Rank 30 Griff 💰
Pushing Griff in one of his best modes (VolleyBrawl) to Rank 30 (1000 Trophies).

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  • saalih nuhovic
    saalih nuhovic

    others laugh: hahaha OJ laugh: nhanhanhanha

  • Trafento

    Only oj would use the word thunk

  • not a terraria weeb
    not a terraria weeb


  • ❄Pika❄

    Wow oj gg🐣🤩

  • Ден

    Твой смех просто нечто😁


    Gale in volleybrawl is insane

  • holly trinnaman
    holly trinnaman

    so uh i am getting rank 25 rosa currently at rank 24 and i am also struggling

  • LiL MrBeast
    LiL MrBeast

    WTF .. There is SpicyToaat .. I am Not There 😭

  • pretham

    Why team code is not showing at the top corner of your screen!!??

  • dark dyna
    dark dyna

    Guess what is missing oj loosing

  • Peter B. Hansen
    Peter B. Hansen

    I love how oj is like,I’m not in danger your in danger,I’m not lagging your lagging

  • Aryan Pansuria
    Aryan Pansuria

    Why you don't became Griff 😭

  • ecvil

    Nobody: Literally nobody: OJ: Nia nia nia nia

  • Giorgio BS
    Giorgio BS

    I miss the outfit

  • #Best Dad Of The Year
    #Best Dad Of The Year

    I love the videos where OJ spits trophies

  • Shubhansh Kesary
    Shubhansh Kesary

    📦 Yes ,GIVEAWAY if I will get 5000 subscribers in this account then i will Giveaway, there is much chance that you will be the winner ,yes 🤳 you only because in 5000 subscribers not every one will participate in Giveaway so maybe you will be the winner 🏆🎁🔥

  • jelly64 - Brawl Stars
    jelly64 - Brawl Stars

    Oj: i just triple wiped them! Everybody watching the vid: you mean teamwipe?

  • Brawl Stars Matthew
    Brawl Stars Matthew

    Huh oj I thought you were in the club orange juice wich club are you?

  • StarrPark MainPage
    StarrPark MainPage

    Camera angle is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Random HCR player
    Random HCR player

    With gale in this mode you can push everyone

  • PooPyman

    How To get any character to rank 30 just get good teammates

  • amir67

    does anyone know what oj club is in brawl stars

  • A while guy with no hands
    A while guy with no hands

    That thumbnail tho...

  • Kayser

    2:35 OJ Is Mickey Mouse

  • Mithun Sundar
    Mithun Sundar


  • Plantje 18
    Plantje 18

    Mom: You can’t eat too much suger, you will get hyperactive! God: 9:09

  • Bruce Andrades
    Bruce Andrades

    What abt I AM GRIFF!!!! I love that series!!!

  • Banana Banana
    Banana Banana

    Congrat for griff

  • Spicy juice
    Spicy juice

    Plot twist Oj ran out of stuff to use for cosplay thats why he doesn't cosplay

  • Straw-Brawl Stars
    Straw-Brawl Stars

    Do poco next

  • ABDULLAH Affan
    ABDULLAH Affan

    Playing against dyna as mortis yesterday I perfectly dodged his super and saved the game

  • Fleone Z
    Fleone Z

    And here I am being happy for finally pushing mu\y first brawler to 500 trophies with randumbs. By the way it is belle.

  • Aanchal Kalwani
    Aanchal Kalwani

    Tommorow is Brawl talk

  • Ez Baller
    Ez Baller

    Oh be like heaheaheaheaheaheaheahehehehe

  • BS

    can i friend you oj? i wanna push and cheese with you

  • Gav Paul
    Gav Paul

    So you know how Colt is always asking for his mommy? Belle is always saying stuff about her son and “mommy’s here” i think that Colt is Belle son, they also look a lot alike

  • Poke’Tree

    Hi I made a youtude channel can you please make a widower with me

  • Flamesjing

    hey, can someone help me? I'm playing on iPad and I cant make the game full screen, it has black edges and I cant figure out how to make it full screen like it is on my phone.

  • CommanderCody

    So OJ, I found your brawl stars club, and found that you were 69th in that club. Nice bro 👌

  • Stu rusher
    Stu rusher

    Not hard just *annoying*

  • Kirbym Brawl stars
    Kirbym Brawl stars

    After so many streams he did it 🥳

  • Μαρια Μαρκακη
    Μαρια Μαρκακη

    How to "Griff" ur way to r30 Hihihi

  • sadness BS
    sadness BS

    bruh who makes ur thumbnails there amaaazinggg

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    I wish i had a squad like OJ i want spicy toast and Dizzy also OJ they are the best

    • Peter Ibanez
      Peter Ibanez

      Torchy is better cory when he push he found torchy

  • •AlexPlayz•

    Why you laung🤣🤣🤣

  • Abdullah Amir
    Abdullah Amir

    Griff is a great brawler

  • Parag Sharma
    Parag Sharma

    Please do cosplay:(

  • Samsung J1 Ace
    Samsung J1 Ace

    When is OJ becoming gRiff?

  • GDRubix

    Why didn’t you do a cosplay :( Good video anyway

  • Hi Ariana
    Hi Ariana

    Why u didn't be griff

  • Gummy Boy
    Gummy Boy

    ψηανγε τηε ψαμερα

  • Shaurya Bhadauria
    Shaurya Bhadauria

    Oj at last : ....that is not as hard as using CODE- OJ... :D

  • Premananda Swain
    Premananda Swain

    Is everyone thinking Brawl Talk on 21st August or is it only me 🤔🤔

  • Komal Patel
    Komal Patel

    Btw congratulations but what about becoming grieff?


    9:33 bro

  • Game Over
    Game Over

    Real Title Should be : Cheesing in Volley Ball and Pushing Griff to Rank 30

  • Samuela

    Use code:OJ pls pinned

  • Devkisantoshi Prasad
    Devkisantoshi Prasad

    I got cheese in acute angle in spon u can trap your self take 20 gem and trap as quick as possible and poco will heel game got Draw or win it will counter

  • Subhash Bajaj
    Subhash Bajaj

    When oj makes a video to push any brawler on volleybrawll Me- Oh it's a gale push video.

  • Valďa


  • Carley Towner
    Carley Towner


  • Yuan Delfin
    Yuan Delfin

    On 3:13 i thought that evil gene was a true gold dyna

  • SC - Ymir
    SC - Ymir

    9:33 Brawl Stars cursed image xD

  • ISC_Vansh

    People waiting for oj to cosplay (like me😉😉😉) : Are we a joke to you >:(

  • Yare Yare Daze
    Yare Yare Daze

    thought* not thunk

  • Tee De Hong
    Tee De Hong

    hi oj,😁😄😊🙂🤍 i wanna tell you other🧀 cheese 🧀things🧀. you can cheese 🧀🧀🧀in hard rock mine by trapping them in the corner, minecart madness by blowing them onto the minecarts or at the corner also can, tons of cheese in flooded dam other than the dam, maybe caver churn, and gene pull on Forsaken Falls, and dont forget nruhC nrevaC. done with gem grab and showdown, Snaked Assault maybe can at the corner, and safe zone put rosa's gadget on the left side, put gale's gadget in the bushes and jump over the walls then go bam bam bam! there's some thing called moat i like to do in snake prairie, its quite easy, you go bull and charge your super, then go to your side stick on to a wall and bulldozer the grass, when the moat is done, you can see everyone coming towards you then attack. nothing really in brawl ball except in winter party and did the tara sprout thing get fixed? coz if it did then some of the above might not work. but there's everything i got so far. hope you saw it. Bye 😃🤍🤍🧀🧀🧀

  • Shuja Ali
    Shuja Ali

    Where cash register oj?

  • Dominyko Polis
    Dominyko Polis

    I' saw Spicy toast in the game

  • Cookiewolf 101
    Cookiewolf 101

    You should push a brawler to rank 30 by only chesseng

  • Elliott Lam
    Elliott Lam

    Is OJ ever gonna continue to play Cookie Run: Kingdom?

    • Peter Ibanez
      Peter Ibanez

      No he said that on the primo stream because they Dont sponsr him anymore

  • Nat Foo
    Nat Foo

    Congrats oj😁😊🎉🤓

  • Aarav Desai
    Aarav Desai

    Moreee Cookie run kingdom 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😊😊😊😊😊😊😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

  • Moh YT
    Moh YT

    Pls push griff to rank 40

  • OJ TO DO LIST: .more cookie run kingdom content .install famous and clickbait games and play them .Post more on other channels

  • António Maia
    António Maia

    Olá you can be my friend in brawl stars ?

    • António Maia
      António Maia

      Sorry isn't "Olá" it's hi

  • DarkLord

    OJ: pushing to rank 30 is easy Dizzy & Spicy: Today need just two dose of the head ache medicine

  • Akshat - Brawl Stars
    Akshat - Brawl Stars


  • Mango Men
    Mango Men

    hey oj. my club is gone as someone kicked everyone and ruinied it. what do i do

  • Niraj Malik
    Niraj Malik

    OJ laughs like Koro Sensei

  • Noreen Fatima
    Noreen Fatima

    make vedio on bos 2nd gdget in volley brawl its S tier

  • Snooooopy

    highlight video- win win win live-win lose lose win lose lose

  • Ethan Hung
    Ethan Hung

    idh griff yet :(

  • Fabian Herrmann
    Fabian Herrmann

    Oj, youre the best RSloftr.😉

  • Nep Bahadur Chaudhary
    Nep Bahadur Chaudhary

    Emergency nerf idea :the twister will damage over time ,slows enemy , and sucks like tara super does hope supercell fix this insane gadget its like torture every time i try to play volley brawl a stupid(mastermind) gale is always present

  • FuzzyBinkie9102

    Buzz + Griff = buff


    O.j. I dont like the new camera angle

  • Kurensu-kun

    10:13 Rapper OJ 😂

  • Kurensu-kun

    Here before Gale's Twister gets nerfed ✋😁

  • Different Camera 📷 Angle?

  • Pradeep Mishra
    Pradeep Mishra

    69 dislike

  • kxithbsYT


  • Geetha venu
    Geetha venu

    Cosplay 😡

  • Dzemil Duranović
    Dzemil Duranović

    The tvister of wining

  • Axel - Brawl Stars
    Axel - Brawl Stars

    This man is a legend he pushed 2 brawlers to r30 in a week

  • Bear19

    Nice man!


    Cosplay ?????

  • HyperNova-Brawl Stars
    HyperNova-Brawl Stars

    The only reason OJ get to r30 with 4 brawler cuz SuperCell didn't fix Volleybrawl

  • Jeremy Lawrence Falzado
    Jeremy Lawrence Falzado


  • Parth Batra
    Parth Batra

    For real bruh he has lots of channel i literally just saw his drscription now 🤯

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    Hay Oj

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