How to Use and Counter Goblin Drill 🍊
Advanced tips on how to effectively counter Goblin Drill. Best placements

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  • Alif EL
    Alif EL

    Me who uses dari knight and mega knight: :v ez

  • Landen ford
    Landen ford

    What about a timed arrows?

  • fibroustiger480

    I've been playing with and against the thing alot and it doesn't seem to overpowered but thats just my opinion

  • Waffles

    Why does Supercell underestimate goblins, they never nerfed the goblin hut after adding in 3 death spawn goblins.

  • Russell Elliott
    Russell Elliott

    I've found that mega knight is the best, and you can get more elixir while it kills them.

  • DaRealLIAM BS
    DaRealLIAM BS


  • Fernando Leon
    Fernando Leon

    Oj :it knocks enimes back:it did not knock the bandit.oj you didn't see anything

  • Jackey Wu
    Jackey Wu

    I found out that Goblin Drill can actually pull Ballon to the opposite lane.

  • ctzoro.1

    Me using fire ball and log 😐

  • zombislayer x
    zombislayer x

    And the poor Guards??

  • Throwaway 18272
    Throwaway 18272

    Can Mother Witch be a good counter to the Goblin Drill?

  • Karol Wilkoszewski
    Karol Wilkoszewski

    You forgot haste spell on the goblin drill. Most players do it. Spawns way more goblins.

  • feniks

    He forgot my boy guard

  • Jason Wang
    Jason Wang

    barb barrel needed to be deployed after the last goblin comes out as it has less dmg than the log.

  • Six Hundred 66
    Six Hundred 66

    Supercell can change goblin drill into skeleton drill.. this card very op. I wont play this game until rebalanced

    • village brudda
      village brudda

      They are really easy to counter

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman

    One poison and it’s over 😶‍🌫️

  • Sushi

    They need a nerf I already getting annoyed

  • Justin Blake
    Justin Blake

    People are now using it with fireball and it’s soo much cancer.

  • Sean Vosburgh
    Sean Vosburgh

    Use guards

  • Sean Vosburgh
    Sean Vosburgh

    Use bowler to defend it

  • Aiden SuperCat
    Aiden SuperCat


    • village brudda
      village brudda


  • moneeb alhaqli
    moneeb alhaqli

    اذا اشتي ابيع حساب فيه تقريباً ٦٠ بطاقة ماكس كم يكون السعر؟ If I wanna sell an account which includes 60 Max level cards, how much it will approximately be? 💐

  • Kebab Eläin
    Kebab Eläin

    you can also use the knight that drops it makes like drop damage + it has a shield and it will 100% kill the drill and its only 3elixir

  • iDefiyHD

    Fucking card is every match bruh

  • Parker Church
    Parker Church

    What about princess is that good against goblin drill

  • Jelena Lazarevic
    Jelena Lazarevic

    Deck suggestion Goblin drill Miner Lumberjack Mirror Clone Battle healer Any spawner (Goblin hut,furnace, barbarian hut) Mega knight

    • Jelena Lazarevic
      Jelena Lazarevic

      I got this from Another person Goblin barrel instead of heal

  • ZX CV
    ZX CV

    Clash Royale now is so unbalance

  • Basically No One
    Basically No One

    1 million views...

  • Jai Gupta
    Jai Gupta

    Can you please do miner vs goblin barrell vs goblib drill. Im confused avout who I want for the deck.

  • Jakub_Hetes

    what about firecrackers?

  • General Knez
    General Knez

    I counter it with ease using my DP

  • barry chuckle
    barry chuckle

    How does firecracker do vs drill??

  • Sandesh Bhandari
    Sandesh Bhandari

    What if i placd my goblin drill in the front of king tower right after ig spaws hd places pump or other building???

  • nrifichdbebvwgs Hi
    nrifichdbebvwgs Hi

    So drill + freeze is what I’m hearing

  • hamish boath
    hamish boath

    Counter, skarmy but time too when it already pops an dplace skarmy on middle left tile of tower

  • karthik kadadevarmath
    karthik kadadevarmath

    I hate this card fucking hell

  • +Hugo^:

    you da real hero, OJ. Thanks bro. I'll need this information before the Global.


    How to not feel like a card is useless Watch OJ

  • Improvedstar34

    I’ve recently came back to clash royal and this card is recking me, and I came back to 1 fire spirit?

  • Rxtenz

    For ten elixir you can get miner + goblin drill + goblin barrel

  • PinkTurnipo

    I found using a skeleton army completely defend it

  • Mr. Unavailable
    Mr. Unavailable

    Royal delivery does a good job at defending.

  • Moldovan

    So glad clash is back and so many people start playing it again

  • Hersir Otri Ólason
    Hersir Otri Ólason

    mother witch is a good counter of the drill

  • Chitraksh Pandey
    Chitraksh Pandey

    It may sound like a stupidly high waste of 7 elixir, but if you’re desperate, you can use the mega knight to counter the goblin drill. It’ll still get damage, but not so much.

  • Ross_HendricksPS4

    This is stupid

  • Henry Hunt
    Henry Hunt


  • malhar masurkar
    malhar masurkar

    Today I unlocked the goblin drill I reached from 4600 trophies to 5023 trophies It's broken!

  • Hector Rijwan
    Hector Rijwan

    Broken card. Too op.

  • The PLEXINAL Fest
    The PLEXINAL Fest

    bomb tower is good too

  • Verni Laine
    Verni Laine

    What about mega Knight???

  • Carb Crusader
    Carb Crusader

    Alright boys time for goblin drill, mirror, clone. And why don’t we throw in a barrel three seconds later just for fun.

  • Igor Damjanovic
    Igor Damjanovic

    I downloaded Clash Royale after quite some time now, and this game became disgusting.

  • Imtiaz Ahmed
    Imtiaz Ahmed

    The card is super strong but i can bat after 3-4 seasons, supercell will destroy it.

  • Stealthyshadow56

    Me: optimally places my knight to counter the goblin drill Goblin drill: understandable here’s 500 tower damage

    • Virgile

      im having good success with dark knight, i wait until the drill pops then place my DK , with that method i only take 1 stab per drill and i get a chance to counter attack

  • Suraj Budhathoki
    Suraj Budhathoki

    how it will react to tornado?

  • DarkNontix

    This should’ve been a legendary card cause you could place it anywhere in the area, just like the graveyard and the miner

  • Mr. Davis's Corner
    Mr. Davis's Corner

    Propose Nerf: 1s delay initial goblin spawn. only 2 goblin spawn on death.

  • Mr. Davis's Corner
    Mr. Davis's Corner

    this card is even more OP than Nightwitch first release. SC doesn't even give a Fk anymore.

  • iPhamous X
    iPhamous X

    Is it just me or Orange Juice gained a lot of weight 👀

  • Hutson Macrory
    Hutson Macrory

    Witch is one of the best cards for defence against goblin drill

  • Nelly

    I was the millionth veiw your welcome

  • Levistro

    I think it's broken but it's easy to defend

  • Soviet GMNG
    Soviet GMNG

    Better on defense in my opinion 💀

  • Ethan Sharp
    Ethan Sharp

    ice golem counters this a little _too_ well. It feels weird to use an ice golem to attack something

  • Connor Quinn-Ray
    Connor Quinn-Ray

    I don’t care if they nerf this they just need to nerf e giant too

  • LittleTap08

    I’m here before they nerf this

  • Andrie Tirta
    Andrie Tirta

    Meta changer card

  • Doge

    To summarise: you cant make positive elixir trades against goblin drill

    • Mastah Rage
      Mastah Rage

      Bomber: am I a joke to you?

  • maxti_111

    So it’s basically uncounterable

  • GeekLance

    mark my words this should nerf for counter the hog rider🙄

  • larcous.

    What was supercell thinking when they made this card dumb af

  • Hayden Gainer
    Hayden Gainer

    My boy said,"scarmy is a really good counter to it but it still does 2000 damage" 😭

  • Sebastian Dziekanowski
    Sebastian Dziekanowski

    I see an troll deck with miner and goblin drill

  • Starmix LP
    Starmix LP

    Best way to stop this is the bowler

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke

    Ye yo wtf this card is bullsh*t Its always dmg

  • Osirion

    This is gonna be another card that's broken when too high level ( princess tower 3-4 shotting those freaking goblins for example )

  • Rez


  • Svival

    This is bad news to cycle decks which take chip damage seriously

  • Gian-Ramon Banzer
    Gian-Ramon Banzer

    make it 11 elexir

  • joshua frank
    joshua frank

    As a log bait player I hate this card so much. Gob barrel had so much nuisance there were positions you play it based on every situation this card has one optimal place and that’s in the front.

  • Skywalker John
    Skywalker John

    Early game, the skeleton army (don't really remember the name since it has been 4 years since I last played this game) is one of the best card to counter giant

  • 21 Phil
    21 Phil

    good i maxed out my mirror last week they aint ready for Drill lvl 14

  • 1C (27) YEUNG KIN
    1C (27) YEUNG KIN

    Goblin:hope and dreams Asriel:

  • poonam sharma
    poonam sharma

    I can see it a huge buff (spawn reduced by 2 sec)

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Miner and Goblin Barrel: You ruined us.. Goblin Drill: I dont even know who you are..?

    • imgregg youstevie
      imgregg youstevie


    • fadel george
      fadel george

      hhh XD

  • Gia Huy
    Gia Huy

    You forgot the fire spirit(FS) 1 elixir vs goblin grill. FS is also not a bad choice to deal with this. Esp when u re down in elixir

  • bruhzil07hoon

    looks already broken

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      Supercell be like: Lets make this card OP and get more pple to cash in for this then we nerf it later on

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez

    Wey no entiendo lo que dices


    And the mother wich? Trasforma the first gambling in pig and distract the others

  • Nican

    This op stats gonna stand only in a week

  • Your mum Reary reary epic gay
    Your mum Reary reary epic gay

    i sense a huge buff to miner since no one will be using it after this card comes out

  • iitz_neptune

    Valk is ez counter

  • Chase Pattison
    Chase Pattison

    What if both players ironically put the drill on the exact same tiles, will one be canceled out?

    • Nate

      One player will most likely be milliseconds faster and the drill placed slower will be placed directly next to it

  • Dad in a reasonably priced car
    Dad in a reasonably priced car

    The whole of ladder will be crazy to see with this in the meta

  • john james
    john james

    When it gets places place guards on it… protects 100 percent of dmg

  • Hamza Bozos
    Hamza Bozos

    Why is everyone moaning and bitching for a nerf. Love a op card once in a while who shakes the meta. First yall cry op this op that and then yall cry that the game is boring

  • Hamza Bozos
    Hamza Bozos

    What does he mean with the finger left or right side??? How tf Am I supposed to know

  • HnTr

    Cant wait for goblin drill log bait

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