New Music 🎶
Lunar New Year season 20 is coming. "The Forbidden Palace" has 2 new Elite Barbarian emotes, lunar tower skins and new arena theme song! The theme song is legit.
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  • prashant magar
    prashant magar

    I love this new music😍😍

  • Soufyan Manjoo
    Soufyan Manjoo

    Does the song has a name or something?

  • Manny Rodriguez
    Manny Rodriguez

    Yeah because thats crazy how I was losing to level 11 and 12 a lot that never happens

  • Blood Hunter676
    Blood Hunter676

    I'm really hoping that supercell doesn't just drop the music after the season. That would suck.

  • Irwan Shah
    Irwan Shah

    1:03 my fav emote 2021

  • Erwan Bellot
    Erwan Bellot

    The new sound it just so good I put back the music on !

  • Cartrex24

    Where are the balance changes¿:(

  • brickwizard_

    I love that music!

  • Ahmed Abdallah
    Ahmed Abdallah

    A dragon tower not lion

  • Yeshfeen Fatma
    Yeshfeen Fatma

    i love this song and like also this song

  • Yeshfeen Fatma
    Yeshfeen Fatma

    Usse code:Oj

  • Angry Tomato
    Angry Tomato

    Why does the music gives demon slayer vibes

  • Nicolás Aguilar
    Nicolás Aguilar

    I like this pokemon style song

  • AD- TV
    AD- TV

    Push to 7000 🏆

  • Edward Link
    Edward Link

    No offense but ur dumb if u think supercell is the most succesful companie. The Rockstar companie is the most succesful. Rdr2/Rdo2 and Rdr/Rdn All the sagas of GTA and GTA 5 online.

    • Radiance


  • Snake Oil 124
    Snake Oil 124


  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh

    It’s not a lion king tower btw, it’s a ox

  • Rodhajit Sharma
    Rodhajit Sharma

    1:03 My favorite moment of him

  • Michael Gould
    Michael Gould

    If anyone is looking for an active war clan in gold league currency at 2110 clan trophies, join: Howzit Bru! Thanks

  • Saif Almubarak
    Saif Almubarak

    Yesterday I got a legendary yesterday from a gold crown chest like the ones that you get by earning crowns and the next day I got a legendary from another golden crown chest

    • Saif Almubarak
      Saif Almubarak

      The two yesterday wer accidental I meant for one

  • Uullii1122

    *Chinese vibes*

  • Tap Play
    Tap Play

    Pls clash royale new battle music 1 haurs no talk to me tank you:)

  • Jose Villanueva Peralta
    Jose Villanueva Peralta

    Omg thank you supercell I was matching against level 12,11,10 people and I’m level 8😂 but one guy he was level 12 he let me win that made me happy

  • Shashank Amoli
    Shashank Amoli

    It sounds more like something from a japanese anime

  • Arun

    Give us a video on how to use xbow

  • Adam K Rahuman
    Adam K Rahuman

    Oj getting fatty day by day😅


    are u playing with 2 phones😗


    my. best company is garena


    oj shys🤣

  • ꀤꍏꎭ Everything
    ꀤꍏꎭ Everything

    This gonna making gaming cool without using background music from my spotify.....

  • Pikos Apikos
    Pikos Apikos

    Finally, some music! Also, the arena looks excellent for once!!

  • Allen Remi
    Allen Remi

    Wow a cool season

  • Md Fahim
    Md Fahim

    Really good i like this strage

  • Reyhan on android
    Reyhan on android

    Whoever noticed he has a wooden chest

  • Gideon Benaya
    Gideon Benaya

    Barong is that you?

  • Keshav Maheshwari
    Keshav Maheshwari

    I like it, you put so much effort into editing and stuff OJ!

  • Savagebutnotsavage lol
    Savagebutnotsavage lol

    Can u show is a good deck for the mega knight challenge or mega deck idk what its called

  • David _lonelystar
    David _lonelystar

    3:25 you end the video but I didn't even start eating my orange😭

  • Joker Jo Gaming
    Joker Jo Gaming

    love the musik

  • Joker Jo Gaming
    Joker Jo Gaming

    nice arena

  • Bubbles is Kind
    Bubbles is Kind

    Is there a new card

  • Tillian Mercier
    Tillian Mercier

    Wait there is a new emote of the princess at 0:49 ?

    • BongoCat 彡
      BongoCat 彡

      Woah nice eye bro

  • Caolan The Wulf YT
    Caolan The Wulf YT

    Cant wait to lose all my battles at 7k because of the new music not helping me time my placements... Fantastic

  • Horse - BSツ
    Horse - BSツ

    I just leaved Clash Royale Bec i wasnt connected to supercell id and and *cries* i mean my father deleted the game ;---------------------------;

  • suvalakshmi dakshinamoorthy
    suvalakshmi dakshinamoorthy

    Oj i am your fan pla do a video on mega deck challenge

  • Jason He
    Jason He

    I will miss the old music, but then again, I do like the new one...

  • chính vũ
    chính vũ

    no balance chance card ??

  • Maulin Shah
    Maulin Shah

    I hope I can hit ultimate champ next season. I’m chilling in grand champ rn.

  • 판쿡겜

    no fucking balance change again?? jesus....

  • Kesi Christopher
    Kesi Christopher

    Nice stuff

  • TBL-4691 The Unknown Beyond
    TBL-4691 The Unknown Beyond

    1:01 I know this is unoriginal but did that EBarb just UwU me? *I hate that!*

  • Livanshu Saini
    Livanshu Saini

    Oj,"feb is for ladder" Me who should be studying in feb for exams🙁😭

  • Aldair González
    Aldair González

    Que asco de temporada xD

  • Reino123 _king1
    Reino123 _king1

    I dislike this game but I still watch clash royal content

  • NRom

    Still no balance changes, man it's getting stale.. Stuck in the same meta for months... I don't always agree with the balance changes, but I do miss them now.

    • Ajay Dev
      Ajay Dev

      Not really man. There's no special deck now. The card they'll probably nerf during next season will be lavahound. Because the usage is so high at the moment

  • Starstruck Gaming
    Starstruck Gaming

    Everyone: nice music Me: why the heck is he using rascals with xbow

  • NV Gamer
    NV Gamer

    If you want to watch more clash royale content head-on over to my channel

  • Chinaball animation
    Chinaball animation

    It took them almost 2 years to figure out there is a problem in the development team

  • Chinaball animation
    Chinaball animation

    Wow! How exiciting! So much new features! Cant wait to get back onto the game :)

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمد

    موسيقى الموسم جدا حلوة عجبتني!!!❤🇮🇶

  • Yasha Singh
    Yasha Singh

    U mock shit

  • ClashFrost

    The 25% season reset is the best thing they did man. Now I can push more trophies

  • Horndog1045 Gaming YT vol.2
    Horndog1045 Gaming YT vol.2

    3:26 you’re welcome

  • Thulith

    Yayy ebarbs 😎😎

  • CR Gaming is ON
    CR Gaming is ON

    Nice video

  • Ying Yan
    Ying Yan

    :0 Music

  • Ahmad Lukman Al Hakim
    Ahmad Lukman Al Hakim

    Wow, almost 2 millions already, good job oj.

  • Chas Williams
    Chas Williams

    OMG I CANT WAIT TO GET IT IN 20 hours for me I’m bout to go to the stare and get a gift card to bye the new season btw everyone use code OJ expires every 7 days.

    • Chas Williams
      Chas Williams


  • DL

    Finally, I can turn on my music when I play again

  • Alex Ferzli
    Alex Ferzli

    Can you start doing like for evrey arena how to play and request some deck or how to do elixer calculation to help us

  • Njaal Öygarden
    Njaal Öygarden

    Triple draft picking bad cards challenge?

  • Brawlified Gaming
    Brawlified Gaming

    OJ which card will get boosted at season 20?

  • Vincent C. Dicayanan
    Vincent C. Dicayanan

    Season 20 is nice

  • Vincent C. Dicayanan
    Vincent C. Dicayanan

    Season 20 is nice

  • Ilay Eytan
    Ilay Eytan

    This new music is giving me major Legend of Zelda botw vibes

  • Biosciences I.B. College, Panipat
    Biosciences I.B. College, Panipat

    Tbh nothing much apart from music

  • Taste the Rambo
    Taste the Rambo

    So this season's highlight is only the new music? No new units, no new big change? No fix in broken war? Shame

  • Shreyas Umbardand
    Shreyas Umbardand

    The king tower looks like 4tails from Naruto

  • Julian Steenhuisen
    Julian Steenhuisen

    Wait but what is the boosted card for this season? It is not ebarbs i hope ;)

  • Sabertooth

    Your titles now a days are weird

  • Vinay Khobrekar
    Vinay Khobrekar

    And I expected a new card this season. How sad

  • Kevin Bishoy
    Kevin Bishoy

    Whay im gonna die im very exited to this season😀

  • Матвей Масалов
    Матвей Масалов

    So the in-game music effects (double elixir and overtime) are no different???

  • Richard Champness
    Richard Champness

    I like the tower

  • Eyal Angier
    Eyal Angier

    Clash royal its not good play brawl stars

  • Anime Official Amv's
    Anime Official Amv's

    He fuk the OJ 😂

  • Streamsniper The Mirrored
    Streamsniper The Mirrored

    Yes.... My dream for giorno's theme in cr is getting closer

  • Proficient Robloxian
    Proficient Robloxian

    Join magicForce clan to get promoted

  • Alexander Baeck
    Alexander Baeck

    U kidding me again a season with nothing and music that already was made

  • Angus Chung
    Angus Chung

    1:04 yuck

  • Aden Enos
    Aden Enos

    Yay I'm a ox. Yipeeeer

    • Aden Enos
      Aden Enos


  • Saket D-Evil Angel
    Saket D-Evil Angel

    Hey OJ please do a QnA for this season... Please

  • Gabrielle Koh
    Gabrielle Koh

    what cards are boosted?

  • Ekam Singh
    Ekam Singh

    This is CRL world finals music



  • HTC妻弎玖

    Skeleton spirit Goblin spirit Giant spirit Royal Ghost Spirit barrel

  • Zack McLolly
    Zack McLolly

    I think its almost unable to hear it when u turn on sfx sounds of spells and units attacking. And one more thing : mi the only guy who thinks that new music will get boring after ten days u play? Cuz i play a lot I owe 4 and boost for my two friends' accounts, my gosh

  • Megh Modi
    Megh Modi

    clash royale 2 season ends but still brawl stars: I M ON MY WAY 😂😂


    sorry clash royale but cw-2 has made it dead

  • Ivana

    Come to the Kudeljarac city clan, the clan is being renewed and every player is needed 🙂

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