Middle = WIN
Competition slot winners. Funny maps of all the modes. solo showdown, duos, hot zone, gem grab, siege, bounty, brawl ball, siege and heist!

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  • Colten Frog
    Colten Frog

    The poco was from oj team that got stuck

  • Grenebulp

    1:40: oh oh I JUST SCLORED

  • just You
    just You

    Someone should make a map of super city

  • captainboss-brawl stars
    captainboss-brawl stars

    7:47 that max was Lex

  • Pro gamer Daan Kok
    Pro gamer Daan Kok


  • Shreenivas Kotgire
    Shreenivas Kotgire

    Lex was max in the siege

  • hyper gaming(2)
    hyper gaming(2)

    Plz create tomato gaming🥺❤🥀

  • helen ye
    helen ye

    At 7:10 he was like that Darell and poco are stuck but he didn't realise that the poco was his teammate from the previous round and the proof is the name of the poco

  • Tarik Ramic
    Tarik Ramic

    Oj scores a goal at rank 10 Also Oj i am amazing

  • N8R Gameplay
    N8R Gameplay

    WAIT!!! was that a fake or the real Lex on the seige game????

  • just nothing
    just nothing

    the ten holes map u should tell nick to u bull and u use sprout but the play here is to get trap and u can hit them and use your super and go middle my friends try this and it workkkk

  • Ying Xi
    Ying Xi

    The max is lex

  • Jaya Joshi
    Jaya Joshi


  • mohammad Adeeb
    mohammad Adeeb

    FEW u made it oj for egshell


    In the third match on the snake heist map, the dynamite on oj team is named daddy. I’m pretty sure its my friend


    OJ 💞💞🖤🖤💚💚❤❤

  • Paula Jarvis
    Paula Jarvis

    9:42 I love how you can clearly hear OJ legit SPAMMING his shooting analog stick😂

  • Purple Cafe
    Purple Cafe

    6:59 the play is Shelly and 8-bit

  • Chaos_harry1

    What’s the shirt that ur wearing , it’s sick

  • Winter Soldier_007
    Winter Soldier_007

    Captain jacky🤣

  • Avinash Beeharry
    Avinash Beeharry

    i could cheese

  • DRAGONT playz
    DRAGONT playz

    Sama pro

  • James Ponraj
    James Ponraj

    OJ: I survived the poison with my grass The creator of that map: our grass

  • PlatyPlush

    4:53 oj don't you remember this map for Darryl ship environment and then they removed it Idk

  • Ainoras Versyla
    Ainoras Versyla

    I will vomit because the ladder maps in map maker

  • Wafflez_BS

    2:17 Perfect pika bull play

  • Arseni_bs



    I played Cheese Hideout and I trapped two players and I also got trapped with jacky and i killed that Dynamike

  • KillerDream BS
    KillerDream BS

    Fun fact : oh always play the winner map in random maps

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG


  • Staf Koppers
    Staf Koppers

    In the soccer one you can cheese with the skull

  • Some Things
    Some Things

    You know the max in siege? He's a simp for Lex. Just look at his name.

  • mariola rodriguez
    mariola rodriguez

    The Max in seage is lex

  • Ar Ar
    Ar Ar

    Wait isn’t the map called rodeo played a real map

  • Justin NG YH
    Justin NG YH

    Use Frank is better than darryl in hot zone map

  • Hediye Marsak
    Hediye Marsak

    ı am turkish

  • DW Shin
    DW Shin

    U can trap the ball

  • ᴄᴀᴛʟᴏᴠᴇʀ᯾

    Now carl get nerf🙁

  • fried riceass
    fried riceass

    U were supposed to use colt for cheese hideout to cheese....

  • Irma Salazar
    Irma Salazar

    😀😀😀😀 I love your videos

  • ACE Active Chic Eco
    ACE Active Chic Eco

    say in a video:stu eats poo,or stu is poo

  • Berry bear
    Berry bear

    Middle is oj's middle name

  • TpMini

    Fun Fact I made the Nita exploit in super city rampage my friend posted it on reddit

  • NotSid

    In my last video middle- do not win😂

  • mayen vinluan
    mayen vinluan

    I always watch you more than lex ben cairos

    • mayen vinluan
      mayen vinluan

      oj your videos are the best 🖒👏🖒100%%%%

  • Yaya

    1:53 OJ you could've destroyed that skull in front of you then shot the ball into that 1 tile space and trap the ball

  • Advait Puppala
    Advait Puppala

    OJ if u wanna win in super city rampage use Nita with Gadget: Faux Fur Star Power: Bear With Me Its OP

  • My dumb birds
    My dumb birds

    Is oj’s channel about, supercell, brawlstars, cheese or orange juice😳

  • Donald Zocker
    Donald Zocker

    New map = A new dress of OJ xD😅

  • Ninja Dragon
    Ninja Dragon


  • matin mortezie
    matin mortezie

    7:51 i love it when he do that

  • JcMc

    Ppl watch this for like 10mins while OJ did this video for days

  • Jan van Bockel
    Jan van Bockel

    7:14 same poco from last game

  • Jan van Bockel
    Jan van Bockel

    6:06 this duo showdown map best becuase I was with jacky and my random was shelly and she went mid waited for her until 9 seconds went mid and she killed everyone beatimus

  • DJ Nikus
    DJ Nikus


  • 󠇃


  • Drummer Daan
    Drummer Daan

    OJ when killing 1 person: TRIPPLE KILL

  • Dylan Locké
    Dylan Locké

    Next video: sitting in smoke and winning🧀

  • Theo Touma
    Theo Touma

    i hate that oj didint relize it was the same poco in duo the last game

  • Jenson plays
    Jenson plays

    The actual siege winner is no effort map which is the enemy spawn at your own ike and you spawn at their ike

  • funny panda gamer
    funny panda gamer

    I like the oj merch its sooooooooooooo cute

  • Anshah Yousaf
    Anshah Yousaf

    oj cheif pat is going to be angry 5:08

  • Josh Van Iperen
    Josh Van Iperen

    9:16 ............ what did the brawler say 0_0

  • Linus&Amos

    Can do a video wen you 1v1 Spicy toast

  • Drake

    7:13 oj doesnt realize that it was his old teamate that was poco

  • Shaikat BS
    Shaikat BS

    7:08 the poco u play low match

  • Ahmed Abbasi
    Ahmed Abbasi

    Oj make a video on new update on dinosaurs season

  • KLGames_YT

    Hey that brawl ball map you cab cheese and trap the ball

  • Copper - Roblox
    Copper - Roblox

    Early kinda btw Cool



  • atea googleaction
    atea googleaction

    Join spasma brinken in Clash Royale

  • Carole M
    Carole M

    OJ you can back door in heist by tp with peep nani

  • LeShawnPlayz

    OJ: *kills one brawler* Also OJ: “TRIPLE KIIILLLLLL”

  • Mackenzie Milligan
    Mackenzie Milligan

    In the gem grab he played against Lex!

  • ChengYT

    Lol in the second duo match the colt trapped the poco who played with oj the first match

  • Chad Cheems
    Chad Cheems

    Me : **sees cheese hideout** Also me : (dynamike): "I WANT TO BE CHEESED"


    In bounty you can cheese with colt by using silver bullet and broke thete wall to trap them .

  • SkyBlue

    You know ALLAH

  • pramod kumar
    pramod kumar

    oj is a cool gay

  • Xavier LaTour
    Xavier LaTour

    The poco was the same person who gave you the win

  • SkyBlue

    7:32 Samo Pro Is you freind y

  • DS4Y35-YIP Will [s]
    DS4Y35-YIP Will [s]

    6:12 10 circles use shelly bomb cheese

  • Faustas ST
    Faustas ST

    On duo showdown 1# and 2# game there was same poco, but diferent teams

  • Jad gaming
    Jad gaming

    At the siege game max was lex

  • RN亗Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ Nᴇɢɪヅ
    RN亗Rᴀᴊᴠᴇᴇʀ Nᴇɢɪヅ


  • Lightning style ไทย
    Lightning style ไทย

    7:11 and 6:35 is same poco

  • mohan singh
    mohan singh

    Not max lex

  • SupremeGoat


  • Darsh Duhoon
    Darsh Duhoon

    at 4:57 you all remember the old times when the pirate skins came & the new brawlers, that was fun!

  • rolex 526
    rolex 526

    it was the same poco in the next match

  • Liam Del Mundo
    Liam Del Mundo

    hey oj next time u use stu use his other starpower

  • ItzArc

    7:10 That's the same Poco that paired with oj last round lol

  • bootlish

    K played all maps

  • Smit Bhatt
    Smit Bhatt

    Code Oj supremacy 😤✊

  • Smit Bhatt
    Smit Bhatt

    1:03 Ily2 Oj 🥰

  • Fishin’ With Max
    Fishin’ With Max

    I dont think OJ realizes he played with bots that first game

  • DinoX BS
    DinoX BS

    the stuk poco was your first duo showdown teammate

  • Whatsoever Pete
    Whatsoever Pete

    red velvet cookie came out!

  • Shadow Playz_YT
    Shadow Playz_YT

    for the map 1 love u, you can primo suplex cheese people in the hearts and trap the ball in the fences

  • Jose Gaby
    Jose Gaby

    5:10 to 5:20 in 5:13 put it slow

    • Jose Gaby
      Jose Gaby


    • Jose Gaby
      Jose Gaby

      He really said such n*ts

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