Best Arena 4 Deck (F2P to 5k 🏆)
BEST decks for arena 4 in PEKKAS PLAY HOUSE arena. PEKKA and Giant Skeleton are a really good replacement to the Giant for this arena. It's "Free to Pay" meaning I am paying for progression because I want to unlock the arena cards as soon as I climb

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  • vuttaga vuttaga
    vuttaga vuttaga

    I cant get wizard in 4th arena

  • Ayad Hussain
    Ayad Hussain

    Well i can counter wizard with scarmy

    • Ayad Hussain
      Ayad Hussain

      Zero hits btw

  • Snowjy

    Real question: what's a good level 1 tower deck for arena 4?

  • Skipper

    Hey, can you wear sunglasses in next video just so i can sing oppa gangnam style ヾ(⌐□_□)ノ♪

  • Chootik

    Thanks OJ now I’m in spell valley

  • Homeboy_Brett _
    Homeboy_Brett _

    He vs a bot the first battle he did😂

  • Austin schidlowsky
    Austin schidlowsky

    whys he try harding against bots so hard?😂

  • frankie

    Do arena 5



  • Dawidb

    FTP - buys 4 dollars pack

  • Petruţ Târțău
    Petruţ Târțău

    F2p but not so much

  • Abhi

    Ftp to 5k

  • Blerti

    The simple names without a clan are bots

  • tjin bs
    tjin bs

    I usually do just a lightning on his shield and after that I rocket

  • Game Time
    Game Time

    OJ: imma use my PEKKA (7 elixir) to cycle to my fire spirit (1 elixir) Me: Confusion

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    7:30 smort

  • Boss

    We need to continue to arena 5

  • NorgesWrap

    Lol F2P KEKW

  • Daysheep King
    Daysheep King

    What is the point in a f2p series if it’s not f2p

  • duminda Lakshan
    duminda Lakshan

    What is your deck😒

  • Egjkc Egkd
    Egjkc Egkd

    आप कहां के हो

  • Dennis Jc
    Dennis Jc

    hugo was a bot btw (the guy he faced first)

  • Alphapie5

    Can you play arena 1 on another account and play unfair,use money and try to unlock strong legendarys and level up to level 9 or 10 and play against people

  • Ashley Mayo
    Ashley Mayo

    Who else is in a much higher arena watching this

  • Mile Kols
    Mile Kols

    I like how you get so hyped up even if they are bots

  • PretMetFred

    Oj gets totally happy while he doesnt know hes playing agains a bot: Eren

  • Ibrclan_official

    Its funny when pros don't know there are bots

  • sk__y

    I wish he actually spent 0.00 money

  • Gustong1

    Cyka blyat shirt respect

  • Marko Kanjevac
    Marko Kanjevac


  • Fun Games With phoenix
    Fun Games With phoenix

    The first enemy was a bot

  • Gautham Raj
    Gautham Raj

    you just played with bots and won

  • Arian Nordal
    Arian Nordal

    Play cookie run kingdom!!!!!!!plz!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Leonard Chandra
    Leonard Chandra

    the title should be: "OJ bully arena 4 player"

  • ZPyxlemonZ

    Challange : only use air troop

  • Sp00ky_ _Boi
    Sp00ky_ _Boi

    What is better peka or giant skeleton?

  • that one guy
    that one guy

    can you help me get to bronze league im only in arena 12 and im cant win a single game

  • Vilmavalle Valle
    Vilmavalle Valle

    How do you click fast when you open a chest on mobile

  • hawkgamer5012

    yo, what's a good deck for arena 8

  • Royal Gamer VC
    Royal Gamer VC


  • DJ Nikus
    DJ Nikus

    Best series for new players Change my mind

  • Rahmet Bislimi
    Rahmet Bislimi

    Hes fighting boys only

  • Comment  To OJ
    Comment To OJ

    Hlo oj i am your no 1 fan i created this channel only to comment u

  • Sven jansen
    Sven jansen

    Nice tattoo

  • yugi_ teen
    yugi_ teen

    i wish this was a every 3 day upload t-t

  • Albert Douglas
    Albert Douglas

    OJ really know his stuff

    • Albert Douglas
      Albert Douglas

      Anyone know a good deck for arena 8?

  • MDS

    waiting for cheese masters 3 million subs he deserves 3 million for quality play

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson

    F2P or P2W?

  • iwejn't

    What for arena 6???

  • Secré恐れ

    "i'll do a pekka to cycle to my fire spirit" wat

  • • Mɪsᴄʜᴀ •
    • Mɪsᴄʜᴀ •

    please play cookie run 😭 i watched all ur videos exactly 6-7 times a day and im craving for new content :(

  • Caylum c
    Caylum c

    OJ doesn't realise he is playing against bots.

  • Spicy flame gaming
    Spicy flame gaming

    Pls subscribe 🥺

  • Meri Zhorzholiani
    Meri Zhorzholiani

    Hi OJ! I just joined your clan (Orange Ones) and just to let you know I will be active in war and when will you play on your level 12 account?

  • Phantom Lite
    Phantom Lite

    I like this seriees

  • Nawwaf Knight88 - Brawl Stars
    Nawwaf Knight88 - Brawl Stars


  • Apollo Justice
    Apollo Justice

    This is not f2p anymore OJ... :(

  • Nyan Lin Maung
    Nyan Lin Maung

    Pov: Orange juice play with top 1 skill player on ladder.all 13 .Oj: I just lagging

  • DrippyDrew

    I love OJ so much but the fact that he dosent know when its a bot is SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny

  • ThredPuff

    OJ: if I push this brawler it should be nerfed. People: I dont think its the brawler I think its OJ and his friends helping him push Also People: I dont think its the brawler, its he skills

  • Russian Waffle
    Russian Waffle

    Yo im wereing that same shirt rn

  • King’s blox Adventures
    King’s blox Adventures


  • Elliot

    I got miner in arena 4

  • sharis rosendo
    sharis rosendo

    Please do arena 12

  • James Killen
    James Killen

    Does he not know that people with no clan and a simple name are nearly always bots when under 3000 trophies?

  • chickenfruit

    im pretty sure the first person was an actual bot

  • Brandon Guida
    Brandon Guida

    Oj plz play more cookie run

    • Brandon Guida
      Brandon Guida


  • Juan Solis
    Juan Solis

    We needa arena 12 vid

  • Melina Alimadhi
    Melina Alimadhi

    please more video

  • AZA Aadam
    AZA Aadam

    Bro I liget got a miner today 😂😂 I’m arena 4 aswell

  • Mr DudeGuy
    Mr DudeGuy

    OJ looks like Bella Poarch

  • Ootsie MSM
    Ootsie MSM

    im in arena 10

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    overleved gobiln barrel is cheeeeeeeeese

  • Drew Warrington
    Drew Warrington

    The first game was a bot oj

  • NnDia

    why does oj think he is so great agianst a bot

  • Nitro Ender
    Nitro Ender

    OJ clown moments when? 🤡

  • keeth keith
    keeth keith

    Why is there just 1 fire spirit was there some balance change where it's just 1 instead of 3?

  • 🦋Kochou Shinobu🦋人
    🦋Kochou Shinobu🦋人

    Pls play cookie run kingdom

  • Daly

    Im so hooked, i love this series so much keep it up oj

  • Devil Jin YT
    Devil Jin YT

    are you pakistani and you are now

  • Огнедышащие тапки
    Огнедышащие тапки

    What’s written on your T shirt????

  • Wantez 09
    Wantez 09

    Eh capit eh


    Please help me, im stuck at arena 5 and im keep doing lose streak🤣

  • Royale Sailing With Crey
    Royale Sailing With Crey

    oj, if a player arrows at the bottom of the arena or activates king tower with spells and has no clan its a bot

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Best Arena 4 Deck (F2P to 5k 🏆)

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG


  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Hey Oj

  • Hung Wei Leong
    Hung Wei Leong

    I thought it was a f2p account but oj bought the offer in the shop

  • Suja Joseph
    Suja Joseph

    Oj when I was playing mapmaker heist there was only one heist🧐🧐 it is some kind of hacked map

  • arkamPug34 Twilk
    arkamPug34 Twilk

    Can Oj teach us the best deck in Arena 9 cuz I am stuck at Arena 9 .

  • jelly64 - Brawl Stars
    jelly64 - Brawl Stars

    If i trick you, pin me *Read More…*

  • Dr. Gamer 25
    Dr. Gamer 25

    Fun fact: half of them were bots like literally robots

  • Rahul koli
    Rahul koli

    Delete ur channel mopping come on ml I will teach you how to play son

  • Rahul koli
    Rahul koli

    Waste of time watching this

  • Rahul koli
    Rahul koli

    game doesn't he get bored with this shit sorry he gets paid for this

  • Yaqeen ALhuda
    Yaqeen ALhuda

    bro are u playing against bots when i was in pekka playhouse so many people had baloon hunter etc.

  • I’m just waiting for arena 7 :)

  • nisak ahmad
    nisak ahmad

    its so funny its wane oj no i miss click i dont wanna be level 6 its just too funny

  • God of  Flamingo
    God of Flamingo

    Do torchy play clash royale?

  • ilan murillo
    ilan murillo

    oj remains as my favorite youtuber

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