INSANE 16 - Ruff Strategy (No Glitch) 🍊
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BEATING Insane 16 with Edgar, Colonel Ruff, and 8-Bit WITHOUT any glitches bugs or exploits. Edgars lifesteal is the hard carry while Ruff literally just buffs 8-Bit and Edgar early on. Finishing Insane 16 with this strategy, we've got tips and tricks on how to win boss fight.
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  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    #Sponsored​ by #AFKArena​: Download here! ► Get 30 Faction Scrolls and 3000 diamonds with the gift code: 8vws9uf6f5

    • Jaws Dog
      Jaws Dog

      @lukcky gaming ya

    • Mystic Polito
      Mystic Polito

      What happens if you played "you guys rock"?

    • Jinky Pohvak
      Jinky Pohvak

      Lmao why 69?

    • LPSJoshua123 Boss
      LPSJoshua123 Boss

      Where do I put in the code

    • Taha Omar
      Taha Omar

      OJ whos paying you to say this

  • Emils Gersebeks
    Emils Gersebeks

    Pls what is this map😭

  • Rajni Singh
    Rajni Singh

    Op oj

  • Elementary Elsword
    Elementary Elsword

    Now imagine it with Colonel Ruff‘s new star power

  • Joy Gao
    Joy Gao

    This is easier just use second star power of ruffs

  • HI-Maverick

    You need to do this again sith the new Ruff's starpower

  • Polipisd YT
    Polipisd YT

    You should retry this now ruffs has his new star power you can make edgars health extremely high

  • RyRy Gaming
    RyRy Gaming

    lol he should do it with second star power meme 50000 hp edgar

  • Annelies Vanneste
    Annelies Vanneste

    . . ____________________

  • Annelies Vanneste
    Annelies Vanneste

    . .

  • Moises Espinoza
    Moises Espinoza

    CAN u try 8bit pam and Edgar

  • darkpoliceplayz

    who cares about the sponsers

  • Yat Tung TSE [4M]
    Yat Tung TSE [4M]

    C. Ruffs 2nd star power is out

  • Crusader_gaming ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇ
    Crusader_gaming ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇ

    Do this now with the new star power field promotion

  • iiYamui

    Imagine this now with ruffs sp.

  • Lukáš Blechárž
    Lukáš Blechárž


  • Caiossauro

    Will be better with ruffs 2° star power

  • ZE Gaming
    ZE Gaming

    The cheese, but not cheese cheese, first level

  • Kameron Moton
    Kameron Moton

    If only I had friends to play with I could do this =(

  • CamArt

    I stayed all the way through the add thank you for making me feel special ✨🙂

  • Luka M
    Luka M

    Lol am i the only one that always waits for a sponsor that you play so you can be the pro ( i play afk arena)

  • Robloxgod 6789
    Robloxgod 6789

    Suggestion for OJ: wear the cheese hat more often

  • Blanca Villagomez
    Blanca Villagomez

    A smart thing that i did to complete that with my friend is i put the sand bags around 8 bit super

  • Anurag Singh Parmar
    Anurag Singh Parmar

    If gamers sponsor one game whey they wouldn't play that game later

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin


  • Kolvis

    What happens if you press "i.m ready" when it said "you guys rock"?

  • Saif Mohammed
    Saif Mohammed

    no one messes with OJ

  • Stars BS
    Stars BS

    You shouldn’t do OJ you should do CJ for cheese juice

  • Eason Lam
    Eason Lam

    7:12 I think that shooter just had a baby lol.

  • Adam Iu (iu_1301)
    Adam Iu (iu_1301)

    im level 122 in AFK arena lmfao

  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon

    Pro Edgar's lol

  • Lama_King 004
    Lama_King 004


  • Benedikt Zaruba
    Benedikt Zaruba

    I got 14 wins with colt edgar and 8Bit, there where so few people with 14 wins that you always played with the same random people

  • poke brawling
    poke brawling

    Am I only missing cheezzzz

  • CrabbyPatty

    OJ gets all the sponsors bc he is sooooooooooooooo good at marketing it 😂

  • Britt Strange
    Britt Strange

    What is god mood

  • Miss

    I hope we get 100000000 suds i love u u all sud Now

  • Ephraim Gonser
    Ephraim Gonser

    someone called tim brawl stars stole this clip :/

  • Toqsiq


  • Dzoni

    Me watching OJ playing boss fight (ruffs strategy), Also me watching counting when he respawn Also Also me watching edgar do everything Also Also Also me don't understand what is ruffs strategy.

  • Kevatchi Ralzin
    Kevatchi Ralzin

    Edgar, the Ultra Instinct of Brawl Stars..... if he jumps.... Its Over

  • Yufan Lin
    Yufan Lin

    Guau 😯

  • Sumit Rawat
    Sumit Rawat

    3 edhar and we will win 100%

  • GG _brandom_CCB
    GG _brandom_CCB

    OJ you take edgar

  • GG _brandom_CCB
    GG _brandom_CCB

    Woooww!!!! :) good good

  • porter. m
    porter. m

    sponsor ends at 2:26

  • SlickPilot

    OJ: Relics can provide special abilities to tilt the game in your favor Me:No, why would I want to tilt my BS ac-

  • Arham Jowhar
    Arham Jowhar

    Let Edgar just do all the hard stuff while oj and blitz are dying 24/7

  • Sanjay Pandey
    Sanjay Pandey

    Me : skips sponsor. Oj : Thanks for watching this far, really supports us. Me: Now I feel so like a Balanced map.(bad) *Rewinds.*

  • Joseph Ortega
    Joseph Ortega

    The real boss should be a 100 power cube Edgar

  • Michael - brawl stars
    Michael - brawl stars

    What is OJ trying to say 5:56


    blitz goes brrrrr

  • Shayan rick
    Shayan rick

    پس خوش خدایی

  • adrian Brawl stars clutch master
    adrian Brawl stars clutch master


  • Ahmad Bzeih
    Ahmad Bzeih

    I wish you did YOU GUYS ROCK

  • Freefire Gamerz
    Freefire Gamerz

    2:25 Lol i fully watched the sponser😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rex_Gamez

    I did this with a few of my friends and I was the Edgar and the entire time was stresssssssss

  • Kaavin Prasanna
    Kaavin Prasanna

    seeing a title without glitch, wait thats illegal

  • Kayne Barker
    Kayne Barker

    u don't need ruffs. u just need Edgar and 8-bit

    • Kayne Barker
      Kayne Barker

      oh yeah cause of the super

  • Ƒeͥriͣrͫeady ツ
    Ƒeͥriͣrͫeady ツ


  • Reinhardt Van Camarilla
    Reinhardt Van Camarilla

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  • Diana Petrova
    Diana Petrova

    Shook epic

  • Jeepersmr.

    How come Edgar didn't use fisti cuffs?

  • Anthony Taschereau
    Anthony Taschereau

    Wait a minute did OJ say he isn’t going to use a glitch??????

  • Khudoyor Rakhmatov
    Khudoyor Rakhmatov

    I am 10 years old and I don't understand why OJ likes the number 69. Can anyone explain it to me please?

  • Tom Ko
    Tom Ko

    afk arena is main game of randoms in brawl stars

  • Yariel Ortiz Lopez
    Yariel Ortiz Lopez

    2:17 freaking minutes of nothing

  • Kalomaster Playz
    Kalomaster Playz

    Hey OJ can you give me some tips for the team because people angry pin at me when i am edgar

  • ghanishth jhiriwal
    ghanishth jhiriwal


  • Hynek Vávra
    Hynek Vávra



    I wanna see OJ+CryingMan

  • Diamond Lyeon49
    Diamond Lyeon49

    Oj : let's take a *minute* to talk about the sponsor of this video The video: 1 minutes and 28 second (88 second)

  • Mario Cornillon
    Mario Cornillon

    Nooo not Afk Arena 😑😭

  • K. Jai
    K. Jai

    That edgar plays in god level.

  • K. Jai
    K. Jai

    Am i the only one who can't complete expert level.

  • 亦轩想打球

    oj oh my god oh wow ohno edgar (drink coffee)ok wim again

  • donut

    This crap oj thinks his cool now

  • Pranshu. G
    Pranshu. G

    OJ... please help me please i want to reach Insane 5 atleast please oj...😥😔

  • GalaxyNightOwl

    OJ: 69 loses later me: heheheh we all know that 69 is not only a number but something else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aamosh Gamer
    Aamosh Gamer

    I I can't even beat furious

  • Davhy

    Ok I was gonna do this ran outta time

  • delete

    You call it enrage mode i call it b* mode

  • Mr. Odd
    Mr. Odd

    The amount of bots that were just going for Edgar looks like zombies from call of duty😂

  • BoYu Tsai
    BoYu Tsai

    oj: makes a video saying i only win with cheese. the next day oj: wins with skill

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores


  • Gideon Jancu
    Gideon Jancu

    well, I got to insane 11 using power 9 edgar, 8bit, and colt

  • Brain Blazer
    Brain Blazer

    I used this strategy to beat in thanks! And can you please do a video like this about robo rumble and rampage that would be so cool and useful

  • Sarah Wey
    Sarah Wey

    I love afk Arena i always play with my sister and we play war of wits

  • Azm64

    Cheese will come soon🧀

  • Nikhil Ramdharne
    Nikhil Ramdharne

    Colt is also very gud for big bosd

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    This is so Insane 👍🔥

  • Echo in your mind
    Echo in your mind

    Hey oj that dumpling emote just looks like u when u say beautymus

  • Scarzzz

    You can also use Edgar Colt 8-Bit

  • Gyro Master
    Gyro Master

    Buff ruffs

  • alphy

    u guys rock difficulty lel what is it

  • Danilo Gaming
    Danilo Gaming

    Shorter title:3 minutes sponsoring afk arena no hate i play that game

  • Burcin Mustafa
    Burcin Mustafa

    Realy you guys rock!!!!

  • Benjamin Sawatdiphong
    Benjamin Sawatdiphong

    I made it to insane 13 with Pam first SP, Edgar first SP, and 8 bit power 8 :p

  • Jerikoloki

    Sponsor ends at 2:27

  • Jaimon

    Oj: no glitch Me: Excuse me what the f*ck

stacked spring traps 😍
193 хиљ.
298 хиљ.
🧀 Flying Frank 🍊
567 хиљ.