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  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim

    This was literally recorded during brawlidays.

    • Mehnan5079 Games and EmperorMehnan
      Mehnan5079 Games and EmperorMehnan

      @Orange Juice Gaming lol 😆

    • Jose Alonso
      Jose Alonso

      666 like

    • N_B0T

      @Rouge X ix suspicious actually... who are you?👀

    • Rouge X
      Rouge X

      @N_B0T hey I know you ur in ix gaming

    • N_B0T

      does anyone know what the song is called for the timelapse?

  • XXDDBOY Gaming
    XXDDBOY Gaming

    Bait_troop trooper of the year

  • Caleb Liam Roblox
    Caleb Liam Roblox

    OJ: hey what’s that Shelly doing yes yes

  • eco construction
    eco construction

    3:55 they won with 69?!?!!?!????

  • eco construction
    eco construction


  • Daniel Namour
    Daniel Namour

    btw oj u can dash through walls with mortis. there should be a corner and sprout uses her bush gadgect at the corner and then mortis can be glitched and dash through walls

  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh

    what is the ID of OJ

  • NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena
    NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena

    He’s a cheese maker

    • NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena
      NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena


  • NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena
    NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena

    Please team with coach cory

  • Max Post
    Max Post

    Why 69?

  • Your Kids OT
    Your Kids OT

    Siege cheese with 8-Bit Use the 2nd gadget and super to inflicted a lot of damage on the turret!

  • Arbon- Arbonevski
    Arbon- Arbonevski

    6:53 Did he say Bull or Bo?

  • Nikola Stránský
    Nikola Stránský

    I thought OJ would use colletes star power push it to get them there

  • ЛΛŁƐらЛɪҜ

    Najwięcej seru można zrobić z:Kolekcjonować,Sztorm i Kiełkować

  • Emaster Games
    Emaster Games


  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex


  • petrit simicija
    petrit simicija


  • Valentino Schmitt
    Valentino Schmitt

    You love 69 Bad 6ix9ine hahahahahahahah

  • Ansh Kapoor
    Ansh Kapoor

    34 + 35 = 69

  • Ismat Ara
    Ismat Ara

    1:32 This is too cheesy

  • Garcia Green
    Garcia Green

    I like how he is ganing trophies by trying to cheese

  • King Alan
    King Alan

    I'm eating cheese and watching cheese 😂

  • Mohamed nasr eldeen
    Mohamed nasr eldeen

    Nobody: Nick: aM I a JOkE TO yOU ?

  • andrews sree
    andrews sree

    Hi hi hi hi

  • cute_Scarr Games
    cute_Scarr Games


  • Redantlegend

    cat girl oj

  • Micha Kreie
    Micha Kreie

    6:46 what's the name of that song?

  • Robert Starczewski
    Robert Starczewski

    The part when silver bullet wasnt a thing....

  • Thakursuryansh Singh
    Thakursuryansh Singh

    Are you winning son No I’m. Chesseing

  • TNThomas

    Me as the pins came out OMG I LOVE IT me now Why did they even add it

  • Guy Sizikov
    Guy Sizikov

    I used code of and got 2 chromatic brawls USE IT

    • Guy Sizikov
      Guy Sizikov

      oj not of

  • Felix Stelis
    Felix Stelis

    Sometimes the funniest things in these Videos are the OJ's fails and he must remember that when he traps one wall breaker like Tara or Nani he easily charge and get out of there.

  • Tw1sTz’s Gaming
    Tw1sTz’s Gaming

    4:25 seriously one bullet.

  • Hyperion

    Ah yes.... cheese

  • Kandee Bravo
    Kandee Bravo

    the editing is just- 😙👌 ~mwa~

  • carol xd
    carol xd

    Sprout orange

  • Olivér Lombosi
    Olivér Lombosi

    i was eaing cheese

  • Ziomownik 2580 fun
    Ziomownik 2580 fun

    silver bullet was invented in November 2020 Players before November 2020: 4:24

  • Ha1exo


  • Bomber YT
    Bomber YT

    Does sefd also edit ur bs vids

  • Nathan Grossi
    Nathan Grossi

    If you dislike oj, you are not human

  • Dr. Mayhem
    Dr. Mayhem

    Brawl stars mechanics: **exist** OJ: Aboose

  • Elitheboss19

    SPICY >:(

  • Reinhardt Van Camarilla
    Reinhardt Van Camarilla

    9:10 accurate

  • Faze lion
    Faze lion

    The colt could of use the gadget and not had to try to get the super

  • Wakanda Panther
    Wakanda Panther

    I love ur cheese oj

  • VedixonGaming _
    VedixonGaming _

    Same thing but new video and call it "THE ULTIMATE CHARGING STATION🍊's 🧀

  • Måns Örnesved
    Måns Örnesved

    You so god cheese

  • cute_Scarr Games
    cute_Scarr Games


  • cute_Scarr Games
    cute_Scarr Games


  • Adam Spiller
    Adam Spiller

    The cheese 🧀

  • Adam Spiller
    Adam Spiller


  • Adam Spiller
    Adam Spiller


  • Adnan Ki call ai thi
    Adnan Ki call ai thi

    If you focused that the nita came into ogs map and got stuck the both time😅

  • Arthur Nicoleit
    Arthur Nicoleit

    "Ez cheeze"

  • Luke Gaming
    Luke Gaming

    me got bullied at shcool because me like oj:( they said if i dont unsubscibe they will bully me more there names are jason, alex, and xzavier

    • Luke Gaming
      Luke Gaming

      but i chose to get bullied and NOT unsubscibe

  • Sajjad Khawaja
    Sajjad Khawaja


  • Ash Greninja YT
    Ash Greninja YT

    l love oj cheese

  • N3CR0 88
    N3CR0 88

    its la orange juice

  • Legendara Brat
    Legendara Brat

    From the legendary 🍊 To the mass trolling 🧀

  • Joseph Rojas
    Joseph Rojas

    u know overgrowth is basically useless

  • Y NG
    Y NG

    i got colettes cheese star power yesterday

  • Hellowfun_ HereYT
    Hellowfun_ HereYT

    😂😂😂😂😂 lol oj the cheese guyyyy

  • Pitel

    CHALANGE IDEA: play with deck made from emotes that enemies used in ranked cr

  • Caleb Extreme gaming
    Caleb Extreme gaming

    Cheesy cheese


    I already saw this months ago on nick's channel

  • Saucy pizza
    Saucy pizza

    why sprout super tho??

  • Phone Case
    Phone Case


  • Mediation realaxing music
    Mediation realaxing music

    why does he want 69 percent?

  • Akiva Wolfe
    Akiva Wolfe

    I don't get why 69 is significant

  • Chug 123
    Chug 123

    Me at the start:wait isn’t this called collete cheese (watches the end in laughing madness)

  • TVanimations

    5:31 Me when I win: easy peasy lemon squizy oj: easy peasy orange squizy *Oh now I get it*

  • Levin Noble
    Levin Noble

    OJ cheesing for ten minutes straight

  • OJ's Son
    OJ's Son

    God tier cheese dad!!

  • Ian Ardian
    Ian Ardian

    3:56 THEY WON WITH 69!!!!

  • ORCHA _
    ORCHA _

    3:55 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christo

    Collete is genuenly op, alot of people hate her for some reason

  • Goury mm
    Goury mm

    Use the big boss make a hole and suplex him into it

  • Hesen Moustafa
    Hesen Moustafa

    Congratulations 2millon subscribers

  • Pankaj Sabharwal
    Pankaj Sabharwal

    This was previous video which cosmic dorito and nick uploaded on their channel

  • RGS Sunny
    RGS Sunny

    rip rank 30 collette

  • Agasthya Patil
    Agasthya Patil

    Ok next map is heist smiley face map I play on Indian server

  • Fluffy Pancakes
    Fluffy Pancakes

    I use alot of the tribe codes but this is my first time using code OJ and I bought spike with code OJ

  • great WARTAN
    great WARTAN

    Is having rank 17 shelly without her gadget a record?

  • уважаемый Михаил Петрович
    уважаемый Михаил Петрович

    Это видео было очень давно снято

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    So fun 👍

  • Juhan Etrusk
    Juhan Etrusk

    Supercell gets rid of 8 bit-s extra life because it's too op (kalm) The 9 beas sniping you with they're 1 hp extra life (panik)

  • Anshu Saini
    Anshu Saini

    It was already done by someone


    3:56 worst case scenario 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gghhjnjgfgchgc Ffffghhhgfxxf
    Gghhjnjgfgchgc Ffffghhhgfxxf

    Oj is this your old vid ,cause your old background is there Or just u came back with your OG background

  • Samo Anime
    Samo Anime

    number 69... that reminds me of something...

  • Amazingly Linux
    Amazingly Linux

    new video, i know it's new cheese.

  • Rita Dhungana
    Rita Dhungana

    are you kidding this was recorded before collete buff you real oj

  • A8 is dead Forever
    A8 is dead Forever

    7:01 why is it the starr park page?

  • Mousify

    "Violet is dying" "Outside I'm smiling" "But Inside I'm crying" No one will notice my videos....♥

    • Over Shade
      Over Shade

      "violet is dying" "outside im pretending to be depressed to take advantage of people that feel bad for me" "inside im laughing" Congrats on ur dead subs

    • Ajay Tiwari
      Ajay Tiwari

      I subbed u 💜

  • Suhasini Deepak
    Suhasini Deepak

    God of cheesing

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma

    Timelaps shows the pain

  • Shuyu (John) Fan
    Shuyu (John) Fan

    Do you know what 69 means !!

  • Chigs BS
    Chigs BS

    Oj i luv you

  • konstantinos stav
    konstantinos stav

    4:25 one bullet was everything needed 🧘

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