-the- BEST DECK for Balloon Challenge 🎈
This is one of the easiest to use decks for the Balloon Challenge. The Lunar New Year Balloon Festival Challenge spawns a ton of Balloons so you literally only need to stop the Balloon. This is the best deck because it's literally a hyper defensive deck that stops balloon. Just keep defending until you win.
Deck: link.clashroyale.com/deck/en?deck=26000035;26000017;26000044;28000012;26000084;26000049;26000040;28000017&id=2R900UR
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  • Daniel Mendez
    Daniel Mendez

    4:22 Oj:He's got a giant It's actually a golem 4:24 Oj:I'm going to go with an electro wizard It's actually an electro spirit

  • Dibyanshu Acharya
    Dibyanshu Acharya

    Lumberjack is the way of life...😂❤️

  • Username Was Taken
    Username Was Taken

    i used the deck and lost :( tbf i didnt watch the video multiple times

  • Clash Is Life
    Clash Is Life

    8:50 that was insane! Tornadoed at the same exact time lol

  • O C E A N 6 4 1
    O C E A N 6 4 1

    "Use code oj" 😂🥰

  • Irene Quebec
    Irene Quebec


  • Random stuff
    Random stuff

    The best kind of offense is defence,offense.

  • Xcalibar_1636

    I prefer to use ice wizard instead of dart goblin and u can also use the ice wiz + tornado combo

  • MagnusShortwave

    Thanks OJ, went 8-0 with this.

  • Old Fn Gamer
    Old Fn Gamer

    Wow, a deck so easy even I only had to reset once with Code OJ Thanks!!

  • Yashwant Meena XI-D
    Yashwant Meena XI-D

    Hey i got 8-0 wins. Great bruh!! This deck is skill less. 😂😂😂😂

  • adking gangsaw
    adking gangsaw

    Thanks for this deck OJ... 8-0.. No loss

  • Ghost 7
    Ghost 7

    I use this deck and win all the prize with 1 deck in silver league, thanks oj

  • Sandeep Ghala
    Sandeep Ghala

    I should also use magic archer for the genotry when the balloon comes

  • That One Cuber
    That One Cuber

    I mean oj

  • That One Cuber
    That One Cuber

    I bout the

  • Brian iFitness
    Brian iFitness

    Thanks OJ. Your recommended deck worked! I only lost once... to another user of your deck!

  • mvvbb

    Thanks OJ, went 8-0 with arrows instead of snowball and i am just a slightly above average player.

  • C builder
    C builder

    Thank OJ your deck work I win the the challege 9-2

  • sh fa
    sh fa

    משחק מסריח ברמות. וגם הערוץ הזה

  • TheGamingEgg

    Good luck with your mum

  • The Crystal Dash Mc
    The Crystal Dash Mc


  • Vijay

    I used ur deck and got 8 wins thnx for the deck ..now I m using code OJ

  • Jamie Boekhout
    Jamie Boekhout

    its also good with ebarbs

  • Pranto

    Thanks. I really appreciate your help. I completed this challenge on first try with the deck.

  • Anime hub
    Anime hub

    7:52 Look at his face lmfao🤣

  • Omji Vishwakarma
    Omji Vishwakarma

    Hah me and my bro win with zero loses 😎😎

    • Omji Vishwakarma
      Omji Vishwakarma

      With your deck nice keep it up

  • Anshul Moto
    Anshul Moto

    Thanks for the deck but can you please make an video on princess draft challenge

  • Benfica 5
    Benfica 5

    What is a good replacement for lumberjack ima do this challenge on my second

  • Manny Lpz
    Manny Lpz

    Lmao garbage deck

  • Nick Alonso
    Nick Alonso

    Lol I didn't lose once with this deck

  • Caleb E
    Caleb E

    Went 8-1 with this deck, thanks so much :)

  • Maxfire Max
    Maxfire Max

    OJ: he got a giant Me: that is one nice rocky giant he has

  • ZoDiAc GaMiNg
    ZoDiAc GaMiNg

    I tried this deck and wow I lost 3 time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • M Pranav
    M Pranav

    noob deck noob guy wase of time make your won deck

  • Nadira Sultana
    Nadira Sultana

    What happened if we connect to supercell id from play game,is the game is copied in the play game ,i am confused about that .Iam taking saying about all other supercell games. Do anyone know

  • MD Amiruddin
    MD Amiruddin

    Use the best deck for every challenge Use Code oj

  • Akshaj Thakur
    Akshaj Thakur


  • kiantgr

    Oj im sorry I'm f2p but I use ur code🙏🏻🙏🏻😰😨

  • Nima Yousefi
    Nima Yousefi

    3:03 is my favourite part


    Thank you oj won 8 games in a row with this deck

  • Mahindra Rathore
    Mahindra Rathore

    Stay juicy!!!

  • 1 1
    1 1

    Mee too using Tesla ice wizard and executioner and bats and electro spirit

  • Xavier

    You require lumberjack... *Ah shit! Here we go again*

  • Jonah McKouen
    Jonah McKouen

    Went 8-1 with this deck thanks

  • daleezy

    I suggest using e wiz for this challenge

  • Sad Nub Games
    Sad Nub Games

    Oj: Ballon explosion takes out the tower But dart goblin took it out he no give credit to him

  • 8-bit Stiven
    8-bit Stiven

    I defeated several of those decks with my sparky based deck

  • pageminer42

    Thank you, OJ. This is an amazing deck. It was possibly the easiest 8-0 in my life. I also got three crowns from every battle except the last one.

  • Piece control Kyle
    Piece control Kyle

    He mom is 72 wow 😂 so is he like 50

  • Piece control Kyle
    Piece control Kyle

    I think fire cracker was sooo much better then snow ball in ur deck


    its not like if i dont use coded OJ it will ban me from clash roy-

  • Steven Bahena
    Steven Bahena

    The Golem with the Giant face 😂

  • Steven Jeon
    Steven Jeon

    Brah use clone. So little people use tornado that clone will almost guarantee a win

  • StrikerYT

    Please never stop uploading🥺🥺🥺

  • MoskWish

    Nop, I had better deck crated by myself

  • Hadi Deeb
    Hadi Deeb

    I won that challenge using two accounts


    1:44 top left tower is a demoooooon

  • Niels Brouckaert
    Niels Brouckaert

    I won with only losing 2times the same way but other deck I made myself. But still thx for a new deck for other players

  • Sniper King
    Sniper King

    Thanks for making this deck Oj, I got 8 - 0 and got the epic I want from the epic chest reward.

  • Renaud Dionne
    Renaud Dionne

    The best deck for the sudent death party mode is: Ram Rider, Hog Rider and rage

  • Roshan Poudel
    Roshan Poudel

    This guy still plays CR? lol

  • Alex E
    Alex E

    whty u good and smart, u know what they will do. UR HACKING

  • Julio Guerrero
    Julio Guerrero

    I hit 12-0 with Hound, Ram rider, E wizard, Wizard, other cards are for your choice but lava hound tanking for double loons is value.

  • Arya Aloni
    Arya Aloni

    Great deck

  • whats new
    whats new

    Its better to put arrows instead of giant snow ball cause arrows kills princesse and fire cracker dart goblin And tornado already push back things so why you need a giant snow ball

  • Joshua Browne
    Joshua Browne

    Great Vid and I hope you get to see your mom soon OJ!

  • Nyle Keli
    Nyle Keli

    Wheres his glasses


    For Oj: I lost with this deck so... is there a different deck I can use while harnessing the power of eletrickery?

  • E Hatt
    E Hatt

    Better odds this challenge than last time and I beat it last time so EZ 😂thanks for the decks OJ

  • Jonh Pauta
    Jonh Pauta

    Use code OJ

  • Alexander Soriano
    Alexander Soriano

    I used OJ but I did it like this oj

  • Ankit Tola
    Ankit Tola

    so whats the counter to this deck🙄

  • Just Another Gaming Channel
    Just Another Gaming Channel

    4:52 Me, seeing a 10 minute video with 4 ads

  • Tiknastic

    Anyone win with this deck..?????

  • Steven Antonius
    Steven Antonius

    4:22 OJ: *He's got a Giant.* I'm Dying 🤣

  • Your channel
    Your channel

    Your videos are most interesting and better than any other clash royale utuber

  • Vànsh Bhøjwani
    Vànsh Bhøjwani

    Hmmm.. Its A Orange Juice

  • Malhar Dharmadhikari
    Malhar Dharmadhikari

    Idk what's happening with clash royal. Feels so bad to turn my back on it but it's not fun anymore. The matchmaking is so unfair on mid ladder, almost everyone use meta decks without any changes so I battle same decks 2-3 times in a row, challenges are just take a card and spawn it in back or spawn something in middle, clan wars 2 is not fun after one week. Something needs to change. There should be more action to what community is saying.


    Oj why do u not do rank push. Pls do it and enter top 50 pls

  • Narasayya Vajja
    Narasayya Vajja

    8:51 So this is how tornado sounds when opponent and we use it at the same time 😆😅

  • Kriyaaa Memes
    Kriyaaa Memes

    9:35 one loose and zero victory who saw it 😂😂😂

  • 1azer

    first video ive seen in like a year i miss this man

  • Aryan

    Oj pls wear your glasses u look handsome in that 🍊😎

  • uzumaki boruto
    uzumaki boruto

    100 percent win rate dude ,op deck

  • amirreza javan
    amirreza javan


  • I am ALIN
    I am ALIN

    For the 1st time i won 1 event completely without losing a single match 😂😂😂😂 It was Middle of the night i shout out "0 loses" 😂😂😂😂 My parents woke up 😂😂😂😂 and they entered my room and i told them it was Bad dream 😂😂😂😂

  • Faris5242

    Use Code "OJ", for nothing to happen.

  • Rajat Mishra
    Rajat Mishra

    Worst deck

  • IamRainn

    New editor?

  • Kishwar Naheed
    Kishwar Naheed


  • 19BECE3OO36

    Hey m not able to copy the deck...it loads the games nd then simoly doesnt shows option for copying the deck..please help!

  • Niall vaz
    Niall vaz

    Your almost near 2million oj goodluck imma fan also

  • _Random_Gamer_

    Pin please

  • KingPlayz_MC

    I’m proud to say that as someone who doesn’t spend money I beat this challenge 8-0 with a hunter, e wiz, ice spirit, elite barb, minions, fire spirits and skeleton dragons and ice wizard

  • Diego Arita
    Diego Arita

    Where is "0 LOSES!"?

  • Ganesh Niranjan
    Ganesh Niranjan

    I won the challenge,it is calk walk,thank u


    Balloon festival can be awesome festival in this game

  • Vijwal Padale
    Vijwal Padale

    In 6th match he didn't even use his lumberjack

  • Vijwal Padale
    Vijwal Padale

    In 6th match he didn't even use his lumberjack