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Map maker chaos is upon us and we have the best map winners from the map maker competition slot for all the modes.

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  • DerekSRT

    At 3:10 my phone froze lol

  • I am a noob teacher yt
    I am a noob teacher yt

    Plz oj bro ur pro

  • I am a noob teacher yt
    I am a noob teacher yt

    Please oj can u play with me and help me rank up I am a new youtuber please bro

  • ShutTheF*ckUpNoOneCares

    me:*watching* my brain:**throwers having struggle with assassin's**

  • sonaa jaiswal
    sonaa jaiswal

    I know that to use code Oj don’t remind us again agin

  • dandi c2020
    dandi c2020

    8:41 thats when he knew he f****d up

  • Rockster

    I can’t stop watching these trolling videos 😂

  • Randomizer | BS
    Randomizer | BS

    186 trophies with bibi , :(

  • p d
    p d

    It's the era of the good map

  • YO yo
    YO yo

    Oj great player

  • i-ju akbaba
    i-ju akbaba

    When I saw this map I know OJIt’s going to do something

  • Chaseyboi_2011 Yt
    Chaseyboi_2011 Yt

    To make oj proud I did not like We liked the vid 😻😻😻

  • Ninja Dragon
    Ninja Dragon


  • Nilesh SHAH
    Nilesh SHAH

    oj : no dyna jump and uses the jump

  • Siew Fung Wong
    Siew Fung Wong

    6:25 'I don't know what happened but I will go for the boom booms' -OJ 2021

  • Harsh Yadav
    Harsh Yadav

    9.27 comedy moment 😂😂😂😂🥲

  • Pika Gamer
    Pika Gamer

    its me

  • Z Scruffs
    Z Scruffs

    Omg the game glitched cause oj had captured bottom just rewind a bit so a uh brawl stars?

  • Shubhansh Kesary
    Shubhansh Kesary

    📦 Yes ,GIVEAWAY if I will get 5000 subscribers in this account then i will Giveaway, there is much chance that you will be the winner ,yes 🤳 you only because in 5000 subscribers not every one will participate in Giveaway so maybe you will be the winner 🏆🎁🔥

  • john tziomakhs
    john tziomakhs

    Pika gameplay love it ❤❤❤

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    how did u not realize the middle wasn’t captured

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    Pika is crazy good

  • mikolaj brzozowski
    mikolaj brzozowski

    How to recognize if enemies are bots or players: Bots cant be a brawler with the rarity "epic" or above. Let Me explain: bots can only be trophy roads, rares and uaper rares. Bots move.. Uh.. Like bots lol Your teammates are never bots. (unless they disconnect) Bots cant use gadgets. Bots never play map maker. If u play a game and u see a bot, means the entire lobby are bots. (not really a "how to recognize bots" fact here), but bots only usually appear between 0 - 600 trophies.

  • Andrej Radovanovic
    Andrej Radovanovic

    OJ: im a demon dynamike Me: cheese dynamike

  • Ezebelle伊斯貝拉

    6:40 I am Bigger and im Stronger and thats nothing you can do about it , LITTLE BOIII

  • Pekeiッ

    #6:22 boom booms 😂

  • Good Job

  • メ丂卂丨V卂 - Brawl Stars
    メ丂卂丨V卂 - Brawl Stars


  • Using typicalgamers old start stream sound effect in volley brawl nice

  • I am a huge fan of you OJ . Pls make more video's like this !!! :)

  • Alook

    I love the sound effects

  • Aditya Palei IX-F
    Aditya Palei IX-F

    Nice Bro Keep It Up

  • Radiical


  • Shrek

    I wish I had one of gales gadgets

  • Kedar Nair
    Kedar Nair

    To ok stop stealing my videos

  • Corny Tom BS
    Corny Tom BS

    Wher is oj gameplay 👌🏻

  • A r m i n
    A r m i n

    When are you gonna play cookie run again?

  • Supremelegend(Great Unbeatable)
    Supremelegend(Great Unbeatable)

    hey oj can u pls make a I am buzz and I am griff cosplay before the next update

  • Afzal Fardin
    Afzal Fardin

    Make a video on mega deck challenge in clash royale,please❤️ Big fan❤️

  • Louchis -
    Louchis -

    00:20 oj is shelly?

  • DemonSlayer

    I love your videos :D

  • MJ8485 Jason
    MJ8485 Jason

    OJ there's a new cookie in crk and I like your videos

  • studbunny

    You and karq are the same dude just different games lmao

  • ★Worst luck ever★
    ★Worst luck ever★

    Will you ever play cookie run kingdom again?

  • DJ Nikus
    DJ Nikus

    OJ is the best Change my mind. (Also use code oj)

  • Linda84 Maslinda
    Linda84 Maslinda

    6:22 boom boom

  • Pointed vr
    Pointed vr

    Milk gang

  • murathan pro in the building
    murathan pro in the building

    He's never liking a comment 🤨

  • Rachel

    Nao sei o idioma mais vi o video todo

  • Manthan


  • AJL.753

    5:25 i laughed so hard when he told bull pro level strategy

  • Octapucius🐙

    Oj you are my fav youtuber!!!

  • Pokémon

    Oj is now a pro map rater

  • Infinite-X

    Pls dont be mind controled

  • Olivier Hugot
    Olivier Hugot


  • Nuno Teles
    Nuno Teles

    the map 1v1/1v1/1v1/ You could cheese soooo I did the cheese with el primo the strat was open up a hole close to the water and use the gadget and make him stuck but he can still attack you

  • Piixonn王

    How i feel when i use no code: 😐 How i feel using code oj: 🔥🥵

  • Porunarefu

    “Why are there so many edgars in this” Me:”bc they are the edgy teens in the school”

  • Porunarefu

    School D:

  • Porunarefu


  • Abhyudaya Sharma
    Abhyudaya Sharma

    He gone crazy

  • Abhyudaya Sharma
    Abhyudaya Sharma

    Somebody watch lex new brawl theory in some scenes of the vid he had Starr Park headset and went kairostim is real kairos

  • Mela Kelly
    Mela Kelly

    Who else always has to break the skulls first like me and oj

  • LowlyPooch4

    On that cheese map with the gale cheese, my strategy is to charge my super with primo, jump out, then outwit my opponents with meteors

  • Uroš Pavlović
    Uroš Pavlović

    You didn't cheesed on the last map?! 😡

  • ජෝසප් Pakya
    ජෝසප් Pakya

    Good 🙂🙂

  • ජෝසප් Pakya
    ජෝසප් Pakya

    Good 🙂

  • Ryan Marmol
    Ryan Marmol

    I'm not sure who your editor was on this video but I enjoyed it a lot!

  • Aleksandar Škiljan
    Aleksandar Škiljan

    Hey oj please do another cookie run kingdom video

  • BimaTheBruh

    Oj : *see balance map* Also oj : THEY DELETED SOMETHINGGGG

  • Borris The Tortiose
    Borris The Tortiose

    shoulda bean a score

  • Faiza Junaid
    Faiza Junaid

    Are you a Muslim man or not tall me in the next video

  • Armaan Ali
    Armaan Ali

    1:55 why your dynemike rank is 24? upload a video on your 2nd channel (orange juice - live) 1 week ago in which you push your dynemike to rank why your dynemike rank is 24🤔🤔.

  • Chinue Corral
    Chinue Corral

    Too easy

  • Saptam Sarkar
    Saptam Sarkar

    You are my favorite brawl stars youtuber. Thanks for the amazing cheese content

  • Andesh Brawl
    Andesh Brawl

    School is my favorite map ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Kuba Gaming
    Kuba Gaming


  • Jishnu Munshi
    Jishnu Munshi

    0:10 Who do expect to be at a school? Not a grown man with a shotgun I hope.

  • Sekar Muthusamy
    Sekar Muthusamy


  • NoobTom YT🔥
    NoobTom YT🔥

    use code: OJ :)

  • Bilal Ali
    Bilal Ali

    F2P clash royale do more

    • Bilal Ali
      Bilal Ali


    • Bilal Ali
      Bilal Ali


    • Bilal Ali
      Bilal Ali


    • Bilal Ali
      Bilal Ali


    • Bilal Ali
      Bilal Ali


  • SYNMert61

    We love your juice content👋

  • Jonaz Ho
    Jonaz Ho


  • edward lesmana
    edward lesmana

    I saw at the youtuber map u made someone 1 healt

  • Amit Gupta
    Amit Gupta

    OJ see Taki BS video that Nat is my girlfriend what will you do!!!!

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Hay Oj

  • Black _cyber
    Black _cyber

    I was trying to cheese with the siege map with sprout but it didn’t work

  • Nishant

    Ok is brawl stars dying😫😫😫

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    His trap there's you want to know how he get he Tim travel

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    Kairos know everything in the future update cuz he works for brrawl

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    I'm the future update

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    He know everything

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    Kairos is a worker from the supercell

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    Never put on now he put it on

  • Althea Nicole Quilaton
    Althea Nicole Quilaton

    Kairos isa time traveler cuz his Kairos Tim it's sound like Kairos time traveler the hat he say he would

  • cheezecake gaming
    cheezecake gaming

    Play splitgate pls

  • Kean Drix Magbanua
    Kean Drix Magbanua


  • niraj baral
    niraj baral



    OJ @Taki Brawl Stars has stolen ur gf Nat🥵 (check his latest vid and community post)

  • My Amusing World
    My Amusing World

    The boom sound effect bruhh it's so funny

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