Goblin Drill Gameplay (IT'S BROKEN)
Goblin Drill gameplay in the draft challenge. The card releases in a few days but we got to pick it in the draft challenge.

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  • Glen Short
    Glen Short

    Why does OJ act so cringe these days. Used to watch him like 3-4 years ago and he was much more cool

  • xristos iakovidis
    xristos iakovidis

    Oj: I am the best goblin driller Me: you think so uh?

  • Shehzad Ahmed Siddiqui
    Shehzad Ahmed Siddiqui

    Nice 👍

  • Shakir23

    when the game is pay to win

  • GoldenArmor: Brawl Stars
    GoldenArmor: Brawl Stars

    Hey OJ! If it's not too late, the amount of times you said it were either 67, 68, or 69. Sorry if I can only choose one and if it's too late.

  • Tye Da Gemnii
    Tye Da Gemnii

    Stupid ass gamemode. Give both players the drill not just one guy assholes

  • Americo Rodriguez
    Americo Rodriguez

    also the goblin drill do a spawn damage, so if you use esqueletons he can kill them.

  • Americo Rodriguez
    Americo Rodriguez

    i think the best card to counter goblin drill is the valkery

  • Samuel Adler
    Samuel Adler

    oj has a problem he said goblin drill 67 times in 10 minites

  • Darren L
    Darren L

    Spoilers: it’s not broken

  • Lucas

    i pray whoever sees this that god blesses you and loves you and your family

  • Amirul Yasir
    Amirul Yasir

    How about 3 op combo put barrel goblin and miner and goblin drill:3

  • Mike Cress
    Mike Cress

    Imagine the Goblin Drill in Rage or in the 2v2 mode

  • ツExupai

    goblin drill isn't really broken, if you plant a bowler on top you can kill the whole thing without a single hit.

  • Preston Glassco
    Preston Glassco

    SKARMY counters it awesome just wait to it pops up as soon as you can place it right on top but be careful for spawn damage

  • Thomas Gustafson
    Thomas Gustafson

    This whole video is annoying as fuck


    I'm using goblin drill in lava deck and it's great... Switched guards with goblins and tombstone with goblin drill ,then I can use it for defence and when multi elixr starts , offence.. victory is sure..😂.. increased 300 cups today.. 5.8k cups

  • OLGA_ Dani
    OLGA_ Dani

    Bro pls stop screaming all the time its so annoying

  • Kolbjørn Kristian Arnevik
    Kolbjørn Kristian Arnevik

    Not broken lots of answers for it. Even an icegolem do the job🤣


    Take a shot everytime he says goblin drill

  • Deleted_Nico

    i found a glitch you can clone goblin drill then it flying or idk how to call it


    This guy for every 2 mins : goblin drill

  • lahiru

    Supercell: Mmm this guy is so perfect for our promotings

  • Turlagh Darkstone
    Turlagh Darkstone

    That's SuperCell

  • Lucas Victor
    Lucas Victor


  • Muhammed S
    Muhammed S

    Bet he likes drill music

  • SimpleBonsai

    R.I.P. Goblin barrel 2015 - 2021

  • Mirrored {} Chaos
    Mirrored {} Chaos

    draft in general is broken, I hate playing it.

  • Rawr No
    Rawr No

    Am I the only one that heard him almost curse in the third match

  • Grasu'

    all the video: - -

  • Panda_in_yeezy

    The watery chill transmurally whip because aluminium socioeconomically rock except a discreet bulldozer. painful, male children

  • Natan Salazar
    Natan Salazar

    1 card deck glitch + goblin drill/ just imagine

  • Burak Tortuk
    Burak Tortuk

    Buraya japon askeri yazsam beğenir ❤️❤️

  • Frederikk Thomsen
    Frederikk Thomsen

    One skarmy and it’s dead

  • ꪶittꪶꫀડtiꪜi᥊34

    Am i the only one that tought this was a musical video about goblins?

  • Random spaceman
    Random spaceman

    OMG I FOUND A BUG!! Goblin drill really is broken, you can stack two goblin drills in the same spot.

  • Troy

    OJ: You can’t defend goblin drill Also OJ: “i CaN dEfEnD gObLiN dRiLl!”

  • Jeremy Lyons
    Jeremy Lyons

    Zero Deaths Zero Losses

  • Philips Tube
    Philips Tube

    Fucking Pay to winners

  • Spheryc

    2:45 i love that reaction lmao 🤣🤣

  • Kaiden Watts
    Kaiden Watts

    it’s a goblin barrel on steroids

  • Snip3zz

    Fun fact while the goblin drill is digging if I come into contact with other troops while digging it will push them even when it’s under the ground

  • Baros nepal
    Baros nepal

    Miner: at least I am legendary.

  • M

    5:55 When oj roasts clan wars, you gotta know you messed up pretty bad

  • Aaron Harper
    Aaron Harper

    2v2 with goblin drill and barrel :)

  • Federick Alvian Lie
    Federick Alvian Lie

    Why isn't goblin drill is not a legendary🤔 do you think it should be a legendary ?

  • Hady Labban
    Hady Labban

    interesting idea, what if we get in game strikeable cards? the idea behind it is that you use a elixer cost less than the card's original elixer cost to cycle it out of your hand. thoughts on this?

    • Hady Labban
      Hady Labban

      good point, how about it delays or slows down elixer regen speed for a limited time? i think that might balance it out well

    • Zalky

      This would need major restrictions or it would break the game

  • Yare Yare Lo-fi?
    Yare Yare Lo-fi?

    I am sure oj is bored of playing clash royale now😔

  • レモンlemon

    I derended goblin drill with goblins

  • teije de koning
    teije de koning

    oj how much botox/plastic did you put in your face

  • Somebody insane
    Somebody insane

    the entire draft I only get to use it 2 time....and the 2 time I used it I win

  • Aθανασία Δημητροπούλου
    Aθανασία Δημητροπούλου

    oj do cookie run kindom pls

  • Gerald Russell
    Gerald Russell

    you are so loud and obnoxious, god damn

  • Bradlen Harris
    Bradlen Harris

    Kinda look like Trisha Takanawa

  • Gulucose Daba
    Gulucose Daba

    Finally oj back on clash royal i missed your video so much

  • king Kaleo
    king Kaleo

    I won all my matches

  • skinny C0okz
    skinny C0okz

    Why is miner legendary and goblin drill isnt

  • Aaron Saucedo
    Aaron Saucedo

    Bro y’all say every new card broken😂

  • Impractical Jokers Fan
    Impractical Jokers Fan

    Hey Ken Jeong...your english got better since the Hangover

  • Gvvg Hhhh
    Gvvg Hhhh

    Miner: at least im not gay

  • bill - official
    bill - official

    me:wait... what if you clone the goblins oj:911 this is an emergency

  • Muaffak

    0 loses

  • Crim

    You got a sub lol Edit: I’m also using your code👍

  • Idris Bouss
    Idris Bouss

    It feels pretty good to see the live stream you watched back in the video 🙏😴

  • Clash with Ram
    Clash with Ram


  • Evenser Hernandez
    Evenser Hernandez

    I beat that challenge the 1st day(not bragging) and i never got to pick the goblin drill

  • Akshat Sinha
    Akshat Sinha

    *Ziyro Loasses!!*

  • manos nikoletos
    manos nikoletos

    Miner ( a man with a shovel): I am speed ! Goblin drill ( a huge mechanical drill driven by goblins ): Barely loses a race with an upside down turtle.

  • Brayden SFG
    Brayden SFG


  • Jeremy Lawrence Falzado
    Jeremy Lawrence Falzado

    This game needs strategy and skill so I deleted it

  • A Very Rare Snom
    A Very Rare Snom

    Balance Changes: make it 5 elixir for gods sake this thing is four elixir AND CAN SINGLE HANDEDLY KILL TAKE ON A GOD DAMM TOWER WHAT THE HELL WAS SUPERCELL THINKING MAKING THIS 4 ELIXIR also did you know that mirror or 2v2 can rekt king towers hahahahahah UN F A I R

  • Blade

    You can get goblin drill in triple draft friendly battle

  • Killer agates
    Killer agates

    Join my clan killer agates please and do war

  • Sanjay Pandey
    Sanjay Pandey

    Please stop saying goblin drill. My stomach is full, I cannot take it anymore... I am Filled with ORanGe JuiCe 🍊

  • Profesional YouTube Watcher
    Profesional YouTube Watcher

    I remember when I respected the content you made

  • Aru

    I need a goblin drill cosplay

  • keluarga faradish
    keluarga faradish

    my clash royale account (on PC) can't be opened since i updated it to newest version, how to get my account back pls ;) *i wanna try that goblin drill*

  • Aryan Nigam
    Aryan Nigam

    OJ in goblin giant challenge:why there are so much goblin giants????????????????


    Clash royale is becomeing dump

  • Powered R6
    Powered R6

    Yo OJ you haven’t hit ultimate champion yet you should try grinding to get it some time

  • Pumkineater69

    When will it come out

  • Ben Potter-Friend
    Ben Potter-Friend

    It’s easy to counter

  • Raul Aceves
    Raul Aceves

    Can supercell please nerf the valkyrie. So many patches and nothing to this none skilled card. A whole push gone with 4 elixir like what. Nerf the hit points and make it 5 elixir

  • Hadi Ibrahim
    Hadi Ibrahim

    I won the whole challenge and I didn't see any drill😭

  • 磷酸Dream

    So.....miner buff when?

  • Roman Rausch
    Roman Rausch

    I think he likes the goblin drill

  • Rinki Singh
    Rinki Singh

    The second opponent is me yaaaaaay

  • Rahul Pal
    Rahul Pal

    I had usedit itsbest😁👍

  • Iroh

    I got an idea for a legendary card it’s called mirror man Mirror man goes straight onto the tower and punches it with glass shards in his fist every time he hits a tower it pops a glass shard out of him that shoots to an enemy if he dies he drops a clone potion

  • TechnoGuy GameGod
    TechnoGuy GameGod

    Woah, these creators are lucky. They get to play with a new card 1 month early lmao

  • Lachlan Clare
    Lachlan Clare

    Just make a goblin drill cycle and use the goblin drill on the king tower

  • AJkaizo

    I aleeasy finish the goblin draft oj :)

  • WB crxcked
    WB crxcked

    Oj keeps saying chat 😅

  • Hidden Machine Slav
    Hidden Machine Slav

    Spawner that can be placed anywhere? That's really a broken card.

  • Jesus Mejia
    Jesus Mejia

    U made me be addicted to clash royale

  • Keu Kirito
    Keu Kirito

    God bait is going to be EVERYWHERE soon

  • Keu Kirito
    Keu Kirito

    Oj: “everything I do intentional” Later talegates someone Police: hmmmm🥸🥸🥸

    • Keu Kirito
      Keu Kirito

      @John Snow naaaaa I’ve seen some cringier comments

    • John Snow
      John Snow

      This is the cringiest comment ever

  • martmeister

    Mirror goblin drill!!!!

  • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN


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