Season Update & Balances 🍊
Clash Royale season 27 update with balance changes, new emotes, new tower skins, new arena and talks about a NEW update coming in the near future.
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  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    I GET IT, IT'S A TURNIP! My bad

    • Phantom Soul
      Phantom Soul

      we all make mistakes

    • NoName _
      NoName _

      461 like on this comment

    • Koro Sensei
      Koro Sensei

      @Krish wttf😂😂😂

    • zeno grigore
      zeno grigore

      2:21 CLAN WARS III

    • Wild Pancake 🥞
      Wild Pancake 🥞


  • Havelund Jensen
    Havelund Jensen


  • Op Charmander
    Op Charmander

    This Video Made Me Subscribe 🤪

  • Lane Callow
    Lane Callow

    Ive used a royal hog cycle deck for a year and there is no reason for them to get buffed there already broken enough

  • Lane Callow
    Lane Callow

    I think the guards are incredibly underrated and i use them all of the fricking time and dominate with them! So the buff is like a blessing in disguise

  • Ирина Стрель
    Ирина Стрель

    Клэш рояль умер позор этой игре 👎 клановая нафиг никому не нужна у тебя карты 7 ЛВ у врага 13 ЛВ как играть клановую войну где логика .

  • Ost Ehsan
    Ost Ehsan


  • Ost Ehsan
    Ost Ehsan

    my best Card with B.E.K.A more wow biddy

  • Sam Pijnenburg
    Sam Pijnenburg

    Thanks oj

  • ̔̏

    I dislike this season the loading screen is really cringe

  • Potatoe

    Dude I always get matched with like lvl 10 players with 13 lvl cards meanwhile me a lvl 12 with lvl 10-11 lvl cards

  • Bayu Khrisna
    Bayu Khrisna

    Why you guys are always release over power character 🤦‍♂️

  • Aldo Estrada
    Aldo Estrada

    Fook poison

  • Endzii

    They got rid of the cake cutting emote

  • Pokemon Collect
    Pokemon Collect

    he said goison not once but twice

  • Sana Mhiri
    Sana Mhiri

    What are the challenges

  • _|_ SafeGuard
    _|_ SafeGuard

    It's been 4 years my friend since i last saw one of your videos. It's good to see you doing well

  • cicak ciricopulus
    cicak ciricopulus


  • Shawna Kervin
    Shawna Kervin

    not a small water melon, a cucamelon. it is an actual thing. look it up.

  • F.F.

    I’ve been running hogs for years….I always knew they would be op again

  • J R
    J R

    Pigs did not need to be buffed

  • Tum・bego


  • rDaRealSpeedy

    Guess my PEKKA BS is getting Dark Prince instead of Royal Ghost, to counter hogs

  • Post

    kitchen arena, new meta is kitchen cycle


    Idiots really nerfed my whole deck

  • Nathan Murphy
    Nathan Murphy

    5:14 "GOISION LMAO

    • Gxitch

      @Nathan Murphy don’t apologize

    • Nathan Murphy
      Nathan Murphy

      Oh sorry

    • Gxitch

      Grave yard and poison. That’s what he’s talking about

  • kentjhorick


  • Cole Kuper
    Cole Kuper

    it’s not a new executioner image when you view card info cause he never had one before (trust me he’s been my favorite card since he was released)

  • Lucas Fontana
    Lucas Fontana

    This NSX hoodie you're using is fire

  • Julie Ann Mendame
    Julie Ann Mendame

    So are you saying they ar in the giants kitchen

  • ar1stotelis 1306
    ar1stotelis 1306

    1:16 it's the radishes, look at the executioner's axe 🪓 👀

  • Adam Halldén (elev)
    Adam Halldén (elev)

    Fuuck they really don’t like the fire spirit do they :(

  • Klaudia Niko
    Klaudia Niko

    Oj for the next video can you show us the best deck.

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    I love the new update theme.

  • Dyno 1514
    Dyno 1514

    Please give fisher man buff

  • Little Cute Thing
    Little Cute Thing

    It crazy how much he look like Van Darkholme with mask!

  • Jawahar-red Nehru
    Jawahar-red Nehru

    Why they hate fire spirit so much.

  • Gunslinger


  • Aruj Bhatt
    Aruj Bhatt

    How to buff goelm ?🧐 Just Buff the night witch 😐😗

  • Bazz Thebeast
    Bazz Thebeast

    OJ what app do you use to see what deck to use

  • Free Doobies
    Free Doobies

    Night witch got an unnecessary nerf

  • Alex Nguyen
    Alex Nguyen

    The radishes are big or else how would you feed the giants

  • Saudara nightd
    Saudara nightd


  • Saudara nightd
    Saudara nightd

    Pllayer baru dikasih msh ssh

  • Saudara nightd
    Saudara nightd

    Game gk AU dri

  • Saudara nightd
    Saudara nightd

    Game dajjjal buruk

  • An3u _
    An3u _

    Sad day

  • Yolo Chip
    Yolo Chip

    Don't worry about Poison, oj... At least it'll never slow ATTACK speed again.

  • Nikko Gaming
    Nikko Gaming

    Heey oj how do u get the prince

  • More sheepherder
    More sheepherder

    I’m sad they didn’t nerf prince :((

  • Jose Escobedo
    Jose Escobedo

    People still like this game ?

  • scallop holden
    scallop holden

    A lot of radishes for this arena

  • Leancher

    fruitcake emote kinda homophobic ngl

  • Jaime

    11:05 is becose of thecnoblade

  • Kaleb Moody
    Kaleb Moody


  • MrAdxm

    Fact you probably don't need: If you don't get the emote you got do the emote you want in real life

  • Ian Lam
    Ian Lam

    OJ videos are just so good!

  • King Tallroth
    King Tallroth

    if the carrot is a regular carrot then does that mean that the clash royale and clash of clans universe is supper tiny

  • Akseli Ketonen
    Akseli Ketonen

    I did myself Pig deck and its so good

  • Stef Valk
    Stef Valk

    Lost my lvl 12 account bc I switched phones, downloaded the game today again, back on the grind

  • Soaklog

    0:46 Me when I find a village in Minecraft

  • Abhi

    They killed drill. Now you just get one extra goblin for one more elixir compared to g barrel and you can predict its placement easily and it slow . So whats the point of using drill ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ilia Shahrokhi
    Ilia Shahrokhi

    Oj : this question are more important the update Me : yes

  • Asaad Asaad
    Asaad Asaad

    They actually took the exy cake emote knife sound effect from happy wheels

  • 4k Subz Challenge
    4k Subz Challenge

    I remember clash royale good times

  • Mason Sena
    Mason Sena

    The water melon is normal because you can compare them to (hopefully) average sized people

  • shadow3xm

    6:26 OJ knows good stats for costs 😳

  • Ayush

    mboy firespirit is unusable for my decks now.....

  • Umbra

    They freaking nerfed my deck, royal g and fire spirit

  • Sushi dog
    Sushi dog

    These updates are really cool and unique

  • Simp

    bro the fire spirt isn't good anymore

  • Michelangelo's MIC
    Michelangelo's MIC

    Fact: If you ask people to like you videos their less likely to like you video. Bonus Fact: You read this because it said fact.

  • Swordmaster Sam
    Swordmaster Sam

    Kinda sad about the fire spirit nerf. I was having a lot of fun defending towers from Goblin barrel by using a furnace in the back.

  • Ryan gaming And more
    Ryan gaming And more

    Dude. I’m am shocked so much,this dude got to voice act as muscle cookie in cookie run kingdom,congrats!

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes

    Rip royal G

  • Ted Cation
    Ted Cation

    I'm loving the new buffs to the tombstone, goblins and poison 👍

  • Brian Huerta
    Brian Huerta

    I still see no damn balances yall

  • Çınar İnceoğlu
    Çınar İnceoğlu

    Never seen or done before : Nerf the Hog Rider !

  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin

    So mother witch loses health but the piglets will do more damage?

  • Paweu

    "It's the least used building in the game" I just realised that i can be the only tombstone user in 30 km radius

  • Clash with Ram
    Clash with Ram

    Nyz 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mrjoe101

    They buffed 3 of my cards I like this

  • 鳥山

    0:33- I thought that was OJ's voice and not the Executioner.


    oh my lord nerf the fucking hog rider already

  • Swiftyツ

    Poison yes pekka bridge spam is slowly getting better and I’ve used it since 2020

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    I smell an emergency nw nerf

  • Mahatva C.
    Mahatva C.

    Hi Everyone,Im a 29k player recently created a club named --> Final Brawlers, Please join my club,as it is a new one so you might get promoted,u can also bring ur mini account in my club,hope ill see you soon,Thanks.

  • ItsWither

    Eh I don’t really agree with the night witch update

  • Ivana Beckett
    Ivana Beckett


  • Anurag Upasani
    Anurag Upasani

    1:23 Oj is right they are too big 😂😂

  • F. Fritser
    F. Fritser

    5:09 triggered my goison PTSD

  • Playing Random Games
    Playing Random Games

    I always get happier when I see OJ posts

  • x1c36x

    Night witch sucks now 😭

  • cLuTcH BleacH
    cLuTcH BleacH

    And the nerfed fire spirit again....

  • cLuTcH BleacH
    cLuTcH BleacH

    Love the hoodie/shirt!

  • Ke Hu
    Ke Hu

    My fire spirit doesn’t kill goblin barrels anymore wtf

  • Mirrored {} Chaos
    Mirrored {} Chaos

    bomber was not very useful to begin with, another corpse kicked. get ready for another season of crap because they nerfed the wrong problem with fire spirits.

  • I͠ l͠o͠v͠e͠ c͠a͠r͠b͠u͠n͠c͠l͠e͠
    I͠ l͠o͠v͠e͠ c͠a͠r͠b͠u͠n͠c͠l͠e͠

    Executioner has a hobby now thats cooking

  • Teo Kefalov
    Teo Kefalov

    6:24 good stats for the cost

  • No Limit
    No Limit

    They lower egiant health but not the golem’s health lol

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