Mirror Challenge - Tips 🍊
Easy strategy for mirror challenge tips and strategy. Don't play the first card, memorize what's in your deck and compartmentalize what you can and can't counter and go from there. Reserve all counters and don't play them wrecklessly. If they have bait, don't use your log for anything but their bait cards. If they have a tank, ONLY play your tank killing card when they deploy the tank.
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  • Dr.PRasad Ubarhande
    Dr.PRasad Ubarhande

    Are you joking..g.y boy... ? total rigged game.. these peoples like oj sirtag shane and so called others are their marketers,, how general peoples like us are getting exact counter for our deck..? they managed elixir too,,. i mailed to supercell and asked,,.. they said asked new question.. lolz.. they also know this,.. total rigged and fake game.. fake opponents,

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    Zip Hail

    If anyone wants to join a clan u can join mine it’s Zip with the white and green emblem

  • David Kruse
    David Kruse

    Can you review this deck: bats, lumber jack, baby dragon, skarmy, golem, elexir collector, electro wiz, the log??

  • Crispy potato Gaming
    Crispy potato Gaming

    my birthday 24 january

  • Calum Wong
    Calum Wong

    I used code OJ simp


    I got ram rider at arena 6 ???

  • Hui Shai Mun
    Hui Shai Mun

    OJ did not say 5-0 at the start Everyone:Impossible.

  • Sahil Velji
    Sahil Velji

    Check out NV Gaming Clash Royale for some more clash royale content

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    Flow Zen


  • B-Cubed

    The first time OJ admitted he lost in a YT video lol...

  • Fabiano Lopes
    Fabiano Lopes

    Oj you look like psy from gangnam style

  • joshr13

    me: with 3 losses and 1 win “interesting”


    Hey oj can u make a challenge of using giants golems and tower destroyers plssss🙄🙄🙄😒

  • Łîł rôbîñ
    Łîł rôbîñ

    I joined to ŁÎMØŃ clan and yeah I told him that he is on Oj video .. I don’t know if he understands or not but he was Happy about that

  • Sal P
    Sal P

    Started a new clan and looking for new members ! Join us @Jackboys&Gals. Must be 4000 trophies or higher

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    Hairul Don

    Bruh i dont play the game, but y RSloft, just why

  • Bob T
    Bob T

    Where is the nostalgic orange juice intro

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    Emmanuel Dominic

    for a daily and heavy user of device I advice some blue light filtering specs.........it will help u a lot

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    Mr. Kevin

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    Oh lala

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    Aiden Shou

    "KNOWLEDGE" -OJ 2021

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    Gem deals are backkkk

  • Gameplay Only
    Gameplay Only

    OJ = Your Bones are Done for :( Milk = Your Bones are THICC BOIIII

  • ShooLin LanKesh
    ShooLin LanKesh

    Thanks for your tips..... I need it


    Love you oj if u use code oj hit like

  • hasibul azam sehab
    hasibul azam sehab

    What about some genshin impact news in JNN?

  • Bala Kumar
    Bala Kumar

    OJ : MIRROR CHALLENGE TIPS ME:I Want two cup of orange juice 🧡

  • it's me manan
    it's me manan

    Oj finally looked serious

  • Some Skills
    Some Skills

    I managed to get a 8-2 PURELY due to OJ’s tips. *and maybe some skill....*

  • Urban Rebels
    Urban Rebels

    I will upload a vid daily


    I would like to help you please tell me your supercell code to supporting your creations😁😁😀😀😀😀😊😊😊

  • Svixenツ

    SUPER CELL:New emote! Everyone:Yes!!! OJ:He's going to throw the middle finger😂

    • yahya sarsour
      yahya sarsour

      I dont under stand

  • stephen ponraj
    stephen ponraj

    9-0 in main id 9-1 in second id

  • TheBrawlGuy - Brawl Stars
    TheBrawlGuy - Brawl Stars

    I am not playing clash royale but seeing videos will support HUH?

  • Neel Mishra
    Neel Mishra

    I just llayed against OJ in game, and won! Wow cannot belive it. If he uploads a game with royale pup then thats me.

  • Fanis Nitsios
    Fanis Nitsios

    Yo i went 8-0 and i felt like oj. 0 loses baby

  • Rehan Ahmed
    Rehan Ahmed

    um i went 0-6

  • Febrian Sinaga
    Febrian Sinaga


  • Desmond Miles
    Desmond Miles

    If i support oj what do I get

  • Joe

    I 8-0 won before I watched the vid

  • DaFlashlight

    6:57 The Epic Chest!

    • DaFlashlight

      Next second it's gone lol

  • Yuuto Food
    Yuuto Food

    2:26 The strat worked but most of the matches were stalemates lol

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

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    Adhithyan Mv

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    Syi. Getdeleted

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    Urvi Gohil

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    ricky aquino

    Me how to play mirror deck challenge: Elite barb+mirror of ebarb+rage spell

  • Dayton Red Owl
    Dayton Red Owl

    Use code oj

  • Ori Okmian
    Ori Okmian

    Wow, I did better than oj. I'm happy

  • Bohdi

    “Wait for opponent to make first move” No one makes a move

    • I am a human
      I am a human

      Is bohdi your name?

  • Jose Villanueva Peralta
    Jose Villanueva Peralta

    I did not use supercell Id and I lost my account I don’t care about the legendary I just wanted my emoji

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    OJ you're the man

  • Johnny Robinson
    Johnny Robinson

    If you watch the goblin emote in slow mo his middle finger comes up first😂

  • مستر دراغون بول
    مستر دراغون بول

    Oj mastred ultra instinct in the zero losses

  • Windrogue

    Beat this one with two losses, no resets. I'm f2p, it felt good to finally finish a challenge for once

    • Ahmed Badawy
      Ahmed Badawy

      Omg I finished it with 2 loses too

  • Ibrahim Miah
    Ibrahim Miah

    I should really wait for oj to post a vid so I don’t get 1-3

  • Trystan Govender
    Trystan Govender

    How is it arguably the most balanced mode? There is literally nothing unbalanced about it

    • Trystan Govender
      Trystan Govender

      @Kieron Anderson yes

    • Kieron Anderson
      Kieron Anderson

      Are starting hands the exact same too?

  • Corbin Mangum
    Corbin Mangum

    You make the best clash Royale content

  • Sarth. Shah
    Sarth. Shah

    Bruh i already played mirror battles and got only 5 wins!, :( Your vid is late

  • saed guerra
    saed guerra

    Did somebody notice that his game was in french : Défi du miroir

    • The Letter 6
      The Letter 6

      When you load the, one person is the “host” and they appear blue to public replays, and the other is “visitor” which appears red in public replays. The “hosts” language is the one displayed for both players


    Who is here after 3 losses

  • Wojtek Playz
    Wojtek Playz

    Nice thumbnail

  • nazma akter
    nazma akter

    oj just defeated me in the mirror challenge and posted it on youtube :( but like the salute :)

  • Mystian.

    Man I started watching u like 1 month ago and like a 2 month ago i was stuck în arena 8 with level 7 and then i starter watching u and in one day i pished from arena 8 to ch2

  • Jeg Yzeckyel Ros
    Jeg Yzeckyel Ros

    i beat it after 1 hour of its release

  • Pantelis Tsinalis
    Pantelis Tsinalis

    Hey oj, I found a sort of cheese for the super city rampage. If you use Nita with the bear with me star power, you can tank almost forever because your bear is constantly healing you

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    when are you going to do clash royal live streams? also can you do more videos and live streams of clash of clans pls? I always love to see your videos because they are best

  • jj Gh54
    jj Gh54

    I was watching this clash royale video and it’s good

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    Oj on brawl stars is getting a pin pack good or not??

    • Veronica Baker
      Veronica Baker

      Should i

  • Anouarita x Big bro
    Anouarita x Big bro

    I missed the old oj

  • Rasok Teron
    Rasok Teron

    Need some tips to get a gf😂

  • Shreyes Simha JR
    Shreyes Simha JR

    What balanced??! I got a deck with a lavahound and the only counter was magic archer. I didn't get the time use it but my enemy destroyed me

  • Dante Sparda
    Dante Sparda

    I was you opponent😂

  • don't sub don't you dare
    don't sub don't you dare

    Whats new in clash i haven't play for like 2years

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok

    So close to 2mil does anyone remember that wood background for like years ago

  • Mr Smoothy
    Mr Smoothy

    I win it easly its balencend 🧀

  • Sigifredo Mercado
    Sigifredo Mercado

    I am on pekka playhouse and i got the mirror cause i am level 8

  • Vetri Velan
    Vetri Velan

    This challenge is imbalanced if you play against oj

  • bader j
    bader j

    I finished it 0 losses:)

  • Salman Khalifa (Al)
    Salman Khalifa (Al)


  • Salman Khalifa (Al)
    Salman Khalifa (Al)

    To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe.

    • E

      Am i first?

  • Salman Khalifa (Al)
    Salman Khalifa (Al)

    To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe.

  • Salman Khalifa (Al)
    Salman Khalifa (Al)

    To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe.

  • Salman Khalifa (Al)
    Salman Khalifa (Al)

    To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe.

  • Chamberlain Allman
    Chamberlain Allman


  • Legend Justine
    Legend Justine

    “This gamemode is the most balanced mode in the game.” Me: But Lag is an unstoppable force. I lost twice because of lag.

    • Krisztian Games
      Krisztian Games

      i did 7 win and 3 loses beacuse my Phone run out of battery :(

    • 49ersBoss

      Orrrrrrrr ur just bad XD

  • Bidhan Pokhrel
    Bidhan Pokhrel

    I love u noob😅😘❤

  • Rick Vermeulen
    Rick Vermeulen

    I 3 stared everyone in mirror challenge. Did not lose a game. Was so easy.

  • ItzSlurBeezeYT

    Hey OJ there's a possibility the princess won't get hit on practice

  • Arber Lici
    Arber Lici

    Why did u shave your eyebrows?

  • Mr Animation
    Mr Animation


  • Tejasvi Sharma
    Tejasvi Sharma

    I finish with 8 -0

  • Yoshi 102
    Yoshi 102

    dang it i was sleeping but 253 comment

  • Mr Animation
    Mr Animation

    Wow coool

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