I BEAT Supercell's NEW GAME: Everdale 🍊
NEW SUPERCELL GAME Everdale. Maxed out account in Everdale & walkthrough guide of Everdale, and basic tips and tricks for beginners and what the general goals are for the game. Formerly known as Valleys & Villages

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  • Jonas S.
    Jonas S.

    trymacs is playing in the night at 4 am to time everything perfect, cause that's what matters to be nr.1

  • Aakif khan
    Aakif khan

    it is launched in which ccountries?

  • bobbih b
    bobbih b

    I challenge you do do f2p gameplay

  • GhOstrOn TV
    GhOstrOn TV

    How you guys playing everdale in a landscape while mines is a portrait? tf

  • Fun Zone
    Fun Zone

    This game is made for your second channel more juice

  • Jaelski

    I think supercell just bought that game from the original developers, and just used the excuse that it was alpha turning into beta cause everyone is gonna start from the beginning. Dunno. 🤷

  • Chetoos

    Please do more videos about this game

  • Chetoos

    Trymacs is a BEAST

  • liam iles
    liam iles

    It’s crap

  • Fritz Cacanindin
    Fritz Cacanindin

    I Hope Franz the Fixer will Become Permanent villager...

  • Shawn Norman
    Shawn Norman

    Subscribing. Love your energy.

  • doggy

    i was thinking they work only on clash quest new game

  • BicoNico

    Join our Valley: Lost P2W

  • Moritz Schwarz
    Moritz Schwarz

    1:05 Where did they tell it?

  • shawn 轩
    shawn 轩

    The game is tbh kinda boring, there’s not rly a solid objective

  • kid atheart
    kid atheart

    Its Minecraft

  • Rico

    I'm not 100% sure but does stone grow as well? I know it wasn't a thing in coc

  • Rod Luno
    Rod Luno

    I watched entire thing, I didn't know they had a secret alpha but I also started playing at valley and villages cause It reminded me of supercell. But I didn't play long. Then I saw your 1st video. Searched for everdale and a saved file popped up, it was then I realized what happened. But I foolishly started a new account instead if building onto what I had. Often times I restart games apon refinding them. Anyway hopefully everyone is having a great day

  • Marcus

    Oj i lov u

  • MrYolo-_-Swag

    He know Trymacs xD

  • Isaak

    Trymacs pays very mutch to

  • Samson Balangkit
    Samson Balangkit

    There is no short cut for this game.

  • Terrence Ko
    Terrence Ko

    That's the trashest Clash clone Supercell has made (Boom Beach was better lmao)

  • Mark Pereira
    Mark Pereira

    Can you please make more Everdale Videos

  • Andrea Rappo
    Andrea Rappo

    Can we take that gem compensation too?😅

  • Raige Kontipano
    Raige Kontipano

    me Attaca

  • Nikolay Achermann
    Nikolay Achermann

    The game just chill tho

  • Balázs Bendegúz Hódi
    Balázs Bendegúz Hódi

    Sziasztok Supercell függők! Ha szeretnétek egy erős Vally tagjai lenni, akkor várunk mindenkit szeretettel a Magyar Kugyák Vally-ba! Jelenleg 8 férőhely van, ha nem szeretnél lemaradni, jelentkezz még ma!!!!!

  • Shanilka Coorey
    Shanilka Coorey

    Who else watched the whole thing?

  • unknown m
    unknown m

    Chill clan join fohu

  • 𝙎𝙞𝙢𝙥

    Buy me gem

  • Cory Samoila.crypto
    Cory Samoila.crypto


  • Rihards Kaminskis
    Rihards Kaminskis

    I cant download it it dosent show on play store

  • Deka


  • Danielle Acero
    Danielle Acero

    yow OJ! Surprisingly here in the Philippines there are many people getting addicted to Everdale 😂 maybe it's something about the resource management that gets you crazy about the game 🤣 Thanks for the tips and heads up ♥

  • Syed Kashani
    Syed Kashani

    when will it be available in India?

    • Marcus

      Hi India

  • Patricia Cabañero
    Patricia Cabañero

    Hey! So I recently had the chance to level up farming for one of my villager and I need to gain more farming experience to level her up, what activities increase the farming exp?

    • Skyleyton

      For soup

    • Skyleyton

      Let her farm

  • David Noble
    David Noble

    Anyone familiar with social empires? Miss that game :c

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester

    WTF? There are 10 villagers? I am on my sixth atm

  • Dead Candy
    Dead Candy

    He's been playing for a year now😲 You are sick sir!

  • Kavin Krishnan
    Kavin Krishnan

    Waitttt how is OJ's everdale in landscape? It's portrait for me...

  • Virtus

    I just finished watching Dark on netflix. I know what you did.

  • Patates kızartması
    Patates kızartması

    Hay day +talking tom pool

  • Ashe Ad
    Ashe Ad

    Wait so OJ is the clan and player I saw on top Valley leader boards the first time I played? I'm not even surprised

  • Ahmed Jalhoom
    Ahmed Jalhoom

    It’s like hay day

  • Shawn DC
    Shawn DC

    OJ finished a game before it’s launch 🤯


    Oj 😀

  • Anonymous

    It's so hard to get nectar 😐 in early game...

  • boblack ross
    boblack ross

    I honestly like the game it's really relaxing and theres more to discover I even made 3 new friends in there love it

  • Julius an 8-bit Guy
    Julius an 8-bit Guy

    I got an ad about this, i really did not think it was a supercell game as I thought it was one of those low quality mobile games, so I didn't check who made it... I found it?

  • DanielP174

    the object of the game is to farm stuff to farm better.... every supercell game ever

  • Manuel

    Frag nicht was für Saft Einfach Orangensaft

  • Maverson SoP
    Maverson SoP

    How did you get the Discovery statue?!?!

  • Discover INC
    Discover INC

    Hay day: my time has come

  • Generally Sweet
    Generally Sweet

    I legit like this game more than any of the other games supercell has made. It really is pretty relaxing and I actually like the way they make it so you cany make a valley. It forces people together, I live for community based games.

  • Chase Gittins
    Chase Gittins

    Trees dont respawn :(

  • chief hazer 1
    chief hazer 1

    Subscribe to chief hazer 1

  • KP

    3:37 villeys and vallages

  • Justin Oham
    Justin Oham

    OJ how do you get the discovery statue?

  • Luke Stockman
    Luke Stockman

    How is this not hayday?

  • Belobim Studio, MADNESS boi, Starr Arcade
    Belobim Studio, MADNESS boi, Starr Arcade

    Global version

  • Aya Perme
    Aya Perme

    I just remembered AGE OF EMPIRE 🌝

  • No Ads
    No Ads

    doesn't seem a supercell game , hay day is way more better !

  • nick vin
    nick vin

    It's hay day but just better remake

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson


  • JuicyFD

    When is clash quest gonna launch in all countries I live in the Netherlands and its still not launched

  • ๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛

    hayday: you took everything from me

  • I Bot
    I Bot

    Is the pet house useful?

  • halogamer45z

    Is it gonna come out on iOS

  • NinjaBoyGamer-1

    Hay day= everdale This game is going to be killed

  • Master Unknown
    Master Unknown

    Well, so this is a supercell simcity and coc hybrid game

  • MpNadz 25
    MpNadz 25

    This game for kids🙄

  • do a backflip
    do a backflip

    So theres gonna be wipe in everdale?

  • Tasin Ayon
    Tasin Ayon

    Can the village name be changed... I accidentally put wrong name ;_;

  • Ranch Kings
    Ranch Kings

    When released in US?

  • Interesting


  • Freiteez

    I’ve been playing this a little. Great video! This game is awesome.

  • Fusion7264

    New game let’s go

  • marco kurera
    marco kurera

    wow that's cool , I like that game too keep it up ❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌

  • Joshua Ho
    Joshua Ho

    So its basically communism.

  • Mike D.
    Mike D.

    Hopefully they give us the discover’s statue for playing the beta? Loving it so far but I’m still not sure why...

  • XxTheGamePlayerxX

    Something between Hay Day and Clash of Clans it looks interesting!

  • Andreas Anguridis
    Andreas Anguridis

    Im in the uk and im grinding the game but does anyone know which countries its in so my foreign friends can know if they can play it

  • Michael Wang
    Michael Wang

    When I first time I watched this video I understood absolutely nothing but after playing for a week I understand it all lol

  • Radiical


  • Josua Schneider
    Josua Schneider

    The potions actually boost the farmer at the valley stuff. For wheat and this stuff

  • Jean-Marc Nadeau
    Jean-Marc Nadeau

    It’s a Supercell game, the point of the game is to purchase with your credit card to progress

  • Aditya Bansal
    Aditya Bansal

    Where can I download this game?

  • Sneak Eh
    Sneak Eh

    "Dyes are obnoxious" 😂

  • Super Colt
    Super Colt

    We need cheese in everdale so that oh can cheesssseeeeeeeee

  • Uvs Gaming
    Uvs Gaming

    But this game in portrait mode like cr but in ur game ur game is landscape wtf?

  • Anil Anderson
    Anil Anderson

    Is the game out?

  • W7N

    So when the full game realises do I lose all my progress from the beta?

  • Loading

    Its bad clash of clans

  • Ruki Roka
    Ruki Roka

    Just checked, it's already here in Malaysia. I thought it's official already.

  • August

    This game is so addicting

  • [ LMT ]
    [ LMT ]

    “Moin Leute Trymacs hier” Trymacs our german legend❤️🇩🇪

  • Lucaa Gould
    Lucaa Gould

    Well done for finding it! The sound when you hit the ston or trees is is like clash of clans too! I tried finding it but you found it first! Well done. Big fan. Good luck ;)

  • locke cole
    locke cole

    why am i in portrait mode on my phone? can i change it to landscape?

  • Cain Henson
    Cain Henson

    Obviously this is related too Hay Day

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