Darryl Glitch (patched) - Funny Maps 🍊
ALL ISLAND SHOWDOWN. Translation is literally Meat Grinder. SpicyToast pushed 1000 Darryl on this map. Brawl Ball with another rope sighting, heist rush map and a sighting of 3 Tier for Bounty for perhaps the last and final time.
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  • Tristan Bridge
    Tristan Bridge

    I did Jackie for this and grounded with my friends and got 400 trophies in a couple hours when it was possible to get trophies

  • Far_Amv


    • Far_Amv

      That bounty map is mibe

    • Ice bs
      Ice bs

      @Far_Amv I can say too,,omg it's my map“ but it's not mine

    • Far_Amv

      Lol why

    • Ice bs
      Ice bs

      This can all say bro ¯~¯

  • Alket KUMARAKU
    Alket KUMARAKU

    Use code ojjjjjjjjjjjjj

  • Ina Gvozdenovic
    Ina Gvozdenovic

    69 doslikes lmao

  • Kyano Dermois
    Kyano Dermois

    The bull is a save brawler

  • Amirhosein Ahmadi
    Amirhosein Ahmadi

    8:44 oj: got the jessie jessie: no you didn't

  • Hunter -Brawl Stars
    Hunter -Brawl Stars

    Brawl stars fans 👇

  • Goodie Playz
    Goodie Playz

    It's so bad that it's good - OJ,2021

  • Jack

    Hi from Rassia 🇷🇺

  • Ayden Tsoi
    Ayden Tsoi

    your girl friend is nat

  • Ngoc Le Thi
    Ngoc Le Thi

    That Primo in 3 Tier Fight map is more pro in auto-aim than OJ 😹😹

  • Aiden Le
    Aiden Le

    Small island showdown maps are good for tick if you can time the gadget And his shots (i always at least get 3rd on islands with tick

  • AdamS

    9:53 what?

  • Ganga devamma
    Ganga devamma

    His laugh... Hahahhahajaha

  • Axy76

    8:37 Wait, is it me or does Colt's 2nd gadget in this video didnt get nerfed?

    • Axy76

      @Manu El ok, that makes sense

    • Manu El
      Manu El

      This was before the nerf. I think this map was from December

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    Epic 🔥😜

  • phoenix gamez
    phoenix gamez


  • Miney ArchMan
    Miney ArchMan

    Code OJ OP

  • Takemo

    Bad maps are gud maps

  • Jimil Ladhani
    Jimil Ladhani

    Don't read comment watch video 😂😂😂😂

  • Mirko Ugolini
    Mirko Ugolini

    Is this video edited before the nerf of colt’s gadget?

  • George-Teodor Popescul
    George-Teodor Popescul

    He mispelled the name.ITS 3 TEIR not 3 tier

  • Fuad Gasimov
    Fuad Gasimov

    Oh who remembers colts op gadget 8:37

  • Immanuel Kus Abell Budhyanto
    Immanuel Kus Abell Budhyanto

    Cold old silver bullet damage😂

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    It’s so funny when oj does his maniac laugh

    • preston lattie
      preston lattie

      That's something you can use for editing

  • EpicVoid

    Me and my friend are racing to get 1k any help is appreciated owa owa

  • Reinhardt Van Camarilla
    Reinhardt Van Camarilla

    apparently meat grinder is a gem grab

  • zoro

    Question Whose OJ valantie Answear shibe nita

  • Mohammed Ad
    Mohammed Ad


  • Mohammed Ad
    Mohammed Ad


  • TY X X X
    TY X X X


  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach

    how is he earning trophies in community map?

  • Jonas Lamrini El Hariri 5eme3
    Jonas Lamrini El Hariri 5eme3

    2:56 don't put that phrase out of context

  • Fran Jaković
    Fran Jaković

    Back in the day when Colt's gadget was actually usefull (heist)

  • Brawl Boy
    Brawl Boy

    8:44 OJ: we got the Jessie Me: are you sure about that

  • Niall vaz
    Niall vaz

    OJ almost 2million 🤩🥳🙄🙃😏❤❤😎🥳

  • Aida Mehdipour
    Aida Mehdipour

    I feel so cheesy ♪♪ ⠀oj⠀♪♪ ミ ゛ミ ∧_∧ ミ゛ミ ミ ミ ( ・∀・ )ミ゛ミ ゛゛ \ /゛゛ i⌒ヽ | (_) ノ just making me so CHEESY

  • SalaXander

    When I play these maps my trophies dont go up. Why?

  • Tenzin Rigsang 7a
    Tenzin Rigsang 7a

    Why is he uploading old videos😭

  • Sean Healey
    Sean Healey

    Wait WHAT PIPER RANG 9 POWER 8 AND JACKY Rang 30 power max Frank Rang 16 and power 8

  • Mahaksh S. Dewan
    Mahaksh S. Dewan

    rosa was the play on this map

  • Wolfenstein

    "Meat grinder" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Yee Yang Gan
    Yee Yang Gan

    The first thing I do when clicked this video is dislike 😇

    • Berend Beunderman
      Berend Beunderman

      @Yee Yang Gan np

    • Yee Yang Gan
      Yee Yang Gan

      @Berend Beunderman thanks dude😊, appreciate it

    • Berend Beunderman
      Berend Beunderman

      The first thing i did when seeing ur comment is dislike😇

  • Vaibhav Karkera
    Vaibhav Karkera

    Hi oj I want join your clan in clash royale

  • Yanis Allouche
    Yanis Allouche

    MF D


    8:45 no you didnt

  • DynamicKiller

    Pls can you tell I am in challenge 3 and using and my average elixir is 5 from the arean 12 till now so do I need to change it

  • Toasted Guava
    Toasted Guava

    OJ : This map is so dum. A second later OJ : I love it!!🧀🧀🤔🤔

  • Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha
    Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha

    Dude CoC released a new commercial about wall breaker trying to ignite all the fireworks for CNY and the barbarian trying to stop him.💀🎆 Check it out

  • Gustavo

    OJ should do another Edgar in bossfight, Insane XVI is so much easier with the new star power

  • Noob2345XD11

    I used to hate your Brawl Stars videos but I tried out the games and i actually like the game

  • TheAsianTryHard

    B-rad replied to me so please,

  • Javan

    Did anyone notice that all his videos are outdated

  • Not_WhiteShockX

    Day 51 of saying POGGERS on random videos POGGERS

  • Hooman

    The seeing that guys scored an ad came up

    • Hooman


  • Markel Alvarez
    Markel Alvarez

    This vid is so old the silver bullet is still op in this

  • 小铉玩荒野乱斗

    Day 4 on hing to cheese with oj

  • Bakuette

    in 3 tier u can cheese by opening the top right corner block using colt silver bullet and use gale and primo to yeet them in there

  • DI3GO BS - YT
    DI3GO BS - YT

    Chessy maps in winner competition OJ: STONKS

  • anotsocreativeperson

    So outdated.

  • Ziomownik 2580 fun
    Ziomownik 2580 fun

    8:29 double Darryl aka quadriple barrel

  • A Chan
    A Chan

    1 view 409 likes 288 comments seems about right

  • C. Daniel
    C. Daniel

    Hey nice Vídeo :) would you be interested in hiring someone to subtitle your videos? I'm brazilian

  • HashtagsForLife

    Oj has so much old clips ;-;

  • Corwin Ho
    Corwin Ho

    This was when colts silver bullet was op

  • Legendari _PRO
    Legendari _PRO

    Here before oj got 2 milion subs😎

  • SHUBHAM dahiya
    SHUBHAM dahiya

    Its old video

  • Drew C
    Drew C

    No debuffed silver bullet be like 9:23

  • Ray Tan
    Ray Tan

    OJ: I love 50/50 2 months later: that aged well._.

  • Kikelomo Emanuel
    Kikelomo Emanuel

    Stronger team Jessie and 8 bit plus byron or brock

  • Joe Sullivan The 2nd
    Joe Sullivan The 2nd



    9:54 i see this MAP in empty competition MAP, me:👍

  • IAmMrSmith is my username
    IAmMrSmith is my username

    @OrangeJuiceGaming remember how u can’t self score anymore? Well use that as your cheese advantage. You can score first, and then just shoot the ball at your goal. (If there are ropes there) and then leave it there until the timer runs out. (Obviously only works against non-wall breakers)

  • Tibbe Bent
    Tibbe Bent

    In de begin his eyes were like - -

  • Turzan gameplaye
    Turzan gameplaye

    8:41 oj: miss jesie Also oj: got the jesie

  • ishaan gangabasi
    ishaan gangabasi

    I was the first viewer of this video for real, lucky me

  • Gabriel Zevallos
    Gabriel Zevallos

    5 1 second there an umbrella lol

  • Stane Nixon Gunawan
    Stane Nixon Gunawan

    Oj didnt hit the jessie with the sliver bullet

  • osman nasro
    osman nasro

    Fun Fact:OJ Can Be a Cheese Maker🧀

  • Arvinth Velmurugan
    Arvinth Velmurugan

    Did anyone notice at 8:38 that this was an old video, look! 👀 the gadget dealt 3000 damage, it is the old colt before all the nerfs😡

  • Aman Rai
    Aman Rai

    How can I open a legendary brawler

  • Luthfi

    I accidentally read the title as "meet grinder" And was like.....isn't that the app whe-

    • Luthfi

      @Auto Lee the title got edited so it doesnt make sense now

    • Auto Lee
      Auto Lee


  • Edgar

    "The ball must go deeper" Well that sounded very wrong😂

    • Alexander Janke
      Alexander Janke

      Even the title, grinder, isnt that a dating app ?

    • mikel Basurto
      mikel Basurto


  • Edgar

    The gameplay: 4k HD Oj's face cam: 144p

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh

    Man i hate brawl stars plz come back to clash royale soon

  • Edgar

    You gotta appreciate OJ for recording every day whenever a bad map comes

    • Abhinav Vashisht
      Abhinav Vashisht

      Meaning every time lol

  • FunBoyLT FunLT
    FunBoyLT FunLT

    being happy cas i am 17.400 viewer:Oh yeah

  • Krishna Gogawale
    Krishna Gogawale

    I'm very big fan of code oj 😁

  • the mlg Jay
    the mlg Jay

    I'm 1 hour early

  • Bishal Chamling
    Bishal Chamling

    Dude wht a coincidence , I was watching and in the first map when the second goal was nearly scoring and oj said I could save if I respawn in time . Mlbb ad came saying life dosent always go your way?

  • Clash Lord
    Clash Lord


  • Bot - Brawl stars
    Bot - Brawl stars

    Do 5 cheese quest

  • #Om Pallai#
    #Om Pallai#

    The byron was nerfed

  • Pro Insanity Gaming
    Pro Insanity Gaming

    hi oj I support you. Can you shout me out.

  • Imran hussain
    Imran hussain

    Man! I can't get in my game... Wtf?

  • WaffleGamers

    This is how cheesers go to church

  • Raguel Fanai
    Raguel Fanai

    OJ love you from India Mizoram

  • Aashish Aayush A 3
    Aashish Aayush A 3

    Hi oj there is a new scenery in coc named hog moumtain I am sure u would like to buy it

  • Boldi gaming
    Boldi gaming

    when was this filmed?

  • DAUS artwork
    DAUS artwork

    8:37 omg i forgot how OP silver bullet before the nerf

stacked spring traps 😍
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