INSTANT SCORING (high trophy cheese) 🍊
Brawl Ball cheese, instantly scoring the ball with Gale and Carl Gadget in wavedash. This is so effective that it is essentially the meta on this map.

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  • Finn ✌️
    Finn ✌️

    Give me subs off this comment

  • Xavier Sparks
    Xavier Sparks

    U could push carl or any brawler involved to rank 30

  • HW Gaming
    HW Gaming

    12:09 careful pika, hes coming for your throat

  • Alisha Rehimtulla
    Alisha Rehimtulla

    OMG I am the Edgar who out tricked OJ and I didn’t see this video 🙃

  • White Wolf Gaming
    White Wolf Gaming

    42526 tokens remaining... 2:19

  • Sujal Sabhaya
    Sujal Sabhaya

    I am Original CheeseMaster -OJ

  • G7_BS

    OJ: I've never been 600 Carl Carl: Rank 23

  • MrKool likeyourmum
    MrKool likeyourmum

    9:10 the music onwards..

  • Mohammed Sadiq Azam
    Mohammed Sadiq Azam

    Guys he said he didn’t lose a single game right well reamber when he said we got scammed and he lost

  • Ender Gaming
    Ender Gaming

    OJ "I've never been 600 carl" rank 23 "do i mean nothing to you?"

  • Pablo Medrano
    Pablo Medrano

    My name is noob7

  • Pablo Medrano
    Pablo Medrano

    I was the mortis

  • Krpan

    Try to trap yourself in frontof their goal and wait until the overtime and then score

  • Pranauv S
    Pranauv S

    8:32 again 23sec match

  • Faze_Croisant

    I just got beat by people using that method☹️

  • Rzm72个

    How is 600 high trophy tho

  • Oliver Wu
    Oliver Wu

    btw it is i just got put to sleep by sandy :)

  • Om Pandya
    Om Pandya


  • Artsy Poppy
    Artsy Poppy

    How does like everyone know about this

  • Rinsable

    OJ should open a restaurant called Little Cheesers

  • Chrissie Chen
    Chrissie Chen

    4:02 the score board on top of they net went from 1 to 2

  • S D 🟥🟦
    S D 🟥🟦

    Lmao dudes name is I like children

  • Isaac McKinney
    Isaac McKinney

    Just did this for rank 25 carl

  • Captain Lollipop
    Captain Lollipop

    4:32 “I’ve never been 600 Carl” *has rank 23 carl*

  • Kix Kix
    Kix Kix

    Wait so,Nobody's gonna talk about rosa's name?

  • ChengYT

    Got cheesed by this before and we switched and cheese them hard

  • Will Innes
    Will Innes

    OJ I love you

  • Happy_Guy

    2:02-2:08 Primo, bull, Rosa no way Frank: what about me… Rosa: I’m not on their team

  • muhammad nadeem
    muhammad nadeem

    Oj be like :we did not lose once Me:you lost one game to Edgar And bull and El primo

  • tyrisforeVsme

    I like how his name is I Like Children😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • prince ferrand sagita
    prince ferrand sagita

    Are you follow hyra

  • Tasty Jason
    Tasty Jason

    rosa’s name is “i like children”..

  • Luotf

    My team did it in 10 seconds without attacking or having much hp just 2000 hp and scored I like cheeses

  • Kyoka Kanda
    Kyoka Kanda

    6:51 When bibi scored- perfect timing of when gale said “ geez louiz”

  • Dolly Damayanti
    Dolly Damayanti

    "we havent lose yet" when bibi and edgar scored:

  • Md Junayed
    Md Junayed

    Why does he always want 69 on everything???


    This is the best cheese

  • some person did this cheese too at 1k throphies too

  • 8:40 does anyone know whats the music pls comment

  • Ming Yue
    Ming Yue

    8:35 whats the music

  • Ibraim Samuel
    Ibraim Samuel

    Who wants to do it with me

  • prasanna s
    prasanna s

    Ok Oj, believe or not me and my friend already did this...u r too late..

  • Mohd Saad Khan
    Mohd Saad Khan


  • tu anh tran
    tu anh tran

    When is the new crk vid

  • Toilet-Paper Gaming
    Toilet-Paper Gaming

    *69* health on *I like children*... interesting

  • Vihaan Sehgal
    Vihaan Sehgal

    For ok it’s not “ I’m the chosen one” it’s I’m the cheese one

  • Tendo Kun
    Tendo Kun

    I got an ad for cheese. Hehe

  • Oj: get that Carl outtie me: that’s Edgar ;)

  • 3:43 lol that specs

  • WackDuck

    What are those names😂 I like children and skunk seamen

  • AlexTheWarrior

    3:53 Nahahnyahahnyehiehyihyhy --OJ 2021

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    They did a 23 seconds scored of 2 scored two times inpressive

  • MangoJuice

    is it really cheese when it works so well?

  • Asil sa
    Asil sa

    ined gale gadgit ches in the brawl bal

    • Asil sa
      Asil sa


  • Άγγελος Μαριος Καρκαλης
    Άγγελος Μαριος Καρκαλης

    POV everyone at brawl ball right now

  • Dilip Panda
    Dilip Panda

    Hey where is spicy toast

  • Not Mat1c
    Not Mat1c

    When he says our 1 lost and that was suposed to be my 700 game when that was second lose

  • Huey AK-47 - Brawl Stars
    Huey AK-47 - Brawl Stars

    OJ: Uses cheese comp Also OJ: Those fools Those fools were the same comp as u basically

  • Prashant Sawai
    Prashant Sawai


  • Aggelossuper gaming
    Aggelossuper gaming

    8:35 you should put this music in every cheese video

  • "we haven't lost a single game yet"

  • Jeremiah G
    Jeremiah G

    i like how the music is so intense and then the music turns so calm

  • Varad Gharat
    Varad Gharat

    Pls oj see karios time vid he is in very serious time

  • Zephyr Ekansh
    Zephyr Ekansh

    10:51 the best match moment out of all games in this video, man, oj from being scammed to scamming primo🤣🤣🤣🤣. The mood did a 180 there😂😂🤣🤣 11:10 Opponents teammates reaction are also hilarious upon their epic fails😂😂🤣🤣

    • David Do Xuan
      David Do Xuan

      this primo thinks that they broke the cheese

  • Math_kinda_sucks xinxing li
    Math_kinda_sucks xinxing li

    7:17OJ: we haven't lost a single game yet 3:38 edgar with the cool sunglases

  • Wakanda Gaming
    Wakanda Gaming

    We All Love 🧀

  • Clayton Fong
    Clayton Fong

    7:17 we haven't lost a game yet Earlier at 3:42 lost a game

  • tips and tricks for games
    tips and tricks for games

    Wow this is avaible stategy

  • Kiwii _z
    Kiwii _z

    What are the names of you team OJ. Kinda sus if you ask me.

  • Suryavir Singh
    Suryavir Singh

    I was the Sandy in oj’s cheese who slept him🥲

  • WhySo_Mad

    What was your teammates name 😳

  • Ahmed tta
    Ahmed tta

    Nice vid

  • vibingxcherry

    When are you gonna post more Cookie Run Kingdom videos on your other RSloft account?

  • Jacob Balcer
    Jacob Balcer

    600 isn't "high trophies" ://

  • Maze Tube
    Maze Tube

    OJ🧀.u can play with mortis instead carl

  • D Laxmi
    D Laxmi

    Oj like real cheese and brawlstars chesse too

  • Zhangyao Ye
    Zhangyao Ye

    13:20 OJ: Ow jeese... Me: ow Cheese

  • ProGamer 123
    ProGamer 123

    3:38 He said Get that carl out of There was no carl in the enemy team

  • Řýąñ-Brawl Stars
    Řýąñ-Brawl Stars

    7:16 "we didn't even lose once" 3:40 hMMmmMmMmMmmmMMm

  • Mrcakesgamer69

    Milk gang

  • Aleks™ 🧀
    Aleks™ 🧀

    Oj is gey

  • Anna

    play cookie run kingdom

  • bruh Sky
    bruh Sky

    Ada org indo gak? Cmn tanya doang,

  • YO yo
    YO yo

    Oj u r just op

  • Sanskar Kumar
    Sanskar Kumar

    Someone too tried to cheest me this way But they failed 😂😂😂

  • DragonG

    cool video or whatever but are we going to ignore rosas username

  • Ryanl21

    so nobody’s talking about how that rosa’s name was i like children

  • Tricky Titan
    Tricky Titan

    Instead of rosa use buzz gadget for insta super

  • June

    that guy has a beautiful username

  • Snekk

    Milk gang the best!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigchungusfanboy

    i like children is pretty sussy

  • Smartstorm

    3:32 *get.. that Carl.. outta here*

  • Kristina Osonjački
    Kristina Osonjački

    69 dislikes LOL

  • Adam Muddassar
    Adam Muddassar

    Oj: we haven't lost a single game yet Me: -_- Brawl stars: i am I a joke to you

  • Gaming With poison Boy
    Gaming With poison Boy

    I do this just 24day ago

  • MusicGotMeLike

    Player: I like children Viewers: 👀

  • Raghav Singhal
    Raghav Singhal

    hey u should try this with buzz instead of rosa it will charge his super (gadget) so u can super the ball into the goal cuz most of the times rosa didnt time the gadget plus u could use gales other star power to slow

  • Mini Oreo
    Mini Oreo

    4:05 „I got slept by Sandy“ kinda sus…

  • Mridul hcr2
    Mridul hcr2

    Oj why did i gave copyright to my 2nd favorite youtuber....

Shelly Bomb Cheese 💣
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