Carrying Myself in 2v2 Touchdown 🍊
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  • Reinhold Heriadi
    Reinhold Heriadi

    My cousin trust random and actually win 🤔🤔

  • Aiden Willson
    Aiden Willson

    Did you know that you can kill the ref goblin with zap or any spell

  • TG_you knøw the vibesツ
    TG_you knøw the vibesツ

    What kind of device is he using

  • AVealSandwich


  • Zsolt Domahidi
    Zsolt Domahidi


  • MD Aaron
    MD Aaron

    7:33 why didn’t you rage 💀

  • Professor X
    Professor X

    I wrote a comment one year ago that you should try this. Guess I wasn't heard, as always 🤣

  • Hood Hair
    Hood Hair

    Someone has alot of friends😅

  • ProBacon Playz Roblox
    ProBacon Playz Roblox


  • Memes

    Same Minds think alike

  • Brady Cooper
    Brady Cooper

    Your videos are so fun to watch keep up the good work oj

  • Daepixgamir BS
    Daepixgamir BS


  • hElLo tHeRe
    hElLo tHeRe

    Ram rider + rage = super speed

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores


  • Joshua Initorio
    Joshua Initorio

    OJ represents the ME in team

  • Pavel Londa
    Pavel Londa

    I this tactic plays in 2k19 in june and was better play when you play with randoms

  • Gerson Elopre
    Gerson Elopre

    And they said Avengers was the most ambitious crossover

  • Shade

    You arent that good ur mate carryed all

  • MCMartian-Gaming

    That toxic player be like 3:26


    what is the model of the tablet

  • Rapitey 423
    Rapitey 423

    I love your content

  • Rapitey 423
    Rapitey 423

    Can ijoin your clain

  • Benjamin :D
    Benjamin :D

    my teamate has left....

  • Aishwary Awasthi
    Aishwary Awasthi

    I literally did the same thing with my ipad and android smart phone for my 4 account. On one pair, I reached till Epic Trade Token, and on another pair I reached till Legendary Trade Token.

  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus Christ is king

  • DANGERED Species
    DANGERED Species


  • Blagojce Cakalot
    Blagojce Cakalot

    Mrs kinez

  • Funny Pack Openings
    Funny Pack Openings


  • Psychadelic Penguin
    Psychadelic Penguin

    Actual video title: OJ outsmarts two people in Clash Royale at once.

  • Ali Turkmani
    Ali Turkmani

    I was against oj and got destroyed

  • ジヤドزياد

    Supposed to be the title of the video (collaboration with myself)

  • Cristian Morales
    Cristian Morales

    Bro i won with no loses with random

  • Graf Blob
    Graf Blob

    best team mate ever

  • Janti Gaming
    Janti Gaming

    Wall breakers are op use them secretly

  • YXVAJZER368 1
    YXVAJZER368 1

    Isn't this teoretically cheating?

  • Dem aventuras
    Dem aventuras

    no le entiendo ni m4dr3s y me cae muy bien jaja

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    2V2 to use

  • 7 Gears
    7 Gears

    Ok be like my teammates soo perfect


    Randums XD

  • Peyton Campbell
    Peyton Campbell

    Me who went 1-7 with a seven game win streak in the most resent one: are you sure about that? Me realizing it was triple draft: welp.

  • tehannywanny gaming ✓
    tehannywanny gaming ✓

    Credit to Oj... Plays on TWO accounts... WINS :o AND does a full live commentary

  • I Press Dislike Button At Your Video
    I Press Dislike Button At Your Video

    this is what i call pro gamer move

  • Uganda slaps
    Uganda slaps

    I won 7-0 with randoms

  • Patrick is Bored
    Patrick is Bored

    never seen a better duo

  • God᭄ D么ПϟΞL 507
    God᭄ D么ПϟΞL 507


  • Anthony Chiu
    Anthony Chiu

    i legit did this for the legendary token lmao

  • Daniel Lo
    Daniel Lo

    Would like to please supercell not to add any 2v2 game mode in challenges. It’s very annoying, most players plays alone in this game ….. AFK, disconnect everything can happen

  • Jennifer Liu
    Jennifer Liu

    Best teammate cuz you you can do combos perfectly because it’s just you

  • Friday man
    Friday man

    Oj: u can't trust randoms Me who had a teammate that only played on the right side: yes

  • Anime moan
    Anime moan

    I went 7-1 with randoms 😎

  • Alstarz12 boi
    Alstarz12 boi

    Your teammate carries you smh

  • PizzaTime.

    I didn't know what your name was so i thought everyone in the comments was talking about OJ Simpson.

  • Blaze CSF
    Blaze CSF

    I played with randomis and got 0 LOSSES

  • evil alex
    evil alex

    Dani vs you

  • Luca Stan
    Luca Stan

    Oj plays him slef

  • hello hello
    hello hello

    me and my little brother went 7-0 on this challenge

  • J M Royale
    J M Royale

    finally, a good video

  • Gabriele Laiolo
    Gabriele Laiolo

    Me: "I haven't got any friend" Always me:

  • RochanNotFound

    ‘You can’t trust randoms’ Me: legit gets 7 wins no losses with randoms

    • Captain Levi.
      Captain Levi.

      7 wins 1 lose which was my in my first match.

    • MangoSUS

      I got 6 wins with random. The last two were really stupid. They didn't even took royal hogs and ram Rider 😡🤣

    • Erigor Gaming
      Erigor Gaming

      I got 7 win 2 losses with randoms

  • TheGoodDoggo

    imagine if he uses the trade token to trade with himself. he should've included that in the vid.

  • Finley

    POV: You haven t friends

  • Mirco Turroni
    Mirco Turroni

    You got a twin

  • NoodleMaster47

    I did the same thing and played on 2 phones 7/0

  • Elite Crow
    Elite Crow

    I went 7/2 with randoms only, feels nice

  • Raising Star
    Raising Star

    When you failed yourself: *”T R A I T O R !”*

  • collasalbot

    alt title: I played with the only person I trust in 2v2

  • Matthew Chandiles
    Matthew Chandiles

    Why has OJ just become more and more cringe over these years 😭

  • Br0ke

    all for what? more trade tokens that i don’t use? 🙄

  • Andrew McNeish
    Andrew McNeish

    This vid was funny af

  • A 22 Debesh Moharana
    A 22 Debesh Moharana

    Oj I was 7-1 only with randoms

  • Mike Li
    Mike Li

    OJ can pilot a jaeger on his own as well.

  • KiwiVerse

    i thought magic archer was so 2019..

  • Juan Jose Ayala
    Juan Jose Ayala

    Can’t trust randums

  • Rocco DeAngelis
    Rocco DeAngelis

    Me and my buddy went 7 and 0

  • Saiham Rahman
    Saiham Rahman

    Just won the 2v2 touchdown!

  • Ayden Tsui
    Ayden Tsui

    Is ram rider good

  • Vernon Muthu
    Vernon Muthu

    OJ using clone spell on himself

  • Ryder Chavez
    Ryder Chavez

    I mean clash of clans

  • Ryder Chavez
    Ryder Chavez

    Will you ever play clash royale again?

  • DjWolfGaming 106
    DjWolfGaming 106

    How can I get to king tower 13 quick

  • Osman Nyr
    Osman Nyr

    Disrespecting the enemy: 100

  • KingBob3

    I need to ask you this oj Who was the better player? 🤔

  • Dimitris Boras
    Dimitris Boras


  • P. Ihbilguun
    P. Ihbilguun

    3:12 bruh

  • Tomi Umamoto Rixon
    Tomi Umamoto Rixon

    I did it with randoms

  • Sahith Sivalanka
    Sahith Sivalanka

    OJ be like: "Im not OJ _you're_ OJ!"

  • Giao Giao
    Giao Giao

    You Chinese or Japanese?

  • Leltendo

    2:32 When you say you're fine and you're not really fine

  • Juan Diego Mendoza
    Juan Diego Mendoza

    Wow ok is a mad mam

    • Juan Diego Mendoza
      Juan Diego Mendoza


  • Pablo Lens-Gallardo
    Pablo Lens-Gallardo

    I guess OJ is also tired of having useless teammates

  • AidenasJ

    i won with randoms and lost once. You can trust them.

  • Tyrogue64 simps ᴮⁱᵍᶜʰᵘⁿᵍᵘˢ
    Tyrogue64 simps ᴮⁱᵍᶜʰᵘⁿᵍᵘˢ

    Can we appreciate how OJ can play Clash Royale with both his hands on 2 accounts

  • mts_voxify

    6:15 tou mean 69 bazillion elixir😂

  • Ottoman Mapper
    Ottoman Mapper

    Really legend. 😂

  • David Kolevski
    David Kolevski

    battle hood? 6:29

  • Ryker Liddle
    Ryker Liddle

    Love your videos man just put code oj in the shop

  • DarisX

    I finish that with randoms

  • hangover gaming
    hangover gaming

    Bro how to use one card deck

  • NL stx
    NL stx

    incredible content.

  • Black Mamba Agar
    Black Mamba Agar