New Skins Winning & Losing Animations 🍊
Brawl Stars August 2021 update with ALL the new skin animations. New animated pins.
Ninja Ash and Princess Shelly (Brawl Pass)
Wizard Byron (Power League)
Handsome Colt (49💎) - Aug 27
Evil Queen Pam (299💎) - Aug 30
Unicorn Knight Barley (79💎)- Sept 10
Lunar Piper (149💎)- Sept 15
El Dragon (149💎)- Sept 24
Prince Sprout (79💎)- Oct 8
True Silver/Gold: Bo, Gale, Nani, Bea, Sandy

CORRECTION: Sprout price is actually 79💎

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  • Pxma.

    8:01 🤣 8:55 I cant stop laughing pls help me.

  • izak bizjak
    izak bizjak

    How did you get that pudding pin with heart

  • lol oj

  • His name in brawl stars here is “OU”

  • Void, The big ball
    Void, The big ball

    I want the music for the dancing skins

  • :/

    3:04 Oj talks serious...Its scary

  • Andy Ho
    Andy Ho

    In squeak you can see two dots under squeak means thers a testing skin oj knows...........

    • Spicy juice
      Spicy juice

      For Halloween maybe

  • Shiny_BS


  • Dennis Lin
    Dennis Lin

    OJ what is your favorite skin 🤔

  • The GamingGhast
    The GamingGhast

    Anyone else notice ojs name is ou?

  • Ultra sans
    Ultra sans

    8:22 this is abuse

  • David gu
    David gu

    0:23 8:00

  • Shodhit Goyal
    Shodhit Goyal

    Can anyone suggest that should i buy barley skin or sprout skin 😅🙏

  • Khamille Aquino
    Khamille Aquino

    I wish handsome colt has golden bullets

  • Franz Anthony
    Franz Anthony

    Why Supercell When Use Skin Then Gadget Don t Skin Gadget😢😢😢😢😢

  • Labib Ahmed
    Labib Ahmed

    You use nulls brawl star for the early skins and update xd

    • Spicy juice
      Spicy juice

      Its dev build not nulls brawl

  • Dead FireFox
    Dead FireFox

    Championnat Colt and handsome Colt Final wining position is the same

  • Atul Mishra
    Atul Mishra

    2:25 lol XD

  • Jeffery Xu
    Jeffery Xu

    1:20 Subtitles...

  • luciana surca tueros
    luciana surca tueros


  • BoonBhuvanYT

    I’m the 800th comment

  • TG Savage
    TG Savage

    Lol 1k shelly

  • Wizz fizz 💩📲👾💩👾📲
    Wizz fizz 💩📲👾💩👾📲

    Best in tribe

  • Wizz fizz 💩📲👾💩👾📲
    Wizz fizz 💩📲👾💩👾📲

    Best you tuber ever

  • Von Tapiador
    Von Tapiador

    Hes name is ou not oj

  • abril Vasquez
    abril Vasquez

    Oj money money annoying pin to spin 2:25

  • Vic Lleno
    Vic Lleno

    Youre gonna be in the cookie run kingdom english cast

  • Thomas Louzek
    Thomas Louzek

    There's actually a really interesting glitch when wizard byron goes on a jump pad. He stands straight up and his staff floats at his side and one bottle floats on the left with his staff, and two other bottles float on his right

  • Olga Aksyonova
    Olga Aksyonova

    Imagine spamming money money money LOL

  • Kevin Idk
    Kevin Idk

    Use code oj for insane luck🤯

  • henryistheman3

    I like the part when he says winning


    Maane Maane Maane Maane Maane Maane 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥

  • Ion Torp
    Ion Torp

    The byron projectile is litteraly and owl cover in snake sauce

  • Ana👯‍♀️

    The all skins is so Awesome.😄

  • ♡Angelica◇

    When Shelley is tropical she def would throw birds or roses

  • Ay Jay
    Ay Jay

    8:28 Animel aboose

  • ng louise
    ng louise

    Oj. Your. Name is. Ou

  • Jani panda boy
    Jani panda boy

    Evil Queen pam is in finnish paha kuningatar pam

  • Yami闇

    New Piper skin is my most FAVORITE one

  • りつかたかなし

    Handsome Colt reminds me of tf2 red spy

  • KewlStu

    Ooohhhhh 😂

  • Razer Razer
    Razer Razer

    Poor dragon 😢

  • Денис Полукеев
    Денис Полукеев

    Русские есть?

  • Wudi Wu
    Wudi Wu

    Why does Byron look like someone in the owl house :/

  • Oppo Ax5
    Oppo Ax5

    *oj moans*

  • Anshul Konat
    Anshul Konat

    uhhh stu needs pin animations

  • LamastasioD

    8:11 Yeah well I chock my chicken

  • YO yo
    YO yo

    Oj ur an entertainer

  • Nory Isabel Fajilago
    Nory Isabel Fajilago

    Love can be anoying

  • Sairaj Khandale
    Sairaj Khandale

    tha nku

  • Texia González
    Texia González

    Handsome Colt looks like a La Casa de Papel’s character (Netflix), just pretty awesome xddd

  • HavenngamingYT

    8:01 bruh

  • Emo_Latiee★

    Why is no one talking about that thing at 0:23- Probably for the best of it 😰

  • slagjana tanevska
    slagjana tanevska

    "You can't really yeet differently" - OJ 2021

  • da bee
    da bee

    2:27 MONEY MONEY

  • PrimeShard

    Brawl Stars: El Dragón Versado Clash Royale: Baby Dragon

  • Dylan Garcia
    Dylan Garcia

    Play more cookie run kingdom

  • B.I De Malaenee Hwang
    B.I De Malaenee Hwang


  • Rachman Sugiono
    Rachman Sugiono

    I think the best is emerald sprout

    • Rachman Sugiono
      Rachman Sugiono

      And for the el primo the green is the best

  • It's Tomato Gear
    It's Tomato Gear


  • yagya kaushik
    yagya kaushik

    Did anyone notice in the start when he said brawl stars sneak peak it was written in dbz text

  • Isaac Sokolic
    Isaac Sokolic

    Plot twist evil Pam stole the trophy

  • Jeremiah   PLAY   BRAWL  STARS

    evil queen PAM 300

  • Brian Huang
    Brian Huang

    1:54 The last animated pin is griff STU: 😖😭

  • Arlene Maurice
    Arlene Maurice

    Nice rank 30 Shelly.

  • Mele K
    Mele K

    Sprout skins is underrated..i think so cool

  • Mele K
    Mele K

    Sproutun kıyafeti çok güzel 79 dan fazlasını hak ediyor ama neyse işime gelir Rubbyyy

    • Mele K
      Mele K

      Emerald da co guzel

  • Fermin Garcia
    Fermin Garcia

    oj i wont to play whit you in brawl strs

  • Nils Houter
    Nils Houter

    4:00 very scary face moment

  • Dank Memer
    Dank Memer

    Why don’t they animate stu ;-;

  • Auto Fan
    Auto Fan

    How did you got the trophy with sunglases pin?

  • ꧁乇Ⓥ𝒾丨꧂

    Ok look at power league it says season 4 so we going to season 4

  • Elvin Ahmet
    Elvin Ahmet

    when you realize that choking dragons is animal abuse: WITCH CONTROL, OPEN UP!

  • Usuario Anónimo21
    Usuario Anónimo21

    "I want a really annyoing voice line" Try Squeak then. Btw, Shelly looks beautiful with her new skin.

  • كوثر سمار
    كوثر سمار


  • GamingLina

    using code oj got me crow :) this code for me gives luck!

  • shoeske my man
    shoeske my man

    I love how It took him some time to realise her gun was a frog

  • DartAce3600

    Byron skin gives me owl house vibes

  • ⛩ㅣMortis

    how about squiek

  • Georgi Samokovski
    Georgi Samokovski

    Evil queen pam, i like her dance.

  • Georgi Samokovski
    Georgi Samokovski

    Mi faivorete skin is piper,s

  • Georgi Samokovski
    Georgi Samokovski

    Love you OJ 💞

  • OnePunchCake

    Even how pretty is piper is, she still useless 😂

  • Edwin Yeboah
    Edwin Yeboah


  • Joanna Ng
    Joanna Ng

    Money money

  • MartinBS YT
    MartinBS YT

    Squake has a skin😳

  • Christian brawl stars 😎
    Christian brawl stars 😎

    How do you get clap pins

  • Paul Gabriel Pepito
    Paul Gabriel Pepito

    probably Peta is gonna lose there minds when they sees the new Pam skin Because of the dragon abuse

  • Vijaysingh Jain
    Vijaysingh Jain

    can you do your clubs 10000 required trophies

    • Vijaysingh Jain
      Vijaysingh Jain


  • Lukáš Novák
    Lukáš Novák

    me wondering why is shelly rank 30

  • Bobi turboto Turbina
    Bobi turboto Turbina


  • Banana Gaming brawl stars
    Banana Gaming brawl stars


  • Leen Mapalad
    Leen Mapalad

    Will the 2019 brawl o ween skin will comeback this 2021 for the last time?

  • Starr Park 🙃
    Starr Park 🙃

    I like how's his name ou

  • Rosalie Garcia
    Rosalie Garcia

    8:00 hahahaha


    I want IT to please link

  • G.K. Yadav
    G.K. Yadav

    From 2:25 I was laughing so hard I fell down 😂😂😂😂

  • M Nazir
    M Nazir

    They forgot about stu

  • baeッ

    never thought I would simp for a character in brawl stars until I saw lunar piper, she got me feeling a different way😖

  • Hei Hei
    Hei Hei

    What is buzz’s second skin

Shelly Bomb Cheese 💣
675 хиљ.
Zoi - Imam sve
349 хиљ.