NEW VIKING Civilization (Rise of Kingdoms)
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Click on the following link to participate in The Combat Power Contest, you will have the opportunity to win an iPhone 12 Pro Max:
All the content in this video is from the test server.

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  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    Download Rise of Redeem in-game props with Gift Code: rokvikings Click on the following link to participate in The Combat Power Contest, you will have the opportunity to win an iPhone 12 Pro

    • Deepak Dhingra
      Deepak Dhingra

      glad to see you in RoK. If you wanna know more about the game, go watch ChisguleGaming on YT. Very good guides for beginners. Ask me if any queries are there OJ. Least I can do for your help with CR.!

    • Tomato Gaming YT
      Tomato Gaming YT

      O.j king!!🔥🎉

    • Stefan vulevic
      Stefan vulevic

      @Tiwuwonis no we dont

    • Tiwuwonis

      We want more of this game

    • Kaxa Latsuzbaia
      Kaxa Latsuzbaia


  • Abdullah Safran
    Abdullah Safran

    Do a series

  • Cookie

    4:22 😂

  • kikikungfu kakes
    kikikungfu kakes

    There's an orange in my alliance. Your castle is adorable. So much enthusiasm. Are you still playing? 👀

  • Muh Aziz
    Muh Aziz

    I don't think u really like this game OJ

  • Ansh soni.21
    Ansh soni.21

    Why cant i see it in app store??

  • Solen Plays
    Solen Plays

    Me being Norwegian and know What is saying😎

  • Plumber Ben
    Plumber Ben

    oj has yet to meet a whale

  • Sonam Choekyi
    Sonam Choekyi

    how can u carry 51k troops on a lvl 4 commander when i can only carry 40k on lvl 30

  • Quoc Anh Pham
    Quoc Anh Pham

    yo join our alliance and yu wont be bully minimum 500k but me im 4m power

  • Eujune Yan
    Eujune Yan

    Oj did you spend 300$!?!?!

  • Eujune Yan
    Eujune Yan

    Ay oj fight my city:)

  • Random Weirdo
    Random Weirdo

    dude why

  • Political Tempist
    Political Tempist

    Dude the name of the viking general is from an actual TV show called vikings

  • Tiwuwonis

    We want more of rise of kingdoms!!

  • Seema wande
    Seema wande

    That thumbnail tho

  • Ryan Ayass.
    Ryan Ayass.

    Oj:hmmmm let's play brawl stars Goes to rise of kingdoms

  • Crusty Razor
    Crusty Razor

    I saw the add for this... ITS TERRIBLE abut if it has Gacha then I’m getting it

  • Anna Tuanda
    Anna Tuanda

    Ilikr your video

  • Alexander Midttun
    Alexander Midttun

    Ragnar, my norwegian friend :)


    Strange but I can't download the game through both the link and the store

  • EDward Morris
    EDward Morris

    Oj:there's nithing to lose me: Expect my sanity

  • ItsDem0ny

    aha.... 30k views for this? youtube dont like this game


    I chose the Chinese civilisation.

  • speedyTHEforgotten

    This is literally age of empires in mobile form...ahh the good old days..

  • GJ Gali
    GJ Gali

    when your favourite youtuber posts a paid video on a game that you dispise

  • GJ Gali
    GJ Gali

    this is literally my least favourite app cause it always shows me an ad of the game and the ad of the game is not even the same content that game is so yuck i would rather play Clash of Clans because supercell makes awesome games

  • العربي الاصيل
    العربي الاصيل

    حساب للبيع القوة 27m vip10 gnkiz wsg eskndar 1200000 t4 قادة ملحمية مهارات ماكس السعر فقط 1000$


    are you active?i played from last year

  • Anhh2 I Hate You
    Anhh2 I Hate You

    God. I Played This Game Until You Came In! I Want To Be In One Of Oj's Friend In Clash Royale And Brawl Stars!

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko

    Can you play the new Update in cookie run Kingdom


    Please play hay day oj

  • VN

    Viewer : play Minecraft more OJ : but its boring and- Viewer : You can download mod that you can milk everything OJ : *intensive milking*

  • Fortnite try hard Lol
    Fortnite try hard Lol

    World longest ad

    • Fortnite try hard Lol
      Fortnite try hard Lol


  • ozgur adam
    ozgur adam


  • Amber Baloch
    Amber Baloch


  • Amber Baloch
    Amber Baloch

    I'm going to give you a challenge OG if you can do stop pausing brawl talk in 10 days

  • Amber Baloch
    Amber Baloch

    everybody he keeps pausing brawl talk

  • pravin poudel
    pravin poudel

    orange juice be like in this entire ad : VIKINGS!!!!

  • Robert Oten
    Robert Oten

    thats a download here

  • Blazes ✓
    Blazes ✓

    It is not available in India I think what to do😭😭😭😭😭 help me please someone

  • JP- Es
    JP- Es


  • Oscar Gonzales
    Oscar Gonzales

    Hey oj. There is a new update from cookie run kingdom, there is a 2 new cookies, new treasures, new buildings and more. Also devil cookie and red velvet cookie are here. ;)

    • Om_Nom

      I got a notification and I was kinda heartbroken when I realized it wasn't cookie run

  • Cute Pink
    Cute Pink

    Imagine this comes out in ads

    • Cute Pink
      Cute Pink

      When you are watching this vid

  • Squeak

    Rise of kingdoms, no. Here is real names for this game. Rise of cringe Rise of cringe ads. (This is a joke bruh)

    • Vince Luar
      Vince Luar

      I know it a joke but It's rise of civilization

  • Steamed Rice
    Steamed Rice

    OJ is onl 356,292 Power! I am already 600,000 Power.

  • Sean Jacoutot
    Sean Jacoutot

    This video hurt my soul

  • GameRunner12

    ROK is just a bad replica of Clash of Clans

  • Blub


  • هناء سعيد
    هناء سعيد

    Noooo oj fell to rise of kingdom’s

  • Levi Stravi
    Levi Stravi

    Oj's head on the viking had me cracked up

  • Traktorizzed

    another one of million pay to win travian type bullsheet "game"

  • SirPandaFluff

    Me getting the viking ad before this vid: "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be"

  • Luuk Schellens
    Luuk Schellens

    New channel when

  • R3D FF🎯
    R3D FF🎯

    Try playing the game : BTD battles... Its so much fun

    • Alukian


    • R3D FF🎯
      R3D FF🎯

      @DG kids can't play BTD battles.... I dare you 😎

    • R3D FF🎯
      R3D FF🎯

      @David Aguirre yes it is... BTD strategies are gonna change a lot too

    • David Aguirre
      David Aguirre

      BTD Battles 2 is coming soon!

    • DG

      Shut up bot

  • Hello and thx
    Hello and thx

    OJ: No Supercell games or CookieRun Kingdom today. ME: *yo that's illegal + SCHOOL THREAT*

  • Blazes ✓
    Blazes ✓

    Did anyone notice that was OJ in the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂

  • Joel Joseph
    Joel Joseph


  • P.J. GAMER
    P.J. GAMER

    Brawl Stars ❤️, only Brawl Stars 🙄


    Oj - uploads a video not of brawl stars. Me and the boys - *the typical oj spit* In case if you see this comment oj can you please reply me on instagram at @radrox_247yt ? Please🙏.

  • Random Nobody that nobody cares about
    Random Nobody that nobody cares about

    This is why I hate this channel sometimes. Stop this please.

  • Theodor Petersen
    Theodor Petersen

    i am danich so do i start whist viking

  • Browne Bruker
    Browne Bruker

    This is a way to pay to win game don't play if you r f2p player some High level player will come and f your kingdom

    • Tanooki Toad
      Tanooki Toad

      Yeah this is why I hate the ads and game

  • Lord Dingus - Clash Royale
    Lord Dingus - Clash Royale

    👎👎👎 You sound like those fake ads that fake their excitement

  • Meta Discussions
    Meta Discussions

    100k ez

  • Sam Vickers
    Sam Vickers

    mm another cash grab game 😐 definitely won’t check it out

    • Tanooki Toad
      Tanooki Toad

      Same rather play Roblox and supercell games

  • FunnerButter

    The link is only in google play, not App Store, so I can’t download it.

  • Nebur B
    Nebur B

    Is clash royal dead ?

  • Warrior Homie hgc
    Warrior Homie hgc

    Please I’ve been receiving ads from them for 4 years

  • Gaming Fred
    Gaming Fred

    Sponsors be like: "Take my money"

    • Fancy dolphin
      Fancy dolphin

      @HJ It’s a joke lol

    • HJ

      There's nothing wrong take it as a advertisement

  • Wolf Brigade
    Wolf Brigade

    Orange juice is a open world game 😆

  • Francisco

    visit kingdom 2110 it is a great kingdom if you want to really play the game

  • Ibrahem Adnan
    Ibrahem Adnan

    This game depends on paying a lot of money.

    • Edward Griffin Raofelo 1538002
      Edward Griffin Raofelo 1538002

      This game depends on spending a lot of time not money you can play while being F2P

  • Firas No scope
    Firas No scope

    I download it

  • I don’t know what to put here so I put this
    I don’t know what to put here so I put this

    Why... just why... this game sucks on so many levels.

    • B_Sami


  • Vainmonde De Courtney
    Vainmonde De Courtney

    This was an epic PR move by ROK, considering the weird ads they are belting out

    • hElLo tHeRe
      hElLo tHeRe


  • It's Jayvier
    It's Jayvier

    This game sucks

  • LHPanther139


  • Liam Yum yum
    Liam Yum yum

    Rise of kingdom sorry

  • Euro Wiskids
    Euro Wiskids

    Everyone use code oj in clash royal,clash of clans ,boom beach,hay day ,hay day pop & brawl stars its soo lucky

  • Liam Yum yum
    Liam Yum yum

    It’s like rock but better

  • Euro Wiskids
    Euro Wiskids

    Oooo I missed something I used code oj and I got amber ,spike,surge for code oj

  • LHPanther139

    It’s funny how I just got into the game

  • Alfried Norwin Barbacena
    Alfried Norwin Barbacena

    I'm actually playing this game because of PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator where I can get 3900 bux after I reach Level 17

  • sheesh

    The rise of mobile game ads


    Oj has been playing weird games these days you are supposed play clash royal

  • Jovany Roblero
    Jovany Roblero

    Just play clash of clans

  • Andrei Neacsu
    Andrei Neacsu

    Is it just me who got a Rise Of Kingdoms ad at the start?

  • dapeo24 대표이사
    dapeo24 대표이사


  • SomeDude ._.
    SomeDude ._.

    Rise of bad ads

  • Mecha man
    Mecha man

    Oj has found a new version of clash of clans

  • Maksura Kazi
    Maksura Kazi

    Oj we need minecraft series..plz😭

  • kalz 110
    kalz 110

    After this video up we will meet oj in ads for this game ☺️☺️

  • Youssef Emad
    Youssef Emad

    Oj can you make videos about this game please

  • Demir KIBRISLI
    Demir KIBRISLI

    0:52 He understood what the man said but was too lazy to translate

  • Alex Androme
    Alex Androme

    I literally just got a ad about ROK and telling the new vikings bonuses

    • Sol Saquilabon
      Sol Saquilabon

      The RAK ads are annoying not just cuz they are bad but since I see them all the time

    • MajesticAaa

      I’ve seen over 10 ROK ads today All with that Ludwig guy

  • SpikeeVin- Brawl Stars
    SpikeeVin- Brawl Stars

    Hey OJ can you play coc again pls. -SpikeeVin

  • Deepa Prabhu Kamat
    Deepa Prabhu Kamat

    A new game . Yeahhh

  • Andraz7

    Wow. This new clash of clans update looks seek

  • J_The_Goat

    Lol I literally just downloaded it when u posted the vid😹

    • Manuel Corcino
      Manuel Corcino


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