beating a challenge at level 5 (F2P to 5k 🏆)
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  • Mathis Supercell
    Mathis Supercell

    OJ: i'm free2pay. Me:no that's not how it work.

  • Accidental Genius
    Accidental Genius

    10:22 this is hilarious

  • Fox Queen
    Fox Queen

    Its not that OJ is misscalculating their just using Code oj

  • Klayish

    this isnt f2p man

    • Not Someone
      Not Someone

      Free2pay (i think)

  • Dolo

    why do you edit and cut so much.

  • IanDaBest

    What happened to seft

  • mirco gabrielli
    mirco gabrielli

    Pov: you are playing mid ladder

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos

    Whoever edited the spells and troop movements at the challenge video, was total GENIUS! I loved it, funny edits!!

  • Atlas Brewster
    Atlas Brewster

    7:53 = nostalgia

  • varinder kailay
    varinder kailay

    Lvl 9 skarmy fool that’s goblins

  • Jan Raiden
    Jan Raiden

    0:09 oh no "oh shit"

  • עɿՏՏԵ

    Ayo make another acc without donating Its a p2w not f2p

  • Aarush Prasad
    Aarush Prasad

    FIREBALL LEFT TOWER IMBECILE 6:28 im gna go watch B-Rad

  • brajesh sinha
    brajesh sinha

    People says : peka is hard to get me: buying it from shop

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc Wijngaard

    Free2Pay, the series we all needed!

  • Thor Thunder
    Thor Thunder

    B-rad getting 5.9k trophies with lvl 2: You date oppose me mortal...

    • Poopie

      Oj is good but he isn’t remotely close to brads level b rad is legit a pro player oj is good but he is mostly a content creator i dont ever think he will reach 7k again

  • Knor 19
    Knor 19

    6:58 what!? Look that babarian

  • Toni Taipalus
    Toni Taipalus

    Can you imagine if OJ did n actual free2play serie. That would be Crazy right.

  • clint usonis
    clint usonis

    oj can you join my clan its black heart were trying to reach 10 players

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    U should try to win with only spells if that’s even possible

    • Poopie


    • Poopie

      Its easy and he has dont it betore

  • Yaqeen ALhuda
    Yaqeen ALhuda

    f2p looking at this video be like: pathetic

  • Batman Who Is Not A Pro
    Batman Who Is Not A Pro

    Thnx for bringing back the good ol' zero losses

  • Labib Ahmed
    Labib Ahmed


  • Bendegúz Bagosi
    Bendegúz Bagosi

    Heres your reminder that this isnt an f2p series

  • Saatvik Reddy
    Saatvik Reddy

    oj which clan are you in right now

  • Rasmil

    I miss oj's intro thing

  • ItsThePerson _
    ItsThePerson _

    I haven't seen that "ZERO LOSES" clip in a very long time...

  • Süleyman Gokalp
    Süleyman Gokalp

    my mini acc 5400 and its 8 level

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    You sound cringy as hell calling a singular individual "they"

  • Shashwat Negi
    Shashwat Negi

    Me watching oj drinking oj lol

  • Runner

    😭😭😭 my deck was actually strong if you countered hog rider with canon and if their cards weren't 9. NO one has plays lvl9 cards till arena 7.

  • Renato Pepe
    Renato Pepe

    Stop focusing on his face when stuff is happening in the game, had to unsub from pat's channel because of this, don't do this to me OJ

  • Mark lance Canonigo
    Mark lance Canonigo

    Nice laugh at the end

  • Casey Norris
    Casey Norris

    I know, I know, this is clash royale, but I'm just givig a few tips on a new video idea

  • Casey Norris
    Casey Norris

    HEY OJ I FOUND THE MOSTT OP BRAWLER FOR BRAWL STARS - BRAWL BALL Try using carl with a tank like rosa or el primo, and for the first round, just focus on getting your super charged, you'll see why this is OP. Once your super is charged, save it up and let the enemy team score, or score yourself. Immediately when the next round starts, use your super, and just rush at them with no regard for strategy, and it should wipe out there entire team in seconds, and get your tank (bull recommended for speed) and rush the goal, colt also recommended to clear a path with his super active, and your super should be ready for the (last) round. It could take a while to perfect, but I found it out not so long ago, and I would seriously think about trying it, it could especially help out with trophie pushing and gaining heaps of star points for the shop.

  • Dominick Saccomagno
    Dominick Saccomagno

    OJ: what are you thoughts on if they add a 4th goblin to the goblins and make spear goblins deal 3% less damage but add a 4th as well

  • Marc Abou Ghayda
    Marc Abou Ghayda

    I like when he screamed “YES”

  • Potato

    6969 likes by the time i watch

  • Toth662

    rust jay

  • Da pro robloxian
    Da pro robloxian

    OJ still not wearing the belt

  • Yu Ji Tam
    Yu Ji Tam

    OJ : I'm free2pay Opponents : I out paid you :)

  • Yu Ji Tam
    Yu Ji Tam

    Chief Pat : I always miss ...

  • Jay Soni
    Jay Soni

    This is actually the reason I stopped playing the game. It's funny if you lose to overlevelled cards in a challenge for a short while. Not funny when every match on ladder is like this. I remember the last match I played where my Log didn't kill enemy Princess. :') Pure hurt. :')

    • Poopie

      Than just level up your cards to 13 than all levels will be the same or are you to lazy?

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG


  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Hey Oj

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    beating a challenge at level 5 (F2P to 5k 🏆)

  • Archie Timena
    Archie Timena

    This be like 1st grade repeater vs 6th grader

  • () Divyansh ()
    () Divyansh ()

    7:52 I love this emote not of clash royale 😂

  • jj aww
    jj aww

    Oj before 2017:I am the toppest clash royale pro player and I can use my skills to beat high level player! Oj now: *lost to a level 8*

  • vorgyx

    not f2p anymore:(

  • Gaming Star
    Gaming Star

    HoW MAnY sUbscrIBERs Can I GEt FrOM ThIS ComMenT

  • Lanz Ed DHankins
    Lanz Ed DHankins

    250th coment

  • Taran Beresford
    Taran Beresford

    Where’s the belt

  • atick mahmud
    atick mahmud


  • Kyan Chin
    Kyan Chin


  • iitz Sylix
    iitz Sylix

    Haven't watched you in a while but you got fat

  • Fun-Meow

    he was playing hog cycle without even knowing omy good

  • VH

    Oj I love ur f2p series

  • Ibin Pradeep
    Ibin Pradeep

    OJ fans like here

  • AN{ I }ME
    AN{ I }ME

    4:15 You guys don't remember Once oj said whatever he do... It's intentional 😂

  • Cute Boi
    Cute Boi


  • Adamo Mongelli
    Adamo Mongelli

    I love ur shirt

  • Harshit Joshi
    Harshit Joshi

    Oj you should wear your glasses it looks super cool on you

  • Pito Account
    Pito Account

    I was watching u wihle grinking orange juice

  • Mr.Warrior

    Join this clan if you like clash royal. And if you like oj. If you like Shang chi or marvel then join. Subscribed to oj.

  • Asher Jethwa
    Asher Jethwa

    4:31 Pog Rider

  • Jack Pada
    Jack Pada

    who gave oj the vine boom sound effect 😭

  • Anonymously Absurd
    Anonymously Absurd

    OJ: has perfect matches Me: (loses 3 times a row without getting any of the rewards)

    • Ron

      @Poopie salty much?

    • Poopie

      Your literally a 7 year old child you shouldn’t comment

    • Poopie

      Yea because he is good at the game and you absolutely suck lol and what even is comment lmao 😹😹😹😹

    • DoBs

      its because he is good doesn't?

  • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    7:53 😍🤪❤ only the OGs remember that

  • Icewolf :l
    Icewolf :l


  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    You havent meet max lvlmega knight at 4500 trophies yet

  • Aidan Fedoroff
    Aidan Fedoroff

    what an acid trip

  • WockySlush

    OJ:makes strats on his mini Also OJ:doesn’t on his main acc 🤔


    lol iam a f2p player at all games and iam a 6000 at clash royale

  • Sky TrexZ
    Sky TrexZ

    You facing level 9 stuff is how I feel playing ladder against noobs with lvl 13 stuff against my lvl 11 stuff

    • Mr. P
      Mr. P

      I am level 10 and whenever I saw a level 8 I just give up (─.─||)

  • Geno Dedemon
    Geno Dedemon

    It's kinda sad to think about but the skeleton dragons are dead babys.

  • Alessandro 01
    Alessandro 01

    Mi dissocio dal nome del clan del primo avversario

  • portermac

    Imagine a level 6 battle ram connecting...

    • Poopie

      Level 6? Legendarys start at 9 what are you smoking

  • Hi

    *“Be honest who else is a few hours late”😂*

    • Mr. P
      Mr. P

      Dead channel 💀

    • idk


  • Miso Happy
    Miso Happy

    Petition for a shirt that says “It’s Over”.

  • Rafael Paquete
    Rafael Paquete

    OJ: Struggling to push F2P Me: Got Legendary Arena in 2 days and half

  • EnderSpider

    Play actual F2P


    Needed the vine boom sound effect

  • bobbeh boi
    bobbeh boi

    OJ should def run a mortar cycle deck. Great in the meta and most lower rank player don’t know how to deal with it. Used one on my ftp account and went to 4K trophies from 400 in a week.

    • Ben

      Mortar is a deck that takes a good amount of skill it would be fun to see him get good with mortar and show some tips with the deck

  • Benjamin Wong
    Benjamin Wong

    i was only arena 4 and i beat a spooky town player in 7x elixir. he was using a spawner deck lol.

  • ryan zheng
    ryan zheng


  • Lucas Adrian
    Lucas Adrian

    Im kind of sad that he spends money I got a new account and was able to push it up to 5k in just a month. I know he does other videos as well but that should not mean he has to spend money

  • HAMZA-24

    this...this is not F2P

  • Meyiotn

    What a stupid series…the entire point thrown out immediately

    • DE$CHAIN

      @Bear Later if you make an account last 2 days of the season you can grind all rewards in 2 days and get a big boost. And yeah it’ll take time and it would be a challenge to get to 5k on a fresh f2p, but that would be the point of the series no need to rush it. Now it’s just a total waste of time

    • Bear Later
      Bear Later

      @DE$CHAIN it's definitely easier. But u can't progress fast enough,collect all the cards,level then up and showcase them within 1 week if your f2p besides oj also makes brawlstars videos.

    • DE$CHAIN

      @Bear Later that’s cap, I came back to this game after leaving in 2017 and the f2p grind is so much easier now , in less than a week I got all the cards in my deck to level 8 and got to over 2.6k

    • Bear Later
      Bear Later

      It's just to show good decks and how to play them you wouldnt be able to do that because progression is too slow as a free2play

  • Hossein Aghajani
    Hossein Aghajani

    New editor???

  • Lian Paez
    Lian Paez

    What's the point of calling it f2p if it's not fucking f2p

  • name

    my clan name:SereniTY peak location:international

  • ColourLess Fool
    ColourLess Fool

    That was funny 11:50

  • Gip 13
    Gip 13

    9:10 That coconut sound + OJ's reaction got me crying! 😄

  • broer en zus
    broer en zus

    everyone:f2p=free to play me:f2p=free to pay

  • Hollow Howls
    Hollow Howls

    I wanted an actually f2p series instead of this

  • Gamers adda
    Gamers adda

    At 9:06 It looked like the goblin was riding the baby dragon

  • Enjoyer

    Today's video was like me playing frag and everyone were everything +2 levels and i just had a lvl3 mecha knight (but i win lol)

    • BS | gamer6779
      BS | gamer6779

      You... play frag too?

  • Pug Mc
    Pug Mc

    Oj couldn't even handle a little bit without paying. Clickbait

  • santos castro
    santos castro

    6 3 in shut up

new season, new me 🔴
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