54 WINS with 0 LOSSES (Viscous Bibi Challenge x6) 🍊
Completing the Viscious Bibi Challenge 6 times. We used the best comps and strategies for the first run, then we ended up using clown comps nearing the end. Plus a cursed account that only had Shelly.

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  • Ricken Hayato
    Ricken Hayato

    "Viscous" and "Vicious" are very different 😂😭

  • Captain Lollipop
    Captain Lollipop

    9:28 He was definitely just letting you score

  • Rohan Langford
    Rohan Langford

    The name bad randoms speaks true

  • Michael Riolo
    Michael Riolo

    Is it just me or is the new music awesome

  • Carol Thieszen-Culp
    Carol Thieszen-Culp

    That sad bow and Tara and you were still able to spawn camp them

  • b a d r a n d o m

  • PegasusMaster01

    Viscous? Isn’t it vicious!!


    I did the challenge twice and won both time s but I got 2 losses because I did with randoms the first time

  • Shrek


  • YO yo
    YO yo

    They all r cheese victims

  • dokto_rek

    Bro,i had 4 losses in A row

  • Douglas Lee
    Douglas Lee

    Poor frank

  • SlayrPratyushPP87

    I like how it says Viscous bibi instead of vicious bibi in title

  • Chronos The Ruler of Time
    Chronos The Ruler of Time

    When you get matched up with idiots that are trying out star power and gadgets

  • Randomness Animation
    Randomness Animation

    0:55 are you SUS

  • Henry Yu
    Henry Yu

    For me is 0 wins and 54 losses

  • Vidal Mendez
    Vidal Mendez

    I got Viscous Bibi in the first day

  • Daniel Maibaum
    Daniel Maibaum

    I won it


    Ironically the one challenge that's called "the bad randoms" actually gave me good randoms and I won on 4 accounts

  • Tarulata Swain
    Tarulata Swain

    8 wins with randoms

  • ng louise
    ng louise

    You. Lose. 3. Time. You. Need. To. Pay. 10. Gem.

  • Vibin N Joseph
    Vibin N Joseph

    Its been a whole day and the title is still 'viscous' bibi

  • siddhesh prusty
    siddhesh prusty

    Today was India's independence day(I live in India ,so busy celebrating) so couldn't watch your video yesterday,but the video is really good....nice

  • Iuliana Leahu
    Iuliana Leahu

    I got 8-7 on my mini and 9-4 on my main!

  • Willis Rota
    Willis Rota

    Viscous ...or vicious

  • fransisca Wolfe
    fransisca Wolfe

    I went poco double tank in brawl ball and won smoothly 🧀

  • Aditya Rangari
    Aditya Rangari

    0054.;. Oh ... No... What Is He Doing with TARA... In between A Game🙀🙀

  • Pugzy

    No one: Not even a single soul: Oj: VISCOUS BIBI

    • Grape tape
      Grape tape

      Every soul my guy

  • anjaneya kothapalli
    anjaneya kothapalli

    viscous bibi viscious bibi vicious bibi which is right

  • Lyale Nightmare
    Lyale Nightmare

    whenever oj gets lag, i just think "WHO THE HECK IS COOKING HOT POCKETS?"

  • Ash Gaming
    Ash Gaming

    alternate title "Oj bullying noobs with troll comps"

  • User 1007
    User 1007

    Oj just won 54-0

  • Bamdad Mosaneii
    Bamdad Mosaneii

    0:58 oj : they never suspect me Enemy team : reverse uno card Oj: CHEHDHCHCHEHEHDHCGGEHCGHD

  • Grace L.
    Grace L.

    Pretty sure oj has a mini mini mini mini mini mini mini account by now

  • Msyaz

    This challenge is pretty much impossible to win when playing solo Nvm i just won in my mini account

  • E22at f4m1
    E22at f4m1

    4:00 New tongue twist

  • Virtual_BS

    people who nulls brawl already heard this song a month ago

  • Prantik Sutra Dhar 96
    Prantik Sutra Dhar 96

    Me: Fails to unlock any skins in one account Oj: Unlocks Bibi skin in six accounts and tells me, "What, you play Brawl Stars?" Ha ha!

  • عبدالشافي الكومي
    عبدالشافي الكومي

    Big like and nice to see you my dear friend big like to see you my dear

  • i am crying cus i didnt youse code OJ in the shop and bought something \ :´´(

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob

    i loved the stream!

  • Rohan Savalia
    Rohan Savalia


  • Nishant Sinha
    Nishant Sinha

    I'm still stuck at the viscous Bibi

  • Bob Halden
    Bob Halden

    Dani sends his regards

  • e

    Milk gang better

  • The BoT
    The BoT

    oj just say it was calculated but it was coincident loll

  • Princeton Manguinao
    Princeton Manguinao

    Play clash of clans again pls

  • Nitul Dimasa
    Nitul Dimasa

    Oj I'm seriously telling u that I want to challenge u 1vs1

  • trAshy gAbby
    trAshy gAbby

    viscous bibi spelt wrong lol its vicious

  • 7cloudgaming

    Happy independence Day bro in India it is the festival

  • TheXniper


  • Đức Thịnh Nguyễn
    Đức Thịnh Nguyễn

    If only oj do challenge with find team to feel our pain

  • メ丂卂丨V卂 - Brawl Stars
    メ丂卂丨V卂 - Brawl Stars


  • Flag Mapping And Speedarts
    Flag Mapping And Speedarts

    imagine how many star points oj gained on all accounts


    congrats on half century.

  • Moonlight Light
    Moonlight Light

    You know I hate the bad random’s event because ever since this came out I keep getting bad randoms…….

  • Wiktorski

    oj i hate this seson music sorry i just dont like it

  • G.Reyhan Rich
    G.Reyhan Rich

    Ah yes "viscous bibi"

  • wan rahia azlin wan abdul rahim
    wan rahia azlin wan abdul rahim

    I use star code oj!

  • Kayser

    I Passed this too, 9 - 0, this is too easy

  • Fant

    Creator Code:OJ

  • Loris Oetiker
    Loris Oetiker

    I won the challenge with randoms and wanted to flex the skin. But tbh i dont see a difference

  • Aaͥᴍiͣrͫ _YT
    Aaͥᴍiͣrͫ _YT

    OJ: They'll never Suspect Me here Also OJ: Ohhh Chuchhuchu

    • Argel Neres
      Argel Neres

      This is normal HELP US

  • Jonaz Ho
    Jonaz Ho


  • Elextricy

    ah yes, *_viscous_* bibi

  • Ethan Brawl Stars
    Ethan Brawl Stars

    What club are you in?

  • Prashant Sawai
    Prashant Sawai

    Can I suggest u a cheese

  • Enzø

    OJ: winning all the challenges Me:Losing at the start of the challenge

  • Haris ornesa ard
    Haris ornesa ard



    I lost at the last Match and lost 🥺💔

  • Lauri Hiekkanen
    Lauri Hiekkanen

    i literally got 2 bots in my team and my opponents were real players

    • Lucas Sea!l
      Lucas Sea!l

      The Bad Randoms

  • Corny Tom BS
    Corny Tom BS

    2:21 oj: we’re gonna do this 4 more times Me:

  • Corny Tom BS
    Corny Tom BS

    I can’t believe how you got 9 wins 9 losses on 6 accounts while me can only beat 9 wins 0 losses in one account.

  • Матвей Масалов
    Матвей Масалов


  • FranceBread

    Went 6-0 then 6-2 then 9-2 all by looking for team

  • DJ Nikus
    DJ Nikus

    The new music so good

  • gachatuber _ hyperionut
    gachatuber _ hyperionut

    I actually did IT with randoms * i played bo in bounty, mortis in brawl ball, and Sandy in gem grab

    • Argel Neres
      Argel Neres

      This is normal we already tould you

  • kostas korakas
    kostas korakas

    We missed nick and spicy

  • ameer ali vlog and game
    ameer ali vlog and game

    I won it

  • Tanishk Bidlan
    Tanishk Bidlan

    0:56 what was that laugh 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • SqueakyKitty16 - Brawl Stars
    SqueakyKitty16 - Brawl Stars

    I got vicious Bibi to

  • Shaurya Bhadauria
    Shaurya Bhadauria

    Oj : 54 wins 0 losses... Me : Who is so happy after winning my first ever challenge (using extra lives) :) Bruhh...

  • Hex

    Bruh I couldn't even get a win because of the bad randoms :(

    • MuichiroIsBestPillar

      You should go on Discord, there are tons of people there looking for teamates in challenges.

    • Spicy juice
      Spicy juice

      I got 5 wins 3 losses

  • TruePepega

    if anyone is using 1plus or Samsung android and want clash quest, download uptodown, it has clash mini and clash heroes but those are coming soon clash quest is so cheesy.

  • Hot Potato Gaming
    Hot Potato Gaming

    To show you its possible i won 9-0 with looking for a team ;-;

  • Aoi

    they need to remove brawl ball from these challenges, no one knows how to score

  • iznīcinātājs x spēlētājs
    iznīcinātājs x spēlētājs

    Bru my name is bibi master my reputation was on the line

  • IanDaBest

    Can u actually show the entire game instead of just 10 seconds of each game

    • Moucher Marshmallow
      Moucher Marshmallow

      You can watch the live on oj live channel

  • IanDaBest

    Can u actually show the entire game instead of just 10 seconds of each gamr

    • SedeG1234 JB
      SedeG1234 JB

      If u wanna watch it full then watch the stream in his other channel, Orange juice live This are just highlights so the whole clip isn't there.

  • Jaden Vaz
    Jaden Vaz

    I didn't know that bibi was a thick, non-consistent liquid?

  • Amigomxyz

    you spelled vicious wrong in the title and description

  • mate brawl stars
    mate brawl stars

    is chippys from dominican republic?

  • the_ultimate_player

    guys i played with oj in a normal match but i don't think he is gonna put it in a vid cause my name is your_mom_is_gay

  • RG Roblox
    RG Roblox

    Yes OJ... Viscous Bibi

  • Filip Kodet
    Filip Kodet

    Is Chippys Dominican republican?

  • Reena Unnikrishnan
    Reena Unnikrishnan

    Oj I want to go to your club ok



  • Priyanka Singh
    Priyanka Singh

    dont forget me when u hit 10 million subs oj ok?

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG


  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Hay Oj

Shelly Bomb Cheese 💣
675 хиљ.