Ruff is a RANGED auto-aim brawler 🍊
Sponsored by Cookie Run: Kingdom!
Download here:
Colonel Ruff gameplay vs BenTimm1. He can UNLOAD all 3 ammo instantly so auto aim works SURPRISINGLY WELL for him.
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  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    Cookie Run: Kingdom released this week and it hit #1 in the app stores! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! I'm so glad they sponsored me. 11/10 I recommend you download it:

    • Ngoy Sophia
      Ngoy Sophia

      @Spike the impostor Supercell gave it to him early

    • Arkyshi

      I quit brawl stars because my old friend hacked into my account, started to take over 😑

    • ramses Tapia
      ramses Tapia

      How you download that game pls please 🙏 please 🙏 please 🙏 please 🙏

    • Solomon Feye
      Solomon Feye

      Yes you red 3

    • bandanada gaming
      bandanada gaming

      @SoAwesam Gaming it's the Sponcer not the video dumbass I've been watching him since 2018

  • Mark Tsang
    Mark Tsang

    Kernel ruffs skin lol

  • Ina Gvozdenovic
    Ina Gvozdenovic

    0:38 his star power deals 2000 damage Lool

  • Sibi Sridhar
    Sibi Sridhar

    I like space updates in every game. This one gives me good memories of zombsroyale season 2 back at 2018.

  • Tribe Johny
    Tribe Johny

    This is so good

  • 43723 chan
    43723 chan

    I almost gets Ruff

  • Bearking 1703
    Bearking 1703

    I’m the 500th comment let’s go! Now I can officially say I was last

  • влад

    Ew you in orange juice gang 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢 Milk is better 🤡🤑😎🤑😎🤡😎😎🤑🤡😎🤑😎

  • MaydanozGamer XXX
    MaydanozGamer XXX

    They are not! Sand bags they are dog food

  • Blazing_Dragon

    Everyone focusing on who would win, Ben or Oj Me looking at the sandbags teleporting 😎😎

  • rockstarninja 3210
    rockstarninja 3210


  • pǝʎJ ɥɐıW
    pǝʎJ ɥɐıW

    ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌

  • BIBLE MYSTERIES Herminia Sendon Ramos
    BIBLE MYSTERIES Herminia Sendon Ramos


  • arsenelium

    Alt title: testing rico 2.0

  • Kundan parmar
    Kundan parmar

    Cononel ruff

  • Ean6516

    Bro i didnt know that BT1 liked MHA lol


    How do you get him?!

  • Alluka Zoldyck
    Alluka Zoldyck

    18 seconds ago and I wondered why there are 476 comment wtf, it’s 6 days ago are you kidding me yt-

  • asthmatic monkey
    asthmatic monkey

    Can’t wait for the first ruff buff

  • Happy Plays
    Happy Plays

    Bows totem and ruffs gaget make the same noise when spawned

  • Rex Ferguson
    Rex Ferguson

    I’m convinced to play cookie run kingdom

  • santtu But
    santtu But

    Ruff isnt out yet even

  • pumpking 1
    pumpking 1

    Hey oj i got banned from the game idk why :( (not brawl stars) but cookie run

  • Adrian Biado
    Adrian Biado

    Fun fact:ruff's sandbag is actually he's dog food

    • ayo what you mean
      ayo what you mean

      Nice big brain momen

    • D.I.S .C.O
      D.I.S .C.O

      @Adrian Biado yeah, that's why I said I'm sorry, cuz I'm kinda OCD on grammar sometimes. Good job finding out that Ruff's sandbags are dog food. It's a really cool detail.

    • Adrian Biado
      Adrian Biado

      @D.I.S .C.O sorry I'm twelve I'm a bit low on grammar

    • Adrian Biado
      Adrian Biado

      @D.I.S .C.O thanks 👍

    • D.I.S .C.O
      D.I.S .C.O

      @Adrian Biado you said "he's" instead of "his" which is the right word to be used.

  • ramses Tapia
    ramses Tapia

    Oj how you download that game

  • Aarux Tv
    Aarux Tv

    I like your videos

  • Aiden Lai
    Aiden Lai

    I can’t play it cause it 12+

    • Aiden Lai
      Aiden Lai

      Cookie run kingdom

  • oofly the oof
    oofly the oof

    It says 12+ BUT IM 8 AND IN 2 MONTHS ILL BE 9 now I will be able to get cookie run kindom

  • y eh
    y eh

    Why I think I would love the cookie kingdom game

  • Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha
    Imran Sidath Ariasinghe Ariyasinha

    I can't download the app ☹️

    • Sam’s Amazing
      Sam’s Amazing


  • OoFer

    Can I say that I already downloaded Cookie Run kingdom

  • roolet

    Its cheese brawler

  • kanal.

    Rico:you took everything from me Colonel ruffs:Lol

  • Dariuz Playz
    Dariuz Playz

    I'm confused how these guys get the stuff early

  • ꧁B3B3F1R3꧂イメ

    i am 10k like

  • OsmanAga-FG

    New brawler is dog Oj:My dog playing with colonel ruffs

  • Dave Akahoshi
    Dave Akahoshi

    How. Are. Get ing. Him

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    Best 👍

  • Roshmik Agrawal
    Roshmik Agrawal

    Kairos: colonel ruffs is not gonna be soo good in showdown Oj: 4:45

  • Rishikesh P Raj
    Rishikesh P Raj

    Tell me oj in which advanced server are you playing

  • - SRG -
    - SRG -

    Use 8bit turred with this power up to see what hapent...

  • SANDY Legendary
    SANDY Legendary

    I download the cookie Run kingdom

  • Ankan Datta
    Ankan Datta

    just a thaught,ruff's gadget, penny's attack

  • Shane O
    Shane O

    How did you get ruffs before he even comes out??

  • i love you
    i love you

    4:56 proof colenel ruffs is magic archer

  • Jugando con Denisitos
    Jugando con Denisitos

    1:50 I love that game lol

  • Clickbait ._.
    Clickbait ._.

    I just got a LEX ad from a OG vid. This is really odd.

  • HeishiX

    So, it’s Ruff v Edgar in this meta.

  • test test
    test test

    umm i think its not sandbag i think its paw food for dogs ._.

  • Takemo

    Can you do cheese with him?

  • Brawler AhM EmN
    Brawler AhM EmN


  • Federico, Jr. Galang
    Federico, Jr. Galang

    I'm trying to find it from play store cookie run kingdom but it's not there 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Greninja Gaming
    Greninja Gaming

    Code: OJ to respect the cheese

  • Adhithya Amudhan
    Adhithya Amudhan

    the only question is : can this be used to cheese?

  • Dark assassin YT
    Dark assassin YT

    2:49 skip the sponser

  • Dacia George
    Dacia George

    For me cornal ruff is not there yet

  • DarkDUD YT
    DarkDUD YT

    Did anyone notice that when gadget is activated, it makes the bo totem sound

  • Lord SabrMort
    Lord SabrMort

    OJ 2021 - Easy peasy ORANGE squeezy

  • Gaurab Faiju
    Gaurab Faiju

    Is he really out

  • Rajesh Shrivastava
    Rajesh Shrivastava

    7:20 the bags can also teleport

  • Benjamin yi
    Benjamin yi

    A oj you also need to get cookie run it’s kinda similar

  • Useless UTuber
    Useless UTuber

    For me he is not out yet

  • C.Q. Cumber
    C.Q. Cumber

    His super is the better royal delivery

  • Daushvili

    dude u wer in me game

  • SoAwesam Gaming
    SoAwesam Gaming


  • SoAwesam Gaming
    SoAwesam Gaming


  • Night Beast - Pixel Gun 3D
    Night Beast - Pixel Gun 3D


  • ITz Foxy
    ITz Foxy

    I love yuor intro

  • ؟؟؟؟ 111
    ؟؟؟؟ 111

    He is legendary?

    • ؟؟؟؟ 111
      ؟؟؟؟ 111

      @Rey-Brawl StarsV2 OK thx

    • Rey-Brawl StarsV2
      Rey-Brawl StarsV2


  • Sofiane Rekkas
    Sofiane Rekkas

    OJ The Cheese Master, Chief Pat The Showdown King, Kairos The Know It All, Lex The Dirty Gemmer, Rey The Sweat, Ben The "one box", and we don't talk about Tom , Spen the Screeching Solo , Coach Cory the Meme Watcher. Original poster: me btw I don't mind if u copy it :)

    • Sofiane Rekkas
      Sofiane Rekkas

      yes indeed very true

  • Rijul Dangol
    Rijul Dangol

    I was playin brawl stars talking about byron and got byron

  • Mohith Sampath
    Mohith Sampath

    3:50 the first page after update

  • Vexter Gaming
    Vexter Gaming

    Kairos : ruffs is bad for showdowns OJ:nonono

  • Vexter Gaming
    Vexter Gaming

    The new loading screen is sick dude

  • Jireh Choo
    Jireh Choo

    4:56 T H E P O W E R O F G E O M E T R Y

  • potential

    7.20...look at the sand backs tp 🤣🤣🤣

  • potential

    I wonder how strong bea charge attach will be with rugh super which increase 20 percent and 8 bit super... Can u try

  • 15 echan
    15 echan

    I think if they gave him a new star power it will probs be to be able to stack buff

  • Cosmic fox
    Cosmic fox

    Those sand bags TP?

  • bananaship2gaming gaming
    bananaship2gaming gaming

    dynamike: demolition col. ruff: the cooler demolition

  • José Pedro Capitão
    José Pedro Capitão


  • Veer Chheda
    Veer Chheda

    Can he break walls without start power?

    • Veer Chheda
      Veer Chheda

      I mean star


    Imagine an 8-bit with his super, the supply drop and his gadget

  • RyanonymousGamer

    OJ Imagine an Autofocus Nani plus 8-bit turret plus Colonel Ruffs Power cube. Instant death. (Sad Tick Noises)

  • Sameer Gamer99
    Sameer Gamer99


  • DanTheMan - Brawl Stars
    DanTheMan - Brawl Stars

    I can already see Ruff and Bo in duo showdown ramping up each other and camping xD

  • Jaybharti Tripathi
    Jaybharti Tripathi

    7:05 loading screen revealed!!!!

    • UTEZEZ

      3:50 Am i a joke to you

  • Md.Kamal Hossain
    Md.Kamal Hossain

    nobody is gonna talk about the cool loading screen thats the best

  • eiji lui
    eiji lui

    How do he get Ruff?

  • sean mckenzie a penero
    sean mckenzie a penero

    Why i cant install it >:(('

  • Nael Aries Partogi Manik
    Nael Aries Partogi Manik

    How they can play new brawler even is not released yet

  • Red and Black Stars
    Red and Black Stars

    11:32 lmao bt1 already has 644

  • Bhaskar Saha
    Bhaskar Saha

    It's useless 😒

  • It's Potato Sauce
    It's Potato Sauce

    The loading screen O-O

  • Spike WILLIAMS [11T1]
    Spike WILLIAMS [11T1]

    code oj in the shop 🍊

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Wait ITS update

  • TheBrawlGuy - Brawl Stars
    TheBrawlGuy - Brawl Stars

    7:05 New loading screen tho....

  • Naznin Mustari
    Naznin Mustari

    Is the sponsered game better than brawl stars

  • Kryptos 786x
    Kryptos 786x

    I like this update

  • Jeff Bs
    Jeff Bs

    How do u get the sneak peak

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