Brawlocke Challenge (CANT DIE) 💀
$200 Nuzlocke but Brawlocke. The rule is simple. If the Brawler dies, you can NEVER use it again. How far can I push?

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  • ProBro

    100 trophies for real players but mythic and legendaries and some epics are 50 trophies for real players and chromatics

  • Virizon Travels
    Virizon Travels

    *Wham bam here comes Karen*

  • Hoi Tik Chan
    Hoi Tik Chan

    5:34 I can't click!

  • bayot ni envruh
    bayot ni envruh

    the colt bots returns

  • Tanmay Padwal
    Tanmay Padwal

    nice copying kt

  • Jerald Mariano
    Jerald Mariano

    OJ : double kill? Everyone : Yes Ok Double Kill

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith


  • Kiegan Ong
    Kiegan Ong

    Use code oj in the brawl stars shop

  • Bryce Dreas
    Bryce Dreas

    Him: not now wifi Me: Did someone turn on the microwave?

  • Adam Maaliki
    Adam Maaliki

    The bots are hackeg when you are lagging Then you are winning.🤣🤣🤣🥲🥲😄

  • kanasai :p
    kanasai :p

    15:32 jessie and *brock*

  • Cocktail│مشكل

    Guys did u ever meet a guy called tomar 753

  • Person

    OJ: I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me Colt


    Is this a nuzlocke

  • Kali Keliihoomalu
    Kali Keliihoomalu

    Watching oj play Darryl gave me cancer

  • YT 2x2 noob
    YT 2x2 noob

    Did you know that u can play with bots all the way up to 500 trophies😮

    • YT 2x2 noob
      YT 2x2 noob

      @Ilija Milenkovic yes you can and the way to tell is in brawl ball first play a friendly match and once one team scores the bots will all rush to the middle in brawl ball. Also, if you lose at least 3 games in a row and be under 500 trophies you will get bots and once one team scores the your opponents THE BOTS will rush for the ball like in a friendly game😡 stupid

    • Ilija Milenkovic
      Ilija Milenkovic


    • Ilija Milenkovic
      Ilija Milenkovic

      No you can't please shut up and you can't

  • YT 2x2 noob
    YT 2x2 noob


  • nika andriadze
    nika andriadze

    *7:33* This is a RSloftr dis-promotion, this is illegal! *FBI OPEN UP!!!* . *9:12* You as well?! What's wrong with all of the youtubers getting corrupted by the symbol of the Satan (Aka. the Starr Park pin abomination)! I thought you, the master of cheese would not get possessed by Devil, but I was wrong ;_;.



  • Mattheus Koh
    Mattheus Koh


  • Aggelos Chrisanthopoulos
    Aggelos Chrisanthopoulos


  • Χαρης Κωνσταντινου
    Χαρης Κωνσταντινου

    Man i do the same like oj

  • I.AMNOTNOOB BG bedwars
    I.AMNOTNOOB BG bedwars

    Yeah I tried it is hera looked

  • Blitzboy The animater
    Blitzboy The animater

    Don’t be cocky

  • Sangita Kanswal
    Sangita Kanswal

    You are so great 😂😂😁😁


    this gave me anxiety....ohh nvm it oj thats playing

  • ӜႽS̲H̲A̲M̲A̲N̲ႽӜ pg 3d
    ӜႽS̲H̲A̲M̲A̲N̲ႽӜ pg 3d

    R.i.p. Oj

  • Gamze Gamzeli
    Gamze Gamzeli

    Dont watch Kairos video watch this video more dont watch this video watch Kairos video

    • Drake Beasley
      Drake Beasley


  • Avinash Beeharry
    Avinash Beeharry

    Oj which club are you

  • GamingEx

    Hey kario how about challenge of a nuzlock or a reverse which is squeak If pico the nuzlock then let start with no trophies brawlers only brawler can use is Shelly,bib,Edgar,or other 20 brawlers that you can choose

  • TxBaGeLs

    It’s so funny how OJ can grind to rank 30 and die to bots 😂

  • TxBaGeLs

    Too bad I watched Kairos’s video before this 😂

  • ㅤ

    This man is so bad

  • Andy

    9:43 oj say he not gone to win that…..the next match he always lose with edgar 😂

  • Oscar’s world RC12
    Oscar’s world RC12

    You cheated you said if you die not first place so you cheated with carl

  • ☁︎FoxyPancakes☁︎

    1K likes in 1 day-

  • Sandra Herrera
    Sandra Herrera

    Did just call colt brock 15:31

  • Ágoston Czucz
    Ágoston Czucz

    Haha you're so bad!!

  • jaxxzer

    Shouldve started with 69 trophies

  • M4GNUM Plays
    M4GNUM Plays

    10 milisecond delay: THIS IS SO BAD Me finally having less than a second delay: this feels amazing!

  • Nightmare dude
    Nightmare dude

    I actually thought the video ended and I clicked cheese victim

  • FusionZGaming.

    Most of his deaths were all him getting too comfortable with the bots and when he loses he provides us with something smash bros players called johns

  • Avanthika Prasad
    Avanthika Prasad

    Seems like oj just experienced real showdown without toasty carrying him

  • Lim Mun Kit
    Lim Mun Kit

    May I ask why Pam having the 118 trophies? Is that playing other games also?

  • Joel Joseph
    Joel Joseph


  • VerifiedMoon

    Fun fact: oj does not know that bot games occur at 0 trophies at 1:15

    • VerifiedMoon

      Fun fact: I played myself by commenting too early


    Like i dont understand why ppl say it is hard but like its so easy i got to 2500 without dying

  • Shiva Pandey
    Shiva Pandey

    He can't die but he died with Carl in the Match against Shelly in which he came first but he died

  • Rex Ferguson
    Rex Ferguson

    I don’t get this brawllocke stuff are you trying to die normally??

  • Trixzter

    It didnt matter you came first with carl he died

  • Smith Bob
    Smith Bob

    Oj are you sure the bots are bots or.... are you the bot?

  • Smith Bob
    Smith Bob

    Dang oj more like payj

  • Ernaldo Basa
    Ernaldo Basa


  • Cheesecake Maker
    Cheesecake Maker

    “It’s just a colt right?” -Oj Famous last words

  • sevllo travelling
    sevllo travelling

    Pro vs bot 😅😅😅😅

  • Gabriel biel
    Gabriel biel

    Plz make more of this i love this new NUZLOCKE

  • Gvvg Hhhh
    Gvvg Hhhh

    Everytime i watch your videos and see OJs face, i fart on the screen in hopes of him getting a nice warm sniff.

  • Brawl Opposum
    Brawl Opposum

    22:19 Always remember kids, auto-aim is best aim

  • Elias Lee
    Elias Lee


  • CyberPlayz The Ultimate
    CyberPlayz The Ultimate

    OJ: Now we’re at Poco Poco: Wow! that sucks

  • Gamingblock_

    1000th comment

  • Mastermind

    OJ: We’re Poco next. Poco: Wow! That sucks! That line was perfect 😅

  • Devin Jensen
    Devin Jensen

    Jeez...not gonna lie orange kinda played like a bum in this one

  • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    It's pretty easy ngl 😐

    • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
      Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

      0-150 trophies is the easiest

    • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
      Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

      Depending on the trophy range

  • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN


  • jack VIP
    jack VIP

    Why always so greedy xD

  • Beware the rocks!
    Beware the rocks!

    18:11 This shocked me so much he literally killed colt with like 1000 health when oj was cornered by colt and el primo, but 18:37 sad things happen.

  • james dean
    james dean

    I seen randoms Loss to bots before but I never seen OJ lose to Bots

  • tripleduoddw

    speedrun next pretty please.

  • Hamza Kewan
    Hamza Kewan

    He's not even streaming LOL

  • Reinhardt Van Camarilla
    Reinhardt Van Camarilla

    5:34 stream really ended lmao

  • Free to Play
    Free to Play

    It literally showed that mortis is the worst without his star power and gadget

  • Tristan Mulahusejnovic
    Tristan Mulahusejnovic

    About to unsubscribe after about a year because I finally left the game- Oj, thanks for everything man, take care

  • Davio #
    Davio #

    0:41 sheeeesh 😂 haha

  • Hamza Kewan
    Hamza Kewan

    lol Kairos even failed both his nuzlockes

  • Brawl Stars Jake
    Brawl Stars Jake

    Pin this comment

  • Savita Patil
    Savita Patil

    23:16 Close enough!🤣🤣

  • Baris Uguz
    Baris Uguz

    The darryl skin is so cool

  • FlashGamer - დათო
    FlashGamer - დათო

    when i whatched these video i was drinking oj

  • idndnd kejdjdkkd
    idndnd kejdjdkkd

    I wish I was on the stream

  • Yigit Alkan
    Yigit Alkan

    Love the vids

  • Varad Chari
    Varad Chari

    I like how he says he likes the brawler and then dies

  • Andesh Brawl
    Andesh Brawl

    Great work 👌🏻


    Bot is a hacker 😂🤣

  • RBC pro
    RBC pro

    Hi can you play clash of clans pls

  • Amit Gottstein
    Amit Gottstein

    OJ didnt lose he still has all the trophie road brawlers

  • Deathdealer1414

    23:13 made me🤣🤣🤣

  • JHEE HAYLEE Student
    JHEE HAYLEE Student

    How to tell from bots and real people

  • Player😐

    Wow,good job!


    OJ - I am not in danger u r in danger When doing rank 30 pushes OJ - I did The rank 30🐍🐍

  • Lucent Teh
    Lucent Teh

    people that left wiat a minute

  • Mark Ferme
    Mark Ferme

    your so bad

  • Huichun Lei
    Huichun Lei

    i didnt see this challenge on brawl stars yesterday


    OJ: Don't watch Kairos's video. Don't compare his to mine. Me: Mister I watched Kairos video before yours and I can't stop my brain from comparing you and Kairos

  • Parvez Saifi
    Parvez Saifi

    Nobody: OJ after this video: my pain is greater than yours

  • Josip Petrunic
    Josip Petrunic

    Oj nob

  • Sharad Bhatt
    Sharad Bhatt

    OJ so mad that he says colt a brock

  • Kushagra Sharma
    Kushagra Sharma

    4:12 it was me with my super mini account. I thought it was a bot. I made it in recent days

  • Profas Ltu 2
    Profas Ltu 2

    14:33 hm oj say bad word lol

  • iNuclear9 gaming
    iNuclear9 gaming

    3:11 yo OJ u kinda sus bro

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