2v1 (Clash Royale) 🍊
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Picking the CHEAPEST cards on the left and picking the most EXPENSIVE cards on the right in 2v2 challenge. ZERO LOSSES (except 2 losses)

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    Orange Juice Gaming

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    • TeamEpic

      Ay join elite 2 that clan that nyteowl is in. im leader in it

    • BS-Marco 26
      BS-Marco 26

      OJ, I started playing Nova Island and I LOVE IT❤️. Great video, keep on the hard work!

    • YeMoose !
      YeMoose !

      Make a video using a deck with the 8 best looking star level points

    • Josh Clarke
      Josh Clarke

      Btw do u use iPad Pro’s or airs and which one would you recommend

    • Roll Troll Gaming
      Roll Troll Gaming

      @God Ya bro same here. A bit of confusing from starting but fun when you get to know the game.

  • alexandre zakalashvili
    alexandre zakalashvili

    pause on 0:56 he shows me middle finger

  • Jackson Napier
    Jackson Napier

    Do the same thing u did, except choose only the right row or only left, for both

  • Yung TK
    Yung TK

    For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life u can either choose to run to jesus or not but whatever u do is ur choice

  • Wawa

    Oj why did you say "cheapier" 🤣🤣

  • Ivan Montiel
    Ivan Montiel

    at 7:34 he says he chooses guards but actually choses goblins thus breaking the rules of the game ... not hating lol

  • たかなしRikka

    Can you make a video playing nova island? QQ

  • Professor X
    Professor X

    I recommended this to you way back, glad to see it being done

  • KALD555 XD
    KALD555 XD

    I cant play nova island halp

  • Ouwilly25

    Hey orange juice

  • marco kurera
    marco kurera

    You the best gamer, the video quality is excellent well done

  • Pabitra Thapa
    Pabitra Thapa

    Legend is also legend

  • Hiki Delta
    Hiki Delta

    3:56 funny moment😂

  • Muhammad Fitri Idris
    Muhammad Fitri Idris

    that still 2 vs 2.. i this 1 castel vs 2 castle 🙄

  • Labis Sekiraqa
    Labis Sekiraqa

    The good ol' days

  • 3000 Space
    3000 Space

    What device is he using .?

  • Salty Fish Gaming Pool
    Salty Fish Gaming Pool

    I love him playing 1v2 man. So juicy

  • LUXlID

    Play Godzilla battle line it's a godzilla card stagety game

  • Isaiah Alvarez
    Isaiah Alvarez

    I did this but I was playing with my brother his phone died and I was by myself and when he got his phone charging I had won it and he said I was the best player he knew

  • Eltin Tand
    Eltin Tand

    I came for the view of the 2 screens

  • Alberto Cristea
    Alberto Cristea

    Oj should do a 2v2 expensive deck

  • Wxvvyy

    I just wanna let anyone else who sees this know that God loves them and that it’s not too late to give their loves to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior 🙏 ❤️✝️

  • Ramakumarji Addala
    Ramakumarji Addala

    If you're in overtime,everything in the pocket🤣

  • ethqn

    oj why u bad

  • R B T X 55
    R B T X 55


  • Hızlı ve Kolay
    Hızlı ve Kolay

    8:19 they did a goblin drill right there ? (and oj doing tombstone into earthqueak...)

  • Phou Saeng
    Phou Saeng

    I done this before. You can build the perfect 16 card deck. So much fun.

  • Eftishan Ahmed Efte
    Eftishan Ahmed Efte

    Oj can i join your clan please 🥺🥺 my trophy is 4756 and i m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Ayd wa
    Ayd wa

    1 hp POG 3:16

  • Ayd wa
    Ayd wa

    Lol 69 on left side enemy tower POG 0:42

  • Icxyy

    Bro ur teammates suck lmao

  • Kaitlyn Mora
    Kaitlyn Mora

    can you imagine the rival team being like two OJs?!


    Oj rushes : takes tower Me when I rush : Rocket

  • chubbychicken chubbychicken
    chubbychicken chubbychicken

    Oj: talking about how nova island is unique and has head to head card battles. Also Oj: playing clash royale

  • The Creator
    The Creator

    ZERO LOSSES (ok maybe 2 but we dont talk about them. You lost to make us panic at the last game. It's just big brain)

  • Enamul Hossain
    Enamul Hossain

    Clash royale sucks

  • Zealous

    6:35 - giant in the pocket, goblin giant in the pocket...that was so funny😅 Actually, the whole video was very funny😆

  • MrTrash


  • Itachi uchiha
    Itachi uchiha


  • Omar Jeria
    Omar Jeria

    play with just barbs and goblins (or you can du that)

  • LTG_whatsup !
    LTG_whatsup !

    I recomend trying this deck its a op cyckle. Dart goblin, goblin cage, log, bomber, ice spirit, goblin barrel, skelektons and tesla

  • Funny Brawl Moments And More
    Funny Brawl Moments And More

    When OJ uploads 1am in your country and you can't sleep Perfect

  • Trisha Cute drawing
    Trisha Cute drawing

    Thanks for the video

  • Zeb Dizon
    Zeb Dizon

    Women playing 2 accounts simultaneously : how tf can i focus i only got 1 brain Oj and men playing 2 accounts : HAHA SHAME ON U WE GOT 2 HEADS

  • hms

    5:40 Reminds me of “call the ambulance,but not for me”

  • LiL MrBeast
    LiL MrBeast

    I am Torchy Aaaaand I am not Play Clash Royel .. Soo I am not there

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG


  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Hay Oj

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    2v1 (Clash Royale) 🍊

  • fries land
    fries land

    oj : beating the challenge oj : also beating the challenge

  • Elliott Shoemaker
    Elliott Shoemaker

    That last game was intense!!

  • Randomized

    Is this even legal?



    plz say your club name

  • Yes

    i’ve tried playing 2v2 by myself. it’s actually insanely hard to look at both of your cards while playing

  • Rajesh Kumar SP
    Rajesh Kumar SP

    Hi oj can you please play tribile draft

  • nina gamboa
    nina gamboa

    Can somone give me a active clan

  • nina gamboa
    nina gamboa

    Can i join your clan

  • GD and more!
    GD and more!

    Funny part is i dont play clash of clans

  • Gabriel Gaming 1125
    Gabriel Gaming 1125

    I had 5 wins and 3 losses, both my friends helped me but after the fifth one, yeah we lost I really wanted that Clone spell

  • Argentavis

    I remember you did this like 2 or so years ago The 1v2 thing not the cheap expensive Thing

  • L E G A C Y
    L E G A C Y

    how does one stop this. They don't....

  • VinnYYY

    Nova island sounds and looks like PvZ Heroes

  • fear meow
    fear meow

    oj i discoverd a new cheese:frank and ruff with 2nd sp

  • Roll Troll Gaming
    Roll Troll Gaming

    I hope OJ is also going to make videos on this new game Nova Island. I am going to love it to watch those videos.

  • M M.
    M M.

    Fire spirit shouldn't kill all Goblins in goblin barrel it should kill one goblin


    Play only clash royale

  • Hossein N
    Hossein N


  • adrian

    Road to 5k when🧠


    Thanks OJ love your videos keep on going with these. And thanks for your sponsor script, love the game in minutes in playing it. Can't wait to see how this channel grows.

  • Emina Hadzic
    Emina Hadzic

    The cheese master carrys us and himself🧀🧀🧀

  • BlancSpaze

    OJ: archers survive! that one skele drag: no, no i dont think they will


    OJ in 2030:- Winning CRL Just for Fun 😂😂

  • Zack Zack
    Zack Zack


  • Stop cutting the losses >:(

  • Sayf Toufalla
    Sayf Toufalla

    Golem IS worst than ICE Golem........

  • Lvc notzero YT
    Lvc notzero YT

    2v1 is ez

  • Firoz Alam
    Firoz Alam

    This gameplay needs a Einstein brain....

  • Beast gaming
    Beast gaming

    Oj bro can u show ur full emote collection in clash royale in the next video

  • muhammad akbar
    muhammad akbar

    bruh my team mate just left before it even started

  • rDaRealSpeedy

    i love draft, its insanely fun, pure skill with some RNG

  • Arnel Gran
    Arnel Gran

    Orange juice gaming if you play brawl stars keen I friend you pls

  • Local haks :D
    Local haks :D

    Oj wasn't using 1+

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker

    Hold up did it just give him bomber or mega knight?!?

  • kattoju suhasini
    kattoju suhasini

    Play marvel future revolution pls😁😁


    ‘How to professionally “play with yourself”’ such a missed opportunity…

  • Rushabh Mehta
    Rushabh Mehta

    please make your clans min. trophies to join 6000 trophies. Only for a day. I so badly want to join ur beautiful clan. My username is RushabhTG

  • Batyalas

    Remember when oj was an actual pro?Now we watch him because of all his bad plays 🤣

  • Fake Sonny
    Fake Sonny

    Who else plays Clash Royal sice they went back to school?

  • Shadow-GamingYT

    Clashroyale sucks but your very cool

  • Silent God
    Silent God

    1st ipad is oj pooing his pants and the 2nd ipad is torchy who is carrying him.

  • Aaryan Pant
    Aaryan Pant

    Nova island be like : lemme get sponsored in every cr RSloftr

  • Omkar Khurana
    Omkar Khurana

    OJ is the John Wick of Clash Royale 😂😎

  • cAtUwU help reach 69 subs
    cAtUwU help reach 69 subs

    bs= bad cr=good In this series

  • offender of people
    offender of people

    Yeah I play with myself

  • RagingPuck

    Orange rockin with his mclaren t-shirt!

  • blamblamboomboom

    2V2 players: We are winning Oj in this video: *I AM WINNING*

  • Shlok Shah
    Shlok Shah

    Bomber for a mega knight what a trade supercell

  • Monica Pires
    Monica Pires

    3:17 That freaking moment when oj got exactly 1 health on that tower

  • _Kazikarin_ 99
    _Kazikarin_ 99


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