being ANNOYING 🧀
ANNOYING comps and strategies in Knockout. Cheesy gameplay
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    OJ be like: There's a Sprout "PANIK" *He mises* "kalm" Sprout's back"PANIK"

  • Sakuragi Hanamichi
    Sakuragi Hanamichi

    3:03 ...

  • mobile masha
    mobile masha

    Singing in harmony

  • Colette

    I like Juice 😋

  • cheeze burger
    cheeze burger

    Isn't this always on though when he cheeses and traps people lol

  • Chris - Brawl Stars
    Chris - Brawl Stars

    Oj posted a video about how my sister acts (annoying) Mom is not mad at me... She mad at you so I am not in danger you are in danger..... 😌

  • Béla Kirner
    Béla Kirner

    What phone did you pkay on?

  • Sachin Baish
    Sachin Baish

    6:07 he moved XD

  • Ismail Galiakotwala
    Ismail Galiakotwala

    Huhahahuhaha ohkhokh huhaha

  • Vaisanth P
    Vaisanth P

    With this strat

  • Vaisanth P
    Vaisanth P

    Oj push nani to rank 30

  • Sean Lim
    Sean Lim

    this comp is good until they bring out a mortis 0_0

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts

    I love how he calls all the dynamikes dynamiks

  • Tyler Bland
    Tyler Bland

    10:28. Isn’t that a bit much just for a sprout lmao

  • Cheese Cheese
    Cheese Cheese

    12:09 bow shot the nani

  • Shaun Diz
    Shaun Diz

    lol calling dynamike a weenie as you all spawn camp with throwers

  • Blurry

    And Jessie's already done Wait nooo that's our Jessie that's done

  • the person
    the person

    7:22 7:50 OJ dynamike impersonation😂

  • protostyle

    Du bist so schlecht

  • TheBoiWho8Pasta 69
    TheBoiWho8Pasta 69

    POV: Your stuck between a puddle of flame, surrounded by mines, and an organic bomb bouncing towards you.

  • maxime zhang
    maxime zhang


  • tacobottle

    3:04 he did NOT get a team wipe as tick

  • Bacon builder
    Bacon builder

    Dynamike: what about me

  • Oliver Bokoc
    Oliver Bokoc

    OJ: I'm very pro player SpicyToast: ehm..

  • King Bhati FF🔥🔥
    King Bhati FF🔥🔥

    When he says triple thrower that makes me uncomfortable

  • Clotho⏳

    Tick is so popular that I'm used against him. But Emz? Emz is just bs

  • Haoen Geng
    Haoen Geng

    Triple thrower: WE ARE BEST Mortis: Amateurs

  • Ethan Noh
    Ethan Noh

    Edgar: Um so can I kill you now?

  • rory mh
    rory mh

    Comment on this how many times oj said obnoxious

  • Kings Of Power
    Kings Of Power

    So its just tower defense but in knock out

  • a bear
    a bear


  • Bernard Bejjani
    Bernard Bejjani

    "What a weenie" -OJ 2021

  • HeiHei The Chicken
    HeiHei The Chicken

    Yeh I waited for a youtuber will do kind of video

  • Ajsi

    You are good youtuber but can you stop saying "oH tHaT iS sO ObNOxIoUS"

  • Shazia Andaleeb
    Shazia Andaleeb

    4:58 oj says dynamike is a weinee then again he’s not the one spawn camping

  • Randy Dinh
    Randy Dinh

    I am sister hi sister playam oh yeah you just bought me happy jummp happy

  • Michael_mj

    Throwers in general are annoying, especially in brawl ball

  • Hågen Dietz
    Hågen Dietz

    Se tried this and we pushes 1000 trophies in One day

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG



    Why are u saying daynamik its dynamike

  • Fighter 3639 YT
    Fighter 3639 YT

    0:03 it sounds like bubble from jacknjellify

  • Laura Éberlein
    Laura Éberlein

    That’s 🧀

  • Maria Recio
    Maria Recio


  • Noor Ahmad
    Noor Ahmad

    The amount of likes this gets is how many people noticed him saying "dynamick"

  • Fake Sonny
    Fake Sonny

    It would be cool if Leon's clone gadget can teleport. Like switch body's with your clone

  • Rudr Prasad
    Rudr Prasad

    Singing in harmony

  • Rishabh Gaming BS
    Rishabh Gaming BS

    oj op

  • Noddle  Brawl stars
    Noddle Brawl stars


  • Noddle  Brawl stars
    Noddle Brawl stars

    oJ apna neta hai sabka muh me leta hai 😂😂😂🧀🧀🧀

  • Frog GG
    Frog GG

    Tick: nice. Sprout:nice. Barley:nice. Dyinamike: where am I 😔


    Oj:triple Trower is soo annoying Mortis:ama bout to end my enemies whole carrer

  • Divya Komirishetty
    Divya Komirishetty

    hey oj i used your name in the shop and got mortis thanks oj u gave mt fav brawler

  • Random retard that plays the piano
    Random retard that plays the piano

    the most annoying is a long range bushy map with a bo and a nani with one person defending. I met that stupid combo on a map with only one "bridge" connecting the two sides. That was truly annoying. They would just hide at the back of the map and throw nani ults.

  • Xander Vercauteren
    Xander Vercauteren

    mmmmmm its a orange juice!!


    like you did with blitz

  • Kevin Tóbiás
    Kevin Tóbiás


  • Antonio Jr Gonito
    Antonio Jr Gonito


  • 🔥Eиzø - BS个🔥
    🔥Eиzø - BS个🔥

    did anyone know what is oj's real name??? its been JIMMY all along

  • Alexander Escalante
    Alexander Escalante

    Some sins are unforgivable like this one for an example.

  • jake cool
    jake cool

    OJ:GET OUT OF HERE LEON!! Me:hey dont say that to my bro >:(

  • PK XD
    PK XD

    you 1v1 me

  • Captain Kermit X
    Captain Kermit X


  • CJRM15

    They’re called throwers because they like to throw

  • CJRM15

    We’ve never heard OJs real laugh because whenever he laughs it’s all messed up and gooey

  • E M I
    E M I

    I remeber getting triple throwers from matchmaking in knockout and there was a mortis and we won somehow

  • LEGEND *Llama*
    LEGEND *Llama*

    Today I played with OJ I swear

  • Luis Pinto
    Luis Pinto

    Oj: oh the dynamike died What i heard: oh the dyna Mc-died

  • Johanna Fryklund
    Johanna Fryklund

    I did this 2 days ago it was so op

  • Clash Gamer
    Clash Gamer

    Watting for kind hearted person who can actually support for his heart and soul.Take my love😍💕😍💕

  • Nite BS_
    Nite BS_

    Everybody gangsta till a mortis pops up

  • YeeT -
    YeeT -

    Bo: why am i here just to suffer

  • Shadow Dio
    Shadow Dio

    Edgar: *went to Colette's house * Everyone: Edgar is dad x2 2:25

  • Lory Quintana
    Lory Quintana

    Fun fact: sprout is not a thrower sprout is a support

  • Gamer Youtuber
    Gamer Youtuber

    I don't see blitz nowadays in brawl stars cheese with oj did blitz left brawl stars.

  • manuj27

    lol for nani


    OJ theres a cheese in knockout where Gene pulls people in ticks head or surge super

  • NerdyVoldite

    Orange juice cringe MILK GANG

  • sprite gameing
    sprite gameing

    Oj can i join tribe team

    • Gamer Youtuber
      Gamer Youtuber

      Do u see blitz in cheese video nowadays.

  • The Second 1OTHS
    The Second 1OTHS

    0:04 that face scares me when I opened high volume

  • Aavaas Tamang
    Aavaas Tamang

    Hey my team and I started this trend!

  • Trav Chornyak
    Trav Chornyak

    My name is trav

  • pandaboy FTW
    pandaboy FTW

    Not to be mean but when there is a map that's says for oj he sounds like that one girlfriend when u get her a gift

  • Trav Chornyak
    Trav Chornyak

    Beat you

  • Trav Chornyak
    Trav Chornyak

    I beet you in a game

  • SURVIVAL 809
    SURVIVAL 809

    I do this Iam Spanish I don't speake good English ok but I understand more or less

  • CooLfbg624

    4:57 *calls dynamike a weenie while spawn camping*

  • PatriotPenguin

    8:23 Lunar Sprout dodging Bo's shot

    • Starzy Night
      Starzy Night

      ohh i saw it haha!

  • Brawl VPN
    Brawl VPN

    Used code OJ in the brawl Stars shop

  • Elijah Brutskiy
    Elijah Brutskiy

    This happen to me

  • KSI’S fat forehead 69
    KSI’S fat forehead 69

    His real name is yarn 🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • RDDchicken

    I love how many times he distorts his audio lol

  • AJJ

    3:15 taked picture before disaster

  • Héctor Raúl Gotay Torres
    Héctor Raúl Gotay Torres


  • Daniel Lush
    Daniel Lush

    This was re’tick’oulous

  • Wild Eagle
    Wild Eagle

    1:34 OK being pac man background music for 3 seconds

  • JellyDonut505

    Everybody gangsta until supercell removes a map

  • Dakshay Patel
    Dakshay Patel

    Ok sounds like dynamike when he’s laughing

  • Sajith

    Need to change this map name in to throwables

  • Kevin Tse
    Kevin Tse

    OJ tick be like: 3:56

  • вaу hамsтırツ
    вaу hамsтırツ

    Surge with his gadget: *UNO reverse*

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