri
    Rury Fitri

    Once again stu get nerved 😔

  • lucutes


  • Veda Karthika Siri
    Veda Karthika Siri


  • Rachman Sugiono
    Rachman Sugiono

    Oj how did you get all the skins early

  • I love the Shelly gadget

  • سینا شایان راد
    سینا شایان راد

    Hi! i like your videos. I want to play brawl stars on my PC. There is no way to play on PC after the update for stopping the support of A. E. ? Can anyone tell me how can I play on PC?

  • Name

    Me after not playing brawlstar for 1 year : Oh boy what is new Me after seeing Shelly gadget : nope

  • Maite Valldecabres
    Maite Valldecabres

    Squeak is very op

  • LiL MrBeast
    LiL MrBeast

    Why I am Not there😭

  • asha r pillai
    asha r pillai

    Wow i just got sqeak

  • Colt Boy
    Colt Boy

    1:22 it got through the hiest

  • MrKool likeyourmum
    MrKool likeyourmum

    when he lagged I thought I was lagging-

  • Super mega bouncy boom boom



    Ff: he pushing trophies in bots

  • voll behindert
    voll behindert

    lets goooo mortis buff :)

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    Showdown+ will not whatsoever encourgage teaming

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    Clay Pigeons isn’t that OP

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    Think he misunderstood Mortis buff

  • Elpitufito88 :O
    Elpitufito88 :O

    If u ralentize enemies with shellys super, you can the use auto aim with clay pigeons


    Shelly strongest

  • Cooler236

    I loved when OJ said "canal grande" that map is in my language XD

  • Manuj Reddy
    Manuj Reddy

    Showdown plus is so fun, when I grinded it I gained 17 trophies once :)

  • Twirl

    the fact nani’s voiceline is enough enough when he was gonna see her nerfed gagdet

  • ß

    قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم : (( يقول الله تعالى : يؤذيني ابن آدم؛ يسب الدّهر. و أنا الدّهر؛ بيدي الأمر. أُقلّب اللّيل و النهاّر )) سب الدهر ( الوقت ) أو ( الحياة أو العيشة ) حرام فهو كفر، أذا تريد تتأكد روح جوجل.

  • ß

    تحريف أسم الله حرام، مثلاً أن تزيد عليه حروفاً أو حركات أو تنقص.

  • ß

    ( الله يفجعك ، الله يقرفك ، الله يظلمك مثل ما ظلمنني، إلخ ) قول هذه الجمل حرام لأنها تنسب الى الله ما لا يليق به.

  • ß

    عند الصلاة على النبي صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم تكتب (صلِّ) بالشدة و تحتها كسرة و ليس صلي لأن الياء لمخاطبة المؤنث و هذا يعني انك تخاطب ربك بصيغة المؤنث ( أستغفر الله ) يعني كذا تصير : ( اللهم صلِّ على محمد و آل محمد ) و لكي لا يفهم الموضوع بشكل خاطئ، في اللغة العربية، الشيء الذي ليس له جنس واضح يأخد صيغة التأنيث و التذكير حسب أذا كان مفرد أو جمع ف اليد مثلاً مؤنث لأن الإنسان له يدين أثنتين و أما الأنف فهو مذكر لأنه ليس هناك سوا أنف واحد والله عز وجل واحد أحد لذلك يتكلم عن نفسه بصيغة المذكر و هذا ليس لأن الله عز وجل ذكر أو أنه له جنس.

  • Isa Bloxy
    Isa Bloxy

    I rlly want to know how he fall with bots with a 600 trofies shelly :v

  • kid gamer
    kid gamer


  • Emej Ulagaa
    Emej Ulagaa

    I hate what they did to gene and stu. They were beasts before, but now they are just like ok.

  • pugish.

    oj please cheese with the ball pop mechanic in brawl ball candidate maps

  • Funny Brawl Moments And More
    Funny Brawl Moments And More

    Me excited showdown+ to stop teaming Me after I saw bunch of Edgars teaming and jumping on brawlers that are not Edgar

  • ProjectLity

    Shelly is a new piper confirmed

  • Djordje Sekaric
    Djordje Sekaric

    Oj there's glitch in brawl ball candidates of the day if you shoot ball in spikes they will play music for scoring a goal and you will be back in centre but there won't be goal

  • George Yousif
    George Yousif

    If you keep repeating the start it will sound like oj is saying bla bla bla bla bla :/

  • Derek Wijnmaalen
    Derek Wijnmaalen

    8:05 there is another person named code oj in His game 😱

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh

    Ok I love the Shelly re work, she deserved it

  • Li Jay Reacts
    Li Jay Reacts

    shelly now has a clay pigeon buff

  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran

    Shelly is now a sniper instead of a shot gunner…wow.

  • Peyton Campbell
    Peyton Campbell

    You can actually just barely get 5 shots from clay pigeons.

  • 𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕕 𝕒𝕖𝕪𝕠 (aeiou)
    𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕕 𝕒𝕖𝕪𝕠 (aeiou)

    update did not come for me :(

    • Satyam Rai
      Satyam Rai

      It's developer version that OJ is playing. It will be available for you today.

  • Oshwéwe

    Now if only Clash Royale had these types of changes :'(

  • Lidia Puac
    Lidia Puac

    L Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your vid

  • Lidia Puac
    Lidia Puac

    Hi oj im a fen i su his vid Yesterday

  • Killugon stan with Alluka
    Killugon stan with Alluka

    Wait wait wait, oj plays with bots AND gets trophies??? Maybe because he’s a creator?🤔

  • Underfoot47

    When kill stealing is here

  • Ayaan Gaming
    Ayaan Gaming

    did someone say POCO DOUBLE TANK

  • ʟᴀʀʀʏ ᴡᴀɴɢ
    ʟᴀʀʀʏ ᴡᴀɴɢ

    "OMG THE SNIPES" lmfaooooo imagine saying that to a bot :x

  • ZacharysPlushieWorld

    El primo is still good

  • Zez brine
    Zez brine

    Poco ultra is hiling

  • grane mario
    grane mario

    6:32 OJ reveals franks new attack animation

  • Kyle Nussbaumer
    Kyle Nussbaumer

    They didn’t need Jacky bc Jacky damage is 💩 and also her super is letteraly just suicide to use in a 1v3 and is useless unless in brawlball for dragging people with the ball or super shooting the ball

  • Sdb Star
    Sdb Star

    I hope squeak becomes meta !!!

  • Andrea Nannetti
    Andrea Nannetti

    I want see the squeck skin

  • TNT OP
    TNT OP

    I'm more hype for spiderman no way home than this

  • Shuriken

    69 Health, Thats all we need, thats all we need -OJ

  • jojit camero
    jojit camero

    Supercell: guys Edgar is like the top 2 most unbalanced brawler in the game, let's buff him

  • シTMES

    9:34 shelly’s health is sus

  • シTMES

    8:33 does bot surge just hit that vase ??

  • Ahmed - GG
    Ahmed - GG

    Squeak will be broken , if the squeak has a "good" skill , he will be able to one shot every brawler ( not frank )

  • Status Vibes
    Status Vibes

    9:34 who cares about the match 69 health is all we need !!

  • Gitanjali Choudhury
    Gitanjali Choudhury

    9:37 *"...69 health..."* 😂😂😂😂

    • -


  • Gitanjali Choudhury
    Gitanjali Choudhury

    5:17 OJ never knew that nani's gadget can be activated during her super 😂

  • The MCC
    The MCC

    Mmmmmmmm…… it’s the ORANGE JUICE 🍊 ! 😂😂

  • Aiden Theodore Shadap Pimenta
    Aiden Theodore Shadap Pimenta

    can you make more cookie run kingdom pls

  • YO yo
    YO yo

    The new game mode showdown+ is great

  • Dshard

    they nerfed Gene's first gadget. it was good for great clutches but now sed.

  • W randomz
    W randomz

    I miss meme monday

  • ♡ Ashfur TGG ⁦♡
    ♡ Ashfur TGG ⁦♡

    *i just cant wait* .

  • Alarick Divaio Irawan
    Alarick Divaio Irawan

    What is a slalom slam

  • Gaming Insaan
    Gaming Insaan

    New video is out on brawl stars as cheese stars 🧀🍊

  • Lunatic Cultist
    Lunatic Cultist

    Hmm Its a orange juice

  • Brian Wei
    Brian Wei

    you could shoot the bouncy house rico gadget toward a corner to get 2 bounces

  • mateo sanjuan
    mateo sanjuan

    nooooooomy worst nightmare is buffed why would you buff edgar whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • mateo sanjuan
      mateo sanjuan

      same with nani why would you nerf his gadget atleast make it do 90% damage of what is recived

    • mateo sanjuan
      mateo sanjuan

      he already does little damage and now he does nearly none

  • Nebula Games
    Nebula Games

    Genes main attack at max level after the update is level than level 5 before the update Poor Gene. But my boy Edgar is now Menacing

  • Berwyn Keys | The Keys Studio
    Berwyn Keys | The Keys Studio

    Oj: does like an informal balance change, with jokes Kairos: Does it formally with comparison

  • Burger_ Bro
    Burger_ Bro

    Supercell is gonna nerf Clay peagons to 2.5 sec...

  • Илья Филипенко
    Илья Филипенко

    new video new brawler?

  • đăng hải
    đăng hải

    7:36 how

  • Kushagra Saini
    Kushagra Saini

    He really under explained the mortis buff 😭

  • Zaid_Brawl Stars
    Zaid_Brawl Stars

    Trophies reduces if u die

  • yannis

    8:04 bot 2 clapped code oj

  • תפסיקו לרשום ראשון בתגובות
    תפסיקו לרשום ראשון בתגובות

    1:58 those gadget and star powers are bad for poco double tank

  • Cute Toko YT
    Cute Toko YT

    I'm very sad 😭 for nerf stu

  • Puneet Khichi
    Puneet Khichi

    If you pause at 2:27 you can see the new loading screen..

  • Saber mon
    Saber mon


  • Chizome Akaguro
    Chizome Akaguro

    Squeak and Shelly are Broken, it's also sad about Club size to 30 🍃 Y'all can bypass this Club with another Club created and Discord communication in-between 🍜 (I low key dislike Solo Showdown+ But no one cares so it's whatever🥞)

  • Hail Brawl Stars
    Hail Brawl Stars

    Gene nerf 😭😭😭😭

  • Prince Alex Yonson
    Prince Alex Yonson

    Oj its that nulls brawl

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