Brawl Ball Glitch 🧀 (Funny Maps)
We CHEESED when there was a brawl ball glitch with custom maps, then we played the ORIGINAL 1v1 map in Bounty nad CHEESED with Rico + Colt. el tempo was the heist map winner with a TON of spring traps, teleporters and islands making it really bad and fun! De isla en isla is probably one of my most favourite showdown island winners. Funny Maps Episode 3.
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  • Itamar .a
    Itamar .a

    The boanty map was so fun

  • Itz Adriel
    Itz Adriel

    That their so good

  • 4#Chahal Tahilramani
    4#Chahal Tahilramani

    Oj: That mortis does not know he can’t grab the ball The mortis: Thanks for cheesing. Now I can complete my damage quest

  • Jackson P Delahunt
    Jackson P Delahunt

    omg omg OJ yk that mortis named MESSI? thats my online friend!!!!

  • Alex Woodcock
    Alex Woodcock

    only 0.015% of people who liked or disliked, disliked

  • Miljan Randjelovic
    Miljan Randjelovic

    No code oj

  • Dariusz Mucha
    Dariusz Mucha

    I love you channles

  • TheBrawlGuy - Brawl Stars
    TheBrawlGuy - Brawl Stars

    1:40 I used this part of video to scare my friend (I forgot to tell this 2 weeks ago)

  • Avery Turner
    Avery Turner

    Bea: bee cool! Oj: BEE DESTROYED!!!

  • Mandom ツ
    Mandom ツ

    This is the map i pushed mortis rank 20 power 1 on the 1st map

  • haropulos5

    Your favorite food is cheese

  • JohnKalogirou Official
    JohnKalogirou Official

    Your name should be cheese dude and not oj

  • Aleš Havlíček
    Aleš Havlíček

    OJ:i don't know what Is coming Me: i know what Is coming surge's death 16:41

  • Zulma Rios
    Zulma Rios


  • Himiko

    You like Cheese?

  • ace attorney online player
    ace attorney online player


  • Mr Pew
    Mr Pew

    I use code OJ

  • Noob Zone
    Noob Zone

    I am not scared ur scared

  • Lardball mcstix
    Lardball mcstix

    These maps are basically either bonfires to burn your trophies, or decked out trophy cases fresh for taking.

  • Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
    Abhijeet Raghuvanshi

    11:56 12:14 Complain about poco and doesn't take teleporter too.

  • Bass Tester
    Bass Tester


  • Venus Diones
    Venus Diones

    Lol oj I'd using brain To win At glitch

  • Venus Diones
    Venus Diones

    Oj is wow Wow wow

  • senpai gaming
    senpai gaming

    The colt skin he used was then only good Colt skin

  • [J]ellyfish Brawl Stars - Discord BSE5qPE
    [J]ellyfish Brawl Stars - Discord BSE5qPE

    Nice, I love glitches, most of my videos are glitch videos.

  • Munkhtuya Khishigbaatar
    Munkhtuya Khishigbaatar

    Code: kairos

  • Ndhika TM
    Ndhika TM

    Shelly Bandit : Nonton B*Kep kuy

  • JungHyun Park
    JungHyun Park

    OJ: Im so happy this is in brawl stars OJ's enemies: Im so raging that this is in brawl stars


    Oj's channel name should be the cheese

  • Saif El Islam Zahraoui
    Saif El Islam Zahraoui

    98r0upvp2 pls tis is my friend code

  • games 541
    games 541

    I don't line cheese but i like your vids :))


    8:43 are you sure thats a nani Oj im disapointed

  • Samson Davey
    Samson Davey

    I DISCOVERED THE CHEESE ON MY INSTA @samson_brawlstars

  • Balloony :3
    Balloony :3

    RIP colt gadget

  • BotNoPro

    Hey even my mum loves cheese 🧀 she loves putting cheese in every single cake she bakes and I like OJ cheese also Sprout cheese

  • Nxtho

    I live how OJ did a 360° on that bea at 16:10

  • xBadMortis

    10:55 it just me or I saw Nick's name disappear below Torchy's name?

  • Myth Stop-Motion
    Myth Stop-Motion

    16:01 Shelly Hello there 16:05 OH HEll no (Shelly) You da best OJ

  • Cristiano Di Lello
    Cristiano Di Lello

    I LOVE OJ!!!

  • Wim


  • Harry Svanberg
    Harry Svanberg

    15:54 oj prequel memer confirmed.

  • Shehzad Khamre
    Shehzad Khamre

    Why is you name oj it should be cheese juice

  • A T classes
    A T classes

    Pls sub tribe gaming

  • Rayan Aouari
    Rayan Aouari

    easy cheesy

  • zailong wang
    zailong wang

    Did anybody see challenger colts phone or hun flew up

  • Fuzzy Puppy
    Fuzzy Puppy

    Your channel should be called cheese juice from how much you cheese

  • Riyan Ghosh
    Riyan Ghosh

    Can I support u in the shop plz reply me *OJ*


    17:03 hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣i love how he smashes that Collette

  • Ashrafy Ampatuan
    Ashrafy Ampatuan

    OJ what's your club name in brawl stars

  • Geno Dedemon
    Geno Dedemon

    The way I played 1 on 1 is I used pipers super to make a large tunnel to snipe down.

  • LordBreadSnake 360
    LordBreadSnake 360

    Cheese is pog

  • Kesi Christopher
    Kesi Christopher


  • Cash - Brawl Stars
    Cash - Brawl Stars

    cheese 🧀

  • Oksana Kovacec
    Oksana Kovacec

    Do you like cheese with cheese like a cheese

  • Eren's Amv's エレン
    Eren's Amv's エレン

    Oj? Ew

  • 72Colt

    Waiting for Cosmic doritos commrnt

  • alma mill
    alma mill

    o that cheese? i remember this

  • alami hanniba
    alami hanniba

    fai sciffo

  • Tyler George
    Tyler George

    oJ!!! If u see a map could destruction or Dynamike I made it

  • Shawn Cheriyan
    Shawn Cheriyan

    15:37 she auto aimed at the taras shadow gadget thing

  • winnie arc
    winnie arc

    Try using sprout and super gale's jump pad

  • Invincible Gamer
    Invincible Gamer

    I can tell its out dated by seeing silver bullet's damage

  • Ephyrodite - Brawl Stars
    Ephyrodite - Brawl Stars

    *society says he thinks carl is nani*

  • Tuomo Hutri
    Tuomo Hutri

    Tara super in your own hoal and kick the ball there in 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1

  • Sub for More
    Sub for More

    16:01 Shelly names is Edgar omg 😮

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl

    so sassd no more thropies

  • Joydeep Roy
    Joydeep Roy

    i love ojs new editing style makes everything so funny

  • Kate Goodes
    Kate Goodes


  • Clash With Cheese
    Clash With Cheese

    OJ is intelligent About Cheese.... But not more Intelligent that CLASHwithCHEESE, He is the true cheese

  • Samvith Vaddiparthi
    Samvith Vaddiparthi


  • Swapna Puvvada
    Swapna Puvvada

    Oj u should make a new channel called Orange Juice Cheese

  • Voilet D.L
    Voilet D.L

    WEEEE cant :( get throphys anymore!

  • Freezing Fire BS
    Freezing Fire BS

    this was a long time ago

  • ckaeley

    Don’t worry I use code oj always because your my favorite brawl stars content creator

  • anime xx anime girl
    anime xx anime girl

    Are you waiting allies Dani

  • anime xx anime girl
    anime xx anime girl

    Hey, did Danny say your allies are you really and lies you got needs saying they send you the angel, they will win good, I was doing the

  • Song Yang
    Song Yang

    How do u double jump as mike

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    Cheese 🔥🤩

  • Champs' Channel
    Champs' Channel

    Lol it was like 10 years ago

  • Devadathan M
    Devadathan M

    Oj plzzz play clash of clans plzzz

  • Максим Налегач
    Максим Налегач

    Where is the blue star?

  • Marina Aranha
    Marina Aranha

    Are u married

  • Rajat Negi
    Rajat Negi

    Clash Royale? HELLO!

  • Chief Carrot
    Chief Carrot

    Omg! I love so much your Channel!

  • Athithkrishna K
    Athithkrishna K

    I miss ur clssh royale content🥺

  • Jasper brylle Abuan
    Jasper brylle Abuan

    Heyyy OJ can you play Arknights? It's really fun game too Btw nice video

  • Borigam Vishwaksen JNV Adilabad, 69, 10 B
    Borigam Vishwaksen JNV Adilabad, 69, 10 B

    Oj... U forgot clash royale?

  • Knoahsaurus 07
    Knoahsaurus 07

    OJ: Double nani more like no nani! Me: Wait a min, those aren't nanis

  • strawberryjuice

    Strawberry Juice aprroves Orange Juice's video.

  • Joshua Fela
    Joshua Fela


  • Kanth Vagale
    Kanth Vagale

    Caption just said "pennies" at 8:37

  • emanuel fischer
    emanuel fischer

    wow mom

  • tarek saoud
    tarek saoud

    Hi oj, plz i need you help getting my el primo rank 24

    • tarek saoud
      tarek saoud

      I use ur code i swear. Plz help me getting my el primo rank 24

    • tarek saoud
      tarek saoud

      Plz i know you wont see my comment but i am trying

  • CR Gaming is ON
    CR Gaming is ON

    Nice video

  • TVSkullz Gaming
    TVSkullz Gaming

    Used Oj to buy dumpling darryl

  • Asad Ahmed
    Asad Ahmed


  • wallis1981

    Why does everytime I write guy the Word gun pops out

  • wallis1981

    I mean gun sorry misspelled

  • wallis1981

    Wait, Messi? I think I want into a match with that gun, what are the odds?!

  • JARVIS - Brawl Stars
    JARVIS - Brawl Stars

    Someone please check my channel, i too upload Brawl Stars gameplay ❤️

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