Best Cards for Bandit Dash Draft (UNDEFEATED-ish) 🍊
UNDEFEATED to hit 8 wins on the Bandit Draft (only undefeated on camera, i lost 4 times)

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  • abdullah asyraf
    abdullah asyraf

    Ive never seenoj this happy playing with the motherwitch after goblin drill came out

  • Houseboat license insanity
    Houseboat license insanity

    Jesus loves you

  • li yajun
    li yajun

    i really like bandit because its a legendary, and cheap, really good at supporting also HP and damage is really high

  • Rishi Y
    Rishi Y

    This was one of the worst challenges

  • Louis Stanfin Honggowarsito
    Louis Stanfin Honggowarsito


  • Akis Lianos
    Akis Lianos

    Challenge: Take a shot every time OJ says bandit

  • Andre Sam
    Andre Sam

    Challenge is broken, bleed elixir to counter 300 damage on my tower that my opponent paid 0 for :)

  • Doughnut with no hole
    Doughnut with no hole

    too easy

  • Darkstalker Brawl Stars YT
    Darkstalker Brawl Stars YT

    Hey OJ I convinced my clan mates to use code oj because I really like your videos. They help me win challenges and teach me how to use cards.

  • Ace Jaxford
    Ace Jaxford

    I watched a 30min add an this vid

  • Márton Makai
    Márton Makai

    Oj spanking a guy in both lanes Me struggling with one: send help

  • Dr. Naumi
    Dr. Naumi

    Just found your channel and instantly subscribed. Such a good video 🔥

  • Some guy From the internet
    Some guy From the internet

    Had to pay 50 but who cares I unlocked bandit

  • Alexander Geiser
    Alexander Geiser

    This was the easiest challenge I've done in awhile. Went 8-0

  • Just a min
    Just a min

    Ah the step mothers so good 8:29

  • Theodore Munsie
    Theodore Munsie

    your left side one (if it a one on one) will all ways loss and get one dash one your tower

  • inverted pvp
    inverted pvp

    I won it

    • inverted pvp
      inverted pvp

      I'm in arena six too

  • Mr. Unavailable
    Mr. Unavailable

    I'm already max teir because I made surprisingly amazing Ebarb rush (75%) and elixir Extravaganza (80%)

  • Yeet Master 1654
    Yeet Master 1654

    My brother is arena 8 and he got bandit

  • Petar Žakula
    Petar Žakula

    I won this challange finnaly got bandit 🥳

  • In my opinion I went underfeated picking an extra bandit if a I got the choice and it was op

  • GameWax Studios
    GameWax Studios

    clash royale is ded for me now

  • hiker

    Leme..,who already win this event

  • Hossein N
    Hossein N

    Its a oj

  • islam tv
    islam tv

    oj: nightmare nagitive elixier trade

  • Jackson Lange
    Jackson Lange

    I literally got this with no losses. How do you manage to lose in this???

  • CaptainBoom14

    Using this I actually managed to win! Much appreciated for the video!

  • Craz Family
    Craz Family

    What ever happened to more juice? With cookie run kingdom? Did you burn out on it?

  • ixifty

    Ok 7:42 how tf did the bandit on the left side win?

  • Braden Smith
    Braden Smith

    this challenge sucks

  • Ghoul

    This is my fav challenge

  • Mujtaba


  • N1TRO?

    I did this challenge and got all the way to the end in arena 5 now I'm in arena 8 because bandit is unbalanced asf

  • Kiên Nguyễn
    Kiên Nguyễn

    from 2 win 2 lose to 8 win

  • ShinyFlame 6543
    ShinyFlame 6543

    Lmao I lost 4 times

  • Mr.Bones Omega
    Mr.Bones Omega

    You're a great RSloftr but Dani hates orange gang, so that means I can't subscribe for you

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang

    Thanks for the tip OJ. I reached 8-0 to get a bandit in spooky town!

  • AcCid3ntaL

    i beat the challenge on the first day

  • menace

    This challenge was pretty easy, I got good cards majority of the time

  • DJ Nikus
    DJ Nikus

    0 losses

  • shadowcat 361
    shadowcat 361


  • Jelly

    How about you do an all slow/stun deck? Cards like:Ram rider ice wizard earthquake freeze electro dragon

  • Aqib Waajid
    Aqib Waajid

    for some people thinking why their bandits are dying and sometimes winning, the bandits on YOUR left side always lose but the bandits on your right side always win

  • ISHY

    The xbow is actually really good defensively cause it helps the bandits win the 1v1 and kill the other stuffs too

  • Zyxo

    I won very game in a row

  • Evan Tsai
    Evan Tsai

    Nice tips I beat it :)

  • JoglaNeLox

    Ez challenge

  • wildsquire

    i think the first guy gave up because he knew it was oj

  • Cloud Striker
    Cloud Striker

    The first 30 seconds of the video: this *bandit* will be countered by my *bandit* when the other *bandit* hits the goblin cage so my *bandit* can reach the tower

  • turtle lord
    turtle lord


  • Hellp me rech 2k subbs witout any videoosⓋ
    Hellp me rech 2k subbs witout any videoosⓋ

    Oj is like a coculator but instead of numbers its clash royale cards

  • Alexis Zapai
    Alexis Zapai

    Bruh this was so easy W

  • Matthew star
    Matthew star

    Key word B A N D I T

  • OliPonk _
    OliPonk _

    OJ Can u do a vid were u show us how u record your vids plz :)

  • Raduel Centeno
    Raduel Centeno

    Oj when are you doing the bibi challenge

  • Dusty Boy
    Dusty Boy

    8-0 ✊🏻🤤me

  • [WH]•Zultra•

    You need to become milk gang

  • Nemanja Jakovljevic
    Nemanja Jakovljevic

    I has completed chellenge with 8 wins and 2 lose.😉

  • Antonis Christodoulou
    Antonis Christodoulou

    No cap I finished the challenge undefeated after this video. I had one loss on my first game be4 watching this

  • Iron Chloride
    Iron Chloride

    Love the new series

  • roman empire
    roman empire


  • Andrei Grecu
    Andrei Grecu

    4:11 "the bandits cancel each other out" But oj, you were true red and took 2 bandit dashes on your tower

  • Georgeyfishy

    Kim Jung Un ur my favorite youtuber ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    I'll use code on in the shop if you pin and heart this comment

  • Not_Vortex_ZR

    I got zero losses on the challenge and discovered that xbow is very useful on defense since it helps your bandits win battles at the bridge and also golem is stupidly broken

  • Yo princess Azula
    Yo princess Azula

    I lost this challenge because, for some reason my opponents bandits always beat my bandit

  • Adib Bujang
    Adib Bujang

    I used your code

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG


  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Best Cards for Bandit Dash Draft (UNDEFEATED-ish) 🍊

  • Gael Chavez
    Gael Chavez

    Only time I’ll use rascals

  • Ziemniak 47
    Ziemniak 47

    How my wisdom changed during this challenge : Game 1 : Pick cards you are good with Game 2 : Pick everything that can build push Game 3 : Pick everything that counters bandit Game 37 : *Trust your luck* It worked 😲

  • tinkle playz
    tinkle playz

    I played as soon as the challenge started and completed the challenge without any losses and I am not even that good

  • I love cats
    I love cats

    Oj brawl stars new theme song and back ground

  • ljick

    I got bandit from this

  • Suprovo Naskar
    Suprovo Naskar

    OJ do you read comments?? Btw, love your videos! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rupa Gajjar
    Rupa Gajjar

    I actually went 8-0 with just picking bandit counters and I was unlucky with true red and true blue interactions

  • Tauri Tibar
    Tauri Tibar

    I won thechallenge

  • YiX

    the funny thing is i bet the challenge by just choosing bandit, and placing the bandit when the bandit spawns

  • Rajesh Kumar SP
    Rajesh Kumar SP

    I get bandit because of you thanks ojjjjjjjjjjj

  • Isaac Roan
    Isaac Roan

    Me literally waiting a whole day just so I don't die immediately

  • The Rock
    The Rock

    10:06 that's basically the whole game for a mid ladder player who is king tower 13.

  • Aditya Saxena
    Aditya Saxena

    I lost in bandit dash challenge

  • Owen Very Pro YT
    Owen Very Pro YT

    It’s so satisfying to see a bandit dash to the tower

  • Adnan Rahman
    Adnan Rahman

    Popcorn was oj's fan

  • B-28-AARON Mendonsa
    B-28-AARON Mendonsa

    You said Bandit 56 times in this video!

  • B-28-AARON Mendonsa
    B-28-AARON Mendonsa

    You said Bandit 11 times in the first battle and before the first battle!

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams

    I literally lost 3 games in a row and now I’m out lol

  • Dabplz7

    I got a legendary out of the magical chest at 4 wins. The legendary was mother witch. :)

    • Rajkumari Maheshwari
      Rajkumari Maheshwari

      Lucky I got princess

  • Sarwar Hossain Shuvo
    Sarwar Hossain Shuvo

    I won the challenge easily 😉 in my main id bt on 2nd id i lost my two chances earlier without any win then win 7 in a row bt in the last match it was a close lost🙂 so heartbreaking 💔💔

  • Prakash lama Gurung
    Prakash lama Gurung

    Extremely excited for next episode of Road to 5k or maybe 6k🤭😗

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh

    I completed the challange and lost only 1 time i used to pick the cards that can counter bandit and also who's are cheap

  • Parkhash Jaiswal
    Parkhash Jaiswal

    Oj pls make a video on brawl talk

  • Redloinay

    Title : (Undefeated- ish) *Something's wrong I can fell it*

  • IamLittleKiddo BG
    IamLittleKiddo BG

    0:29 My OJ he was a fan i think

  • King Ortiz
    King Ortiz

    When you only play if oj has done the challenger

  • Franz Juren Borromeo
    Franz Juren Borromeo

    Arena 7 please oj

  • i am also building my mini i am on bone pit

  • rat gaming
    rat gaming

    so cool

  • Amit Chand
    Amit Chand

    ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ......


    Don’t forget to use code:oj