The most TOXIC Cheese in Knockout 🧀
Nani Bo cheese with nearly infinite supers is unstoppable and an actual VIABLE strategy in higher trophy games, especially on Crimson Water!

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  • BzyPlayz

    OJ raging about Sprout blocking his super is so funny.


    I hate you oj. 😡😡😡. BC of your this video supersell nerfed Bo gaget and Nani 1st Star power. 😡😡😡😡

  • Orgilon Batsaikhan
    Orgilon Batsaikhan

    best video ever

  • ידידיה רחבי
    ידידיה רחבי

    9:52 😂

  • Pillar Man
    Pillar Man

    In this time i comment, will come balance chance when bo totem will no longer survive without be hitted

  • P.Seshasai

    6:13 maybe he too watched anarchy oven 🤔

  • Valera Fox
    Valera Fox

    This Crimewater cheese is a complete JoJo reference

  • Kalle Dallas
    Kalle Dallas

    No more or this chess enymore 😭 bo totem is geting a nerf

    • Mr. sprout
      Mr. sprout

      Cheese not chess

  • monkey

    Yes monke

  • Rayan fr 123
    Rayan fr 123

    Cheese manette

  • Cactus Guy
    Cactus Guy

    0:46 rosa is not deleted Rosa is YEETED

  • Shin Parkour ✔️
    Shin Parkour ✔️

    1:47 "What The Head" top jokes If OJ

  • Madz Ch.
    Madz Ch.

    1:34 OJ be like: ohhh😜😜😜

  • yes

    1:26 that’s what she said

  • Rakshit Pankaj Jain
    Rakshit Pankaj Jain

    I even did that😎😎

  • Jianguang Ji
    Jianguang Ji

    im a loser

  • Yanzhen Wang
    Yanzhen Wang

    : :{{{{{{{{{{{

  • Prolarbear

    its funny he's playing brawl stars with alla turca in the backround as music

  • Jocelyn Lam
    Jocelyn Lam

    Nani bo and sprout is a deadly comp

  • Marc-Aurel

    Me now 3 weeks after upload watching this video for like the 30th time and played like 100 matches (me nani my sister bo) and just cheese the opponents.

  • Goran De Strooper
    Goran De Strooper


  • Connor K
    Connor K

    I'm a big fan

  • Col. Savage
    Col. Savage

    Oj:CODE NAT?!?!?! CODE NAT DIES!!!! Me:She is your girlfriend

  • 1903ErtuğrulBs

    I love you OJ💚❤

  • Mik wazozki
    Mik wazozki

    Welcome everyone at The Clown Stars

  • Joseph Ting
    Joseph Ting

    8:44 this should be a ten hour loop

  • Vile Venus
    Vile Venus

    There's something about this cheese it's cheesy!

  • Veneta Notscheva
    Veneta Notscheva

    im totaly not using code nat

  • GigioBigio

    Cheese juice Cj

  • Kuba Deleski
    Kuba Deleski

    OJ back i love watch ur vids ❤🖤

  • maggi romania
    maggi romania

    Best strategy in the game

  • Sydney Hock
    Sydney Hock


  • GodzillaPlayz

    Pls stop being toxic it’s very rude to others

    • GodzillaPlayz

      They could watch you video and they get very mad

  • MuzZ Brawl Stars
    MuzZ Brawl Stars

    8:20 You defended Super very well OJ

  • Udit Agarwal
    Udit Agarwal

    Appreciate Turkish March in background. Well Ik bcoz I played it on piano

  • arda beeey :D
    arda beeey :D

    i'm watching from turkey and i love your videos frankly :) you are loved bro

  • The Pad Pogger
    The Pad Pogger

    the return to sender returned to the return to sender lololololol

  • Ki Ra
    Ki Ra

    I haven't seen such a funny video like that since a long time thanks oj🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • Simon Van Hoof
    Simon Van Hoof

    nice music on the background

  • Stu-Wicks

    Now the number is spical 447.477 viewers

  • Kynan LinJunzhe
    Kynan LinJunzhe

    I nearly got rk24 with this

  • dark lord spike √
    dark lord spike √

    Plot twis kill quest on nani

  • ArfanALI

    THE Following SOSZBJODF ZX

  • ArfanALI


  • BananaPeel Music
    BananaPeel Music

    Cheesing with Ronda Alla Turca by Mozart, Very advanced stuff here

  • Stu-Wicks

    11:24-11:31 OJ is pro

  • Henry Park
    Henry Park

    Would you be able to do a 1v1 sometime?

  • Henry Park
    Henry Park

    2:07 THAT'S ME! As piper! And I swear I'm better than that wasn't my best day playing... OJ big fan! I use code oj all the time! Love your videos!❤

    • Stu-Wicks

      That was true your name is same

    • Stu-Wicks


  • Ggman2002 Goudeos
    Ggman2002 Goudeos

    Can we all talk about that max like jesus christ

  • Naïm Van Camp
    Naïm Van Camp

    You are to good 🥰😍🤯

  • Naïm Van Camp
    Naïm Van Camp

    Lmao at 8:28

  • Naïm Van Camp
    Naïm Van Camp

    Wtf Your super 33950 damega at 2:05


    Wow hard

  • Rishi Patel
    Rishi Patel

    Good 📹 🎥 📻 📸 🎮 🕹 📹 🎥 📻 📸 🎮 🕹 📹

  • Nehlim

    Nobody: OJ in the thumbnail : lemme use my controller to play brawl stars.

  • ShadowPlayz RBLX
    ShadowPlayz RBLX

    Oj threw when he had the damage lead 6:59

  • ⛩Mete64🎋

    Code:Nat vs. Code:OJ =Code OJ wins because he is so OP

  • Halloween_20

    "return to sender returned to the sender" -OJ edit: it was at 9:25

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    Why is no none talking about the fact he has a Nintendo switch controller in the thunbnail

  • Your Average Barbarian
    Your Average Barbarian

    OJ: *hits nani* The Nani: return to sender! OJ: *”You’ve activated my return to sender, Return to sender.”*

    • Assorted Flipmations
      Assorted Flipmations

      His last trap card

  • Grim Reaper BS
    Grim Reaper BS

    Oj please do this double cheese I made on my RSloft channel it’s soooooo funny

  • F r o g g
    F r o g g

    I know why it’s toxic Bo - Charges Nani’s super and has high DPS Tick - Throwers are not your best friend Nani - *Return to Sender!* & *SUPEEEEEER*

  • Kush Jhaveri
    Kush Jhaveri

    9:18 why the classical music Turkish march

  • Pavel Kuzdřál
    Pavel Kuzdřál

    8:21 8:28 XD

  • Perry

    Return to senni


    kinda reminds me of the exact same video that Sk1n and Bones made

  • William

    5:09 who saw the return to slender kill that oj didn’t noticed 😂

  • Natan Lelaona
    Natan Lelaona

    5:04 nick bo is bug

  • Francine Ho
    Francine Ho

    Oj:code nat!? Code nat dies! Then:kills colette

  • GalacticDragon24

    1:12 i think oj turned into crow

  • NetherFist

    Nick and OJ changed there accounts in this video but do you know when? (I do)

  • Arya Awat
    Arya Awat

    Did OJ wanted to kill his girlfriend 2:52

  • yamen adwan
    yamen adwan

    2:11 i rly wanna this meme

  • Long Hei Darren LUI
    Long Hei Darren LUI


  • Reee Lord
    Reee Lord

    Return To Sandy -OJ 2021

  • HeiHei The Chicken
    HeiHei The Chicken

    Oj is Angry at sprout

  • Marwa Adrees
    Marwa Adrees


  • nathaniel bristol
    nathaniel bristol

    ryan block that f@#$%*&@ SPROUT RIGHT NOW PLZ

  • julan copilu2m
    julan copilu2m


  • Kesi Christopher
    Kesi Christopher


  • Siddharth Mohan
    Siddharth Mohan

    Tbh this cheese works best on Crimewater

  • Larynz Deinla
    Larynz Deinla

    Oj: when nat is around be sure to use code nat Oj: without nat code nat im gonna kill youuuu

  • Kathan Agarwal
    Kathan Agarwal

    I loved his game play and the music it gives me motivation to play lol

  • Firase the Grave
    Firase the Grave

    That surge was the smartest player I've ever seen

  • Royal Gamer Adi
    Royal Gamer Adi

    name in brawl stars destruction king

  • Royal Gamer Adi
    Royal Gamer Adi

    the game u were playing on 8 mins 34 seconds was against me i think


    you can use brock jump over the water

  • gio van
    gio van

    3:10 and 2:10 what the 2x kill rainbow machine?????

  • Vihaan Raina
    Vihaan Raina


  • Sajith

    8:20 you saved it ,🤣

  • Sverre UwU
    Sverre UwU

    2:09 that edit gets me dying every time LMFAO

  • ToxicCrowYT

    The music reminds me of something

  • kostakis_ 123
    kostakis_ 123

    When i lesten retern to sandy my mega box and the mu last brawler (sandy) the mega box 0

  • Johan Gutierrez Gonzalez
    Johan Gutierrez Gonzalez

    Oj said return to senny 12:09

  • Riley Harmon
    Riley Harmon

    I got a double kill in Crime Water with randoms. I can’t show you guys the replay because my Nani is only 13. 😥

    • xotic maps
      xotic maps

      Nani 13?

  • DW Brawl Stars
    DW Brawl Stars

    207 dislikes, OH! That’s more views than I will ever get

  • Yashwant Rangavajjula
    Yashwant Rangavajjula

    This strategy is actually good !!!

  • The Second 1OTHS
    The Second 1OTHS

    12:08 OJ: and my return to sandy- Me: wait what

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