Best Arena 3 Deck (F2P to 5k 🏆)
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BEST decks for arena 3 in Barbarian Bowl arena. The card selections are spicier and we can start playing more bait cards with Goblin Barrel.

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  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    🤖 Install Mech Arena for FREE here ✅ and get a special starter pack to help kickstart your game! ⭐ #ad

    • Phantom~Gamer

      Gimme your id dude!

    • Phantom~Gamer

      You play mech arena???

    • Ryanosaur

      I downloaded mecha arena and my name is RYANOSAUR EDIT: I did not get the starter pack tho

    • Gingynaders

      @CioMuda yeah

    • Jimin shi
      Jimin shi

      @Kabir e33

  • Đåřķņëšş Ğãmęīñģ
    Đåřķņëšş Ğãmęīñģ

    I couldnt get the barrals :(

  • Eucliid

    bruh this ain’t F2P

  • Zombie Chicken
    Zombie Chicken

    VERY good arena 3 deck: Cannon, Barbarians, Archers, Baby Dragon, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Goblin Barrel, Fireball, Arrows.

  • Squeak - TDM
    Squeak - TDM

    This deck made me lose 10 times in a row.Can you fix this deck?

  • Bliinx

    Since I played ages ago I replaced the ram with a hog rider and it's working out great lol

  • Yung TK
    Yung TK

    For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life u can either choose to run to jesus or not but whatever u do is ur choice

  • bal lu
    bal lu

    No one gonna talk about hiw the enemy missed the fireball at 10:55

  • Kav Kav
    Kav Kav

    either mech arena is a rip-off of war robots or the other way around

  • Nova Star
    Nova Star

    The fact that this isn't F2P (as all the other comments had said) only proves that the title is clickbait.

  • Mika Jantunen
    Mika Jantunen

    Yo you said if they got a zap 5:40-5:50 and you were arena 3

  • SquirrelbanditSquirrelbanditm o
    SquirrelbanditSquirrelbanditm o

    Do arena 13 deck pls

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      Wait for it

  • Apollo Justice
    Apollo Justice

    This series is not F2P anymore. Come on man....

  • Mutaz Alhadid
    Mutaz Alhadid

    No offense but oj playing clash royal gives me a headache

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      And oj being p2w in a f2p gives me a headache

  • Crusher23

    Imagine saying F2P to 5k and you buy the battle bass, disgusting.

  • Monky

    I love how OJ describes his every move like an anime 😂 Seriously though, I can see this helping people who had just got the game

  • Aarti Chandrachud
    Aarti Chandrachud

    I'm in now arena 12

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen

    oj is sweating in arena 3

  • Semniber Merida
    Semniber Merida

    Can you do arena 4

  • Lascar Viorel
    Lascar Viorel

    I'll be waiting for you at around 2.5 k

  • Garrison Weiss
    Garrison Weiss

    This is really a fun series

  • Monkey Meister 7689
    Monkey Meister 7689

    oj really out here with the play by play against 6 year olds

  • Nekibata


  • StealthyGamerRoblox

    Does he know was a bot is?

  • Enes Çetinkal
    Enes Çetinkal

    When do we get the arena 4 best deck

  • Raphael

    it's just arena 3 and it's no longer f2p lol :")

  • Oddmilk ASMR
    Oddmilk ASMR

    Ty for playing clash again I love this game

  • OceanMan

    Is it just me getting annoyed when OJ doesn't understand that half of the players in low arenas are bots

  • corrupted

    At 10:52 is a bot

  • FatNblack

    Bro your at 600 trophies chill

  • chief hazer 1
    chief hazer 1

    Subscribe to chief hazer 1

  • ayirpusgupta

    umm oj i just found a game breaking glitch in touchdown of the fisherman come to my clan - Rial Frends

  • Alfa Fran
    Alfa Fran

    nice f2p

  • kundan doshi
    kundan doshi

    it is not f2p the challenge how hard it is to get legendaries and level up cards and there is no question that it takes time if you are a player above 5000 trophie you can get to the next arena in just 1 hr

  • Ethan Brigode
    Ethan Brigode

    So what you're telling me is this isn't f2p The hell dude

  • richyrich286

    Not F2P btw lol

  • Rob Quan
    Rob Quan

    Could I swtich in Hog Rider for ram?

  • The2wonders


  • Turtle Prismatic
    Turtle Prismatic

    Best series!

  • Kh4ly Tran
    Kh4ly Tran

    I feel bad for those players playing against OJ

  • ALogs Shadow
    ALogs Shadow

    damn i loved the idea of f2p. sad

  • 4554ULT⚔️ BS
    4554ULT⚔️ BS

    Theres a lot of minis now a days

  • edgy boi
    edgy boi

    I just got my first legendary chest And the unthinkable happened I got legendary wild card this is the worst day of my life

  • nm lahm
    nm lahm

    Alternative title: Oj using p2w decks to bully low level bots.

  • Enes Çetinkal
    Enes Çetinkal

    Thanks oj for making me a arena 4

  • Happymck

    7:35 Higher skill di-

  • Young Zanage
    Young Zanage

    this is not f2p cmon

  • Zac Hausler-Rawle
    Zac Hausler-Rawle

    u kinda ruined this series since spending. what about the people who can’t get goblin barrel you know. should’ve stayed true

  • Bol Bol
    Bol Bol

    Sponsor ends at 4:46

  • Hemlata Mathews
    Hemlata Mathews

    lol saddd its not f2p anymore :(

  • Brosie Telegadas
    Brosie Telegadas

    join my clan Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      Which link

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez

    Arena 5

  • Galaxy_World


  • Shail Kamtikar
    Shail Kamtikar

    Oj: miner is one of my favourite cards B-rad: RESPECT

  • yaliskr

    poor oj doesnt know he's playing against bots😭

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      Bruh they are real players who downliaded the game just like and hour ago and dont know how to play

  • marco kurera
    marco kurera

    You game-plays are so interesting, clash of clan is one for my favorite games. Keep it up Pease❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • Alligatorx Savage
    Alligatorx Savage

    You still haven't accepted my friend request

    • Alligatorx Savage
      Alligatorx Savage

      He's been offline for over a week lol

    • Alligatorx Savage
      Alligatorx Savage

      I said that sarcasticly

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      And he also won't

  • FORS4K3N

    When he realizes that some of them were bots💀

  • Sleeping Dragon
    Sleeping Dragon

    Oj is trying to show off F2P decks that work at the arena so i don't mind the buying of the price deals

  • Trisha Cute drawing
    Trisha Cute drawing

    Thanks for the video

  • Lê Minh ._.
    Lê Minh ._.

    bro oj gonna know this is not f2p

  • UnStoppableFusion

    No more code oj


    6:32 panda

  • עɿՏՏԵ

    Its already not a f2p game

  • angypillow

    alt title: oj bullying new players and crushing their hopes and dreams

  • Mukilesh VV
    Mukilesh VV

    live fisherman draft challenge or normal fisherman draft challenge video pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sad George
    Sad George

    i love how oj was explaining how the bots couldve done better

  • Scenti k
    Scenti k

    I’m. Arena 13 and I’m f2p us that good

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      You can even be Ultimate Champion by f2p but thats super hard

  • Irán j
    Irán j

    So its not a f2p account 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dan Pereira
    Dan Pereira

    Nobody can shamelessly plug sponsorships like OJ

  • Hdhd Sujwhs
    Hdhd Sujwhs

    Did someone realized how handsome oj is 😳 imgine him being an e boy 😏

  • Gr1nD_Uranus

    I'm a lvl 7 in electro valley and started 4 days ago

    • Gr1nD_Uranus

      Deez is my user if u wanna check it

  • Alex Prime
    Alex Prime

    I reached 5K trophies in one month without spending money and playing only 2 hours a day. Seriously it's not that hard now to reach 5k trophies

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      I know i am also a f2p

  • ESTkristo

    I am arena 9 and i am lvl 7

  • Lightningbolt

    I am going to pull the mini peaka with baby dragon 😂

  • Mohamad Safa
    Mohamad Safa

    Its so fun following oj with my mini account!! Day 1 of telling oj Your videos go BOOM BOOM on the internet

  • BananaFarmer X
    BananaFarmer X

    Not f2p anymore. SMH

  • Lata Jain
    Lata Jain

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha what was that fireball 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaron d
    Aaron d

    Imagine getting excited over wins against bots. *Kappa* Seriously, though, this is fun to watch.

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash

      They are not bots they are just new players who downloaded the game like an hour ago and we cant call them noobs because they just downliaded the game

  • UnStoppableFusion

    Lmao oj try pushing to 5k as a true F2P. Restart the series ASAP or I'm unsubbing. This is such a mockery of F2P players.

  • Idami 78
    Idami 78

    Other title : how to destroy 5 year olds who just started the game in arena 3 (P2W to 5k tr)

  • Izz Rayyan Fairuz
    Izz Rayyan Fairuz

    i like the milspec skin in mech arena thx it looks sick

  • It's Strikerboy
    It's Strikerboy

    7:35 this is a higher skill dicc..deck

  • Fresh

    F2P is sometimes known as Forced2Pay

    • Adarsh Dash
      Adarsh Dash


  • Mar-farr

    My guy going against bots and being surprised about what there doing

  • Nathaniel Blauwkamp
    Nathaniel Blauwkamp

    0:42 ah yes oj, that is barbarian barrel

  • patrik pavlik
    patrik pavlik

    train stopping at a station 15:35

  • 20UME004 Hemal Chowdhury
    20UME004 Hemal Chowdhury

    4:12 I laughed so much how they know I'm xtra xtra large 😂😂

  • NiThIn cR
    NiThIn cR


  • James Coffey
    James Coffey

    Oj was the point of this series not to progress at the speed of a f2p and play like those who cannot spend any money

  • Prims3s YT
    Prims3s YT

    Disliked because not f2p anymore :/

  • kingadamw1

    This video we watch OJ critiquing actual BOTS in clash Royale

  • Whoopie Pelican
    Whoopie Pelican

    Oj: Lets get our goblin barrel to lvl 2. Ah yes a lvl 2 epic.

  • Putul Ali
    Putul Ali

    At 3:40 IT was funny

  • Zephyr XD99
    Zephyr XD99

    Oj doesnt know that clash royale has AI down here instead of players😂

  • Nick Schug
    Nick Schug

    He is talking so much strategy while playing Wendy the bot

  • Martin Aagaard
    Martin Aagaard

    Yeeeeeeesssss another one of these videos💪👌 (they are the best keep it up😁)

  • Mano da Teia
    Mano da Teia

    i love you OJ


    to get legendary 1 u need to be 1st at clan wars(lvl 6) pay 2 win (p2w)

    • Ashwini Joshi
      Ashwini Joshi

      my profile is nb check it

    • Ashwini Joshi
      Ashwini Joshi

      bro I had 5105 points but I dint play it for few days so I dint get a legendary card u can check my profile if u want

  • Aarya Bhoyar
    Aarya Bhoyar

    All noobs

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