Princess Lunar Challenge 🧧
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Princess Lunar New Year challenge is here and we've got the best bait deck for the challenge, has the highest win rate.
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  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    I love CR Kingdom :heart_eyes: You will too! Would you watch strategy videos if I made them?

    • Omar Osama
      Omar Osama

      I thought cr for clash royals😂

    • Rosa M Hernandez
      Rosa M Hernandez

      Yes I am addicted to it!

    • Archana Adhana
      Archana Adhana


    • Jaco Chong
      Jaco Chong

      The chinese word you said means wallet XD, you meant hong bao right? (you said ngan bao)




    do you know if it will be limited with the lengender border.

  • Michelplayss

    8-0 zero losses dubbele barel skellibarel gobilbarel with inferno tower

    • Michelplayss

      Same deck but inferno tower

  • Krish Singh
    Krish Singh


  • ლBearლ

    Yo im in your clan rn

  • Demon

    Am I blind or does he never post a link to copy the decks he uses in the videos?

  • Zachary Yeung
    Zachary Yeung

    I lost.

  • Calum Wong
    Calum Wong

    You can com my sponsor it's plants Vs zombie2

  • Josh Colon
    Josh Colon

    Ik this doesnt pertain to the vid but i challenge you to use this deck (e-wiz, ice wiz, night witch, lumber/loon, scarmy, zap, fire cracker)... i wanna see skill with only one spell... my CR tag is (YouMagesty) QCVYQV8JG

  • Sujatha Jayakumar
    Sujatha Jayakumar

    Guys pls try this cheese deck on Witch,night witch,mega knight,wall breakers,skeleton barrel,log,arrows and the main cheese CCCCCLLLLLLLOOOOWWWWWNNNNNN(CLOWN

    • Sujatha Jayakumar
      Sujatha Jayakumar

      Clown is the last card

  • SuperRuss

    It would’ve been funny if it gave 4444 coins (which is unlucky/evil)

  • srb1

    Oi, that Cookie Run game looked sick! Hah

  • Pankaj Sabharwal
    Pankaj Sabharwal

    Oj i am not able to see your more juice channel as it is showing error in found dns address plz do something

  • Cynthia Vasquez
    Cynthia Vasquez

    OJ ur decks never failed me but this one made me lose my tries

  • Siddh Goswami
    Siddh Goswami

    Are you going to do the infinite elixir challenge or you’re sick of doing it in 2020

  • nyim dewan
    nyim dewan

    A challenge for you OJ... Win with a Royal Recruit Deck....I dare you

  • seguuro

    Where is touchdown??? 😠

  • Tushar Kamble
    Tushar Kamble

    Whattay dex I won like hell❤️

  • _SOMEONE _
    _SOMEONE _

    Went 8-0 with a logbait

  • Ευκλείδης Σαμανίδης
    Ευκλείδης Σαμανίδης

    can we 1v1

  • phoenix

    8 wins 0 lose from this deck yay Love Oj❤❤❤❤

  • 1 1
    1 1

    🤔🤨looks like it's scripted bots and a payment ship with supercell you can't even do this in reality huh 😂😹😹

  • the cew crew
    the cew crew

    Because there is so much bait I found that using both log and barbarian barrel worked really well

  • Best Previews
    Best Previews

    I won with MK, Valk, Skarmy, EQ, Poison, Princess, log and Gobby barrel

  • carter.warrennn

    I won the emote from this deck

  • Corrupted Cayden
    Corrupted Cayden

    Chúc mừng năm mới

  • Bullexiz Teguh
    Bullexiz Teguh

    Ladder is riged i keep fighting level 10-11 when im level 9

  • austin chen
    austin chen

    use all win conditions, i got 8 - 1

  • kk123 xe13
    kk123 xe13

    8:35 pau

  • J P888
    J P888

    OJ’s channel and videos are getting more subs and views every video

  • Sonali Dutt
    Sonali Dutt

    7:58 It looks as if that dart goblin had some spawn damage and made a crater

  • matija kricaj
    matija kricaj


  • Wacko Product
    Wacko Product

    I was wa I ting fr thisss , I thought he wasn’t going to do it and just played and he posts it after I lose....

  • Jagdish Gamit
    Jagdish Gamit

    What's your real name ?? Oj???? Or can I join your club in brawl stars ???and where where you from

  • xx J. 7 xx
    xx J. 7 xx

    OrAnge pls reply to me this year is my zodiac sign, the ox!! Please I’m not lying I’m 12 this year

  • Mr Lickball
    Mr Lickball

    Oj what is ur real name

  • CLINSMANN Francesco
    CLINSMANN Francesco

    Tip don't use oj's Deck bait suck

  • Ayden Orn
    Ayden Orn

    Me eating 3 oranges while watching oj lol

  • Naman Martolia
    Naman Martolia

    Frick u

  • Champ Gaming
    Champ Gaming

    Thanks OJ I found a great game because of you! Recommend the game to everyone

  • astro Shadow
    astro Shadow


  • astro Shadow
    astro Shadow


  • Xpiron

    I used classic log bait but I replaced log with arrows. I got 1 loss lol

  • Toon Simon
    Toon Simon

    Oj: dont play too much on 1 day Me: oops i did 8-1 in 2 hours

    • Krishiv Khambhayata
      Krishiv Khambhayata

      lol same...mine was 6-2 and then hands were shaking!!

  • Don King
    Don King

    Brawl stars again please

  • Christine Jale Villanil
    Christine Jale Villanil

    Hey oj i played eith uou

  • Mark Theseira
    Mark Theseira

    I’m sure you get this a lot but your voice is that of a true narrator

  • Anthony Phang
    Anthony Phang

    Im late sorry

  • GuitarPlw

    I loved when he said “Aung Pao” it sounded like Thai “อั่งเปา”

  • Karthik Dharam
    Karthik Dharam

    He is the God of clash royale

  • Harsh Suthar
    Harsh Suthar

    Cr kindom nah lagg

  • chonky boi
    chonky boi

    Yay I just got the emote

  • Lihua Dong
    Lihua Dong

    Does OJ speak a bit Chinese? Or nothing?

  • Phyo Min Thant
    Phyo Min Thant

    Love your vids

  • fatpiggy121

    is red pockets,and in chinese is 紅包 ( hong bao )

  • Phyo Min Thant
    Phyo Min Thant

    Love you man I lost so I can’t get the emote love you man

  • Anubhav Negi
    Anubhav Negi

    Mirror Is op for this challenge

  • Aparna S
    Aparna S

    OJ more cookie run kingdom videos in morejuice channel plzzz

  • 16-Nehal Ughade
    16-Nehal Ughade

    This is the choosen one🌟🙄

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    I like how not a single comment (except his own) has more than 11 replies

  • Alexander Anaya
    Alexander Anaya

    Is the princess emote limited?

  • ddy ak
    ddy ak

    I didn’t get a ebarb emote for the price

  • Bullexiz Teguh
    Bullexiz Teguh

    I got destroy three time by the same guy on the second challenge

  • Tripledragon 64
    Tripledragon 64

    Post more cookie run content

  • Sum 1
    Sum 1

    Who else said Instant download to cookie run

  • Hemraj Ji
    Hemraj Ji

    Sir please help me to join your clan iam your subscriber

  • Hemraj Ji
    Hemraj Ji

    Oj i enter your code in clash royal and i want to join your clan

  • Atharv Manjrekar
    Atharv Manjrekar

    Even I got Madeline and Pomegranate cookie

  • nayan machhi
    nayan machhi

    6:37 laugh like Hank Schrader

  • Rookie NOOB
    Rookie NOOB

    I made my own deck and crushed it

  • Swati Navadia
    Swati Navadia

    Thanks oj for such good videos and content.pls give me heart

  • liew quan
    liew quan

    Red packs in Chinese is Hong pao and it contains money

  • Kim Anh Nguyễn
    Kim Anh Nguyễn

    Khu ru

  • Jeibrix Tubon
    Jeibrix Tubon

    I went 8-1 with this deck LumberJ Log Barb Barrel Gob Barrel Hunter Princess Valk Rocket I only lost because I wasn't paying attention 😂

  • Vakile Sakile
    Vakile Sakile

    Frick=tribe=big=brain=small=1iq=oj swearing

  • Cosmic Nugget
    Cosmic Nugget

    OJ! its not "haobao" its 红包! (hong bao) Im swedish BTW...

  • Pablowy Blef
    Pablowy Blef

    Oj if you get more then 148 power cubes in brawl stars i will donate 10£ on stream

  • Karim Dandash
    Karim Dandash

    So you make them, upgrade them and run with them. Can you eat them?

  • LEGO Master Yoda I am
    LEGO Master Yoda I am

    OJ actually loves this sponsorship

  • W gaming
    W gaming

    I love cookie run kingdom but i cant open the link

  • heckin BAMBOOZLED
    heckin BAMBOOZLED

    I can't get cookie run kingdom because my phone wont let me!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Light Manifestation
    The Light Manifestation

    "bomb takes care of everything and princess tanks for the princess!" Yes it does, OJ. (7:37)

  • 3 WaD dj
    3 WaD dj

    I lost at the last game ☹️😭

  • Dara the robotic mega dino shark
    Dara the robotic mega dino shark

    Ah Pauh?

  • Gergely Bohus
    Gergely Bohus

    Hard to believe but I've done this challenge 8-0 using lava-loon-arrows-Log :)

  • Gabriel Weaver
    Gabriel Weaver

    Such great content

  • Obedthian UK
    Obedthian UK

    10:32 Larry don't touch that Larry!

  • Richard Opris
    Richard Opris

    Orange 🍊 Juice more like apple juice 🧃

    • Richard Opris
      Richard Opris

      Just kidding OJ, love your content

  • Mr Johnson
    Mr Johnson

    Are you going to a cooking stream soon

  • Ahmed Barry
    Ahmed Barry

    Oj chanels oj oj live jnn more oj

  • B&B Barbie and bunny’s Channel
    B&B Barbie and bunny’s Channel

    Ur the the worst clash Royale player I know next season I’m not going to use your code I’m going to use code havoc

  • Da Frost Playz
    Da Frost Playz

    O.J are you korean?

  • Singing Fish
    Singing Fish

    damn i had to win so many matches to get that emote, it was worth it though

  • Papi_Toxic 1
    Papi_Toxic 1

    If you can count how much times Oj says "Limeted " your a legend :)

    • Krishiv Khambhayata
      Krishiv Khambhayata

      even you cant

  • Arnav Sharma
    Arnav Sharma

    wait OJ has a 4th channel now? how many is he gonna get?

  • Samuel D
    Samuel D

    Just the good old princess goblin barrel knight inferno dragon deck works perfectly well got 8 wins and 0 losses with ez.

  • GoodGrind

    Get me to 100 k

  • GoodGrind

    Get me to 100k

  • G W V
    G W V

    alahly fw8 aljmy3

  • Mohammed Ad
    Mohammed Ad