7x Elixir Challenge SPEEDRUN (100% Win Rate) 🍊
We have the BEST deck for the Infinite Elixir Challenge. Easiest to use if you split pressure and separate spell value cards like Zappies and Firecracker
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  • Matthew Potts
    Matthew Potts

    I used firecracker wizard executioner princess magic archer fire ball tornado and zap. I haven’t lost yet.

  • Kelvin J
    Kelvin J

    I try...15 wins...0 loses

  • ALT_Ticks

    I got 17 princesses at one time in legendarys infinite elixir challenge

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain

    9:26 perfect timing with the lightning

  • Finn Plat
    Finn Plat

    0:34 o spells, 0:41, cole spell


    3:22 look at that enemy hunter xD

  • GM SniperX
    GM SniperX

    Alternate title: POCKET CONTROL!!!!!!!

  • Hairless Che
    Hairless Che

    Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  • Mad Artist
    Mad Artist

    And what is that phoki control ?

  • lorenzo bagget
    lorenzo bagget

    I dare you to use only d Fire spirits


    The way oj plays tho, he is good but having a great time that’s what makes this worthy of sub

  • Jonathan Altamirano
    Jonathan Altamirano

    Random opponent: You can't beat me. OJ: I know, but he can *pocket control*

  • OM 9.8D Clash
    OM 9.8D Clash

    This is how many times he said Pocket control 👇👇

  • A B A D L U N A
    A B A D L U N A

    Amount of times he said pocket control 👇

  • Lauri Hiekkanen
    Lauri Hiekkanen

    i used this deck and list 1 because of my teacher

  • Beristic ➊
    Beristic ➊

    I did giant skeleton, mega knight, wizard, rocket, sparky, zap, and 2 others and I got a flawless 8-0 with 6 three-crowns and 2 one-crown

  • Flambewarrior '
    Flambewarrior '

    I did the challenge with a elixir golem battle healer firecracker cycle

  • Royale Gamer
    Royale Gamer

    did something happend to your face i just lookes diffrent (compared to before)

  • Palak Modi
    Palak Modi

    I played with your deck just with lumbijack in place of fisherman and won the challenge with only 1 losses just like you...😁😎 Thanks..

  • Jimmy DatBoi
    Jimmy DatBoi

    this is false, rocket cycle with stall cards such as giant skele is ON TOP

  • Boss Baby
    Boss Baby

    I haven't subscribed oj he plays a lot of brawl stars But I never miss a clash royale video

  • Free Yavie Gzz
    Free Yavie Gzz

    This is how many times he said pocket control 👇

  • bedard.zindagi

    the deck is amazing but only weakness i found is sparky if u don't perfect ur timing with zapies u r dead

  • Velasquez

    im in master 2 and he on master 1

  • Titus Powars
    Titus Powars

    Thanks oj for 8-0

  • Eduardo Argalles
    Eduardo Argalles

    This deck really works good😂😂

  • Lucas Finato
    Lucas Finato

    Dont know you guys, but I love infinite elixir mode. It is the funniest thing on the game, and they made it to be so rare to play. Im tired of waiting months to finish an elixir event in 15 minutes, while shit events like baloon, mortar and draft mode are always on party. Dont know if im the only that loves infinite elixir, or Supercell is boring as fuck and dont give a shit about our fun

  • Trevor

    I went 8 1 with a similar deck

  • TheLeeCartoon

    Using giant skeleton? Boring!! 🥱

  • mike w
    mike w

    Omg awesome deck hahah! 100% win rate. No joke 😂😂😂✊

  • Benjamin Fekete-Nester
    Benjamin Fekete-Nester

    Dude this deck is sick! Even I got 0 losses

  • Cool Origami
    Cool Origami

    OJ: There's no spells in here, but we don't need spells Arrows and Clone: Do we mean nothing to you?

  • inna thala
    inna thala

    I watch the video when it was posted,but i again watched it today bcoz the notification came 3 days later😶

  • Efo A
    Efo A

    Me:How do you do this. Oj: POCKET CONTROL. Me: Is this deck counters every deck. Oj: POCKET CONTROL Me: How...

  • amiwy ugly
    amiwy ugly

    4:36 Lmao the Fishermans playing catch

  • it's me manan
    it's me manan

    The deck is good but the matchmaking was too weird(it was too esay)

  • Ashton Whyles
    Ashton Whyles

    Yes that was so easy, I just got a 7:2 win!!

  • Daksh - Master of Papers
    Daksh - Master of Papers

    its time to unsubscribe you because u upload like only brawl stars no cheese series of cr on bs. You literary upload 1 cr video after 5-6 bs videos and i am fed up now. and if i need help for event i will just see ur video coz i dont wont to sub a channel who only posts bs so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bs= brawl stars cr= clash royal

  • Username Was Taken
    Username Was Taken

    oj tell me a joke please

  • Ryan Ellett
    Ryan Ellett

    Was that a perfect 8 win, 24 crowns won, 0 crowns lost?!

  • Che Tra
    Che Tra

    My respect for OJ 📈📈📈📈📈when he said :Just put stuff down don’t breath

  • eric orr
    eric orr

    The mega knight at 4:30 literally doesn't get a single hit because of the fishermen and zappies slowing and resetting him

  • Reaper Gamerx
    Reaper Gamerx

    Anyone wanna trade I will give mega knight and u give me log

  • xWinterz

    I just got the 8 wins with this deck thanks

  • Auto Worldzz
    Auto Worldzz

    "Nice and creative Videos,I can see A lot of thought has been put into the content and editing of the video, This is really my favorite channel.:) .🌴🌴🌴excellent 👍👌👍👌👍 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 " ,Orange Kings Park and Quantico Base Virginia 2021

  • jake on controlla
    jake on controlla

    Thanks for the deck man , I got 8 wins and 1 Loss

  • Funny Land
    Funny Land

    What does code oj dooo???

  • Technix { The Gamer }
    Technix { The Gamer }

    Can someone count how many times he says pocket control

  • VIᐯEKツ

    4:34 ; OJ: don’t breathe Me: am i an ‘Eminem’ to you

  • Baseball #9
    Baseball #9

    I know this is kinda random but can somebody please tell me if there is an x bow emote i am a 2.9 x bow player and want an emote😂

  • ArV!nD BoB
    ArV!nD BoB

    wow i to got my first win just now this deck works great

  • Francis Li
    Francis Li

    Great deck!

  • Angel D
    Angel D

    My mans is cracked

  • SkonkyDonkey

    4:18 the giant skeleton looks like it just launched the golem with a punch

  • Aadish Jain
    Aadish Jain

    Bro plz aapke clan ki required trophies 5200 kr do i want to join your clan

    • Aadish Jain
      Aadish Jain


  • baby_venus


  • Tammy Choo
    Tammy Choo

    What can I replace the fisherman with?

  • Roberto

    9:49 look at the golem😂

  • High hillz
    High hillz

    I used this deck and won the event Dark prince Lumberjack Zappies Arrows Log Skeleton army cannon cart bowler

  • J H
    J H

    Thanks, this deck helped me win the challenge and I won some of my games in less than 30 seconds

  • Buitanol

    Or just use ur graveyard mirror miner deck

  • flukentws

    Take a shot everytime he say Pocket control

  • Sayooj Nair
    Sayooj Nair

    Why did i lost all the matches do i suck or this game suck????

  • samiksha pandey
    samiksha pandey

    I use your deck and only one loss because opponent also use your deck 😂 i think he also your follower

  • Beefy McWhatnow
    Beefy McWhatnow

    thanks bro with this deck, i completed a tournament 4 da first time

  • Withered 22
    Withered 22

    I like the Elixir Challenge because it’s one of my favorite events

  • Ashish Rai
    Ashish Rai

    I won this challenge without any help ☺️😁😁!!

  • Mizu Ketsu
    Mizu Ketsu

    Look at the two fishermen playing catch with the megaknight @4:30 (A little above the left bridge)

    • Mizu Ketsu
      Mizu Ketsu

      I'd like to see a mirror fisherman deck lol

  • Shantanu Joshi
    Shantanu Joshi

    lol i literally completed this challenge in 8 mins

  • Aiden Moore
    Aiden Moore

    OJ do u watch anime?

  • Atul Bhuskute
    Atul Bhuskute

    No one Literally No one Not even trump Oj in the entire video:-Pocket control😂😂😂

  • Muhd Nabil Aqeef
    Muhd Nabil Aqeef

    I swear to god if he says pocket control one more time, I’ll never watch this channel anymore.

  • RunZe William Wei
    RunZe William Wei

    I got three crowned using this deck, and three crowned a similar deck using another deck lol...

  • jawed

    4:31 3 fisherman bully Mega knight

  • jawed

    2:30 firecracker train

  • Mega Mike
    Mega Mike

    Time for my orange!!

  • Maximus Chope
    Maximus Chope

    Graveyard, goblin barrel, minor, freeze, spell cycle works really well too.

  • Ski Mask The Slump Goddess
    Ski Mask The Slump Goddess

    Bro how much did you smoke before this💨

  • Dinho Benyqno
    Dinho Benyqno

    It's my deck in normal battle🙂💙

  • Nishan Sp
    Nishan Sp

    this deck is great i made it to 8 wins with 1 loss

  • playdoe gaming
    playdoe gaming

    I mean I just played elixir golem

  • swizzfn

    Fortnite Pros: “Piece Control” Clash Royale Pros: “POCKET CONTROL”

  • R. S. Mitter
    R. S. Mitter

    Every youtuber asks to subscribe buuut oj wants you tu use code oj. Weird

  • arjun tandon
    arjun tandon

    can somebody tell me how many times he said the term - POCKET CONTROL

  • tea tomic
    tea tomic

    This should ve called "how many firecrackers can you put down challenge"

  • Sae Elliot Quinberyn
    Sae Elliot Quinberyn

    Lumberjack, magic archer, graveyard, poison and electro giant are EXPONENTIALLY useful in modes with surplus elixir. They bypass giant skeletons and directly go for the eyes. BTW, magic archer and poison DESTROY clone.

  • Jaime Meraz
    Jaime Meraz


  • FroznGuac

    Link doesn’t work

  • MrNoob

    Am I the only one that has a deck that destroys his deck in this challenge?

  • James Bud
    James Bud

    This challenge is not to hard. I beat it already using barbarians, elite barbarians, executioner, rocket, log, cannon cart, Tesla and knight.

  • Jezza The Champ
    Jezza The Champ

    First time watching your video and probably last. Your “pocket control” comments over and over were just too annoying.

    • The Great One
      The Great One

      Oh no! Anyway

  • Antank

    we need this as a casual challenge. this is the best gamemode

  • Caleb E
    Caleb E

    beat the challenge with only 1 loss, thanks for the deck

  • Tomas Marshall
    Tomas Marshall

    I found out healer + electro gain mirror was op got me a flawless win

  • Mahmoud Sayyaf
    Mahmoud Sayyaf

    your skeletons in the last match took two hits from the magic archer and still alive before you take down his first tower!

  • Sησω

    It work, they all copy it 😅

  • carlosfer2201

    I used your old 7x deck and won 8 in a row all 3-0 with hardly any damage to my towers: battle healer, egolem, baby dragon, mirror, arrows, heal spirit, firecracker and tornado

  • Chamberlain Allman
    Chamberlain Allman

    Oj: there's no spells in here Arrows: -_-


    Pocket control!

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra

    worst fucken deck

xniks2x - 03:10
318 хиљ.
xniks2x - 03:10
318 хиљ.
47 хиљ.