There was a GLITCHED Map Winner...
More funny maps from ALL the winners for all the modes. Hot Zone, Siege, Showdown, Solos, Duos, Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Lonestar, Heist.

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  • iTz Wa1ed
    iTz Wa1ed

    Thes tiles.csv

  • ivan potter
    ivan potter

    In funny center you can open it with nani and only one attack

    • ivan potter
      ivan potter

      Cause she reaches

  • Sunny Wan
    Sunny Wan

    You like my map oj?

  • sombra sensei F 😾  😢
    sombra sensei F 😾 😢

    2:40 😾

  • SonEdgarBs

    Oj 1000 lq

  • Van Lian
    Van Lian

    Fun fact of don't auto aim ever time.

  • Kopie Eikop
    Kopie Eikop

    1:03 RSloft disturbs with an *ad*

  • Azain Khan
    Azain Khan

    OJ I want to play with you

  • Derrick -
    Derrick -

    i tame 10 people in the spike map with leon

  • Viljo Häkkinen
    Viljo Häkkinen

    8:28 I supered in to the tick Bombs caculauted LoL

  • Roblox Hysan
    Roblox Hysan

    Use sprout


    I play for jo

  • Boybro

    6:24 you used gentle fist on frank

  • Simeon Spencer
    Simeon Spencer

    u should use belles super on the safe

  • nils könings
    nils könings

    OJ 2020: i would'nt even care if these maps were not worth trophies. OJ 2021: if only these maps were worth trophies.

  • Сейт Абдрахман
    Сейт Абдрахман

    🤣😆 10:47 OJ: yes yes yes 10:49 NANI: no no no

  • sehal yugal
    sehal yugal

    The shesssssh though

  • Sahdowz Ytb
    Sahdowz Ytb

    I love your cheesy video’s

  • David Le
    David Le

    OJ do you know you got an underdog before you played Big game?

  • Cayden Playz
    Cayden Playz


  • Firoozeh Safar
    Firoozeh Safar

    Oj can be first place in bounty

  • Khu-Ba Ayeni
    Khu-Ba Ayeni

    who saw lannan/lazarbeam in 4:51

  • Asia schilling
    Asia schilling

    OJ you arw trully suxh a great youtuber and i love watching you

  • Trashbag

    Sandy was SO OP in the spike map o.o

  • DarrylRolls YT
    DarrylRolls YT

    Tis' be ze work of them Chinese..

  • Ansen4life

    That Leon map I thought it was just a pile rubbish

  • Fenek

    8:15 polska gurą

  • Liviu Ursu
    Liviu Ursu

    hi is fake

  • Liviu Ursu
    Liviu Ursu

    Hi OJ I found a player with your name his name si OJ

  • Brawl stars pro
    Brawl stars pro

    Ok why didn’t you do cheese in the bounty one

  • SPIKE the editor
    SPIKE the editor

    9:18 the only use of clay pigeons

  • Aven BS
    Aven BS


  • Just your Average emote
    Just your Average emote

    As an Australian I am VERY disappointed in the way that pj said sheeeeesh

  • lol

    Pls stop playing edger

  • Tonic_breez 12
    Tonic_breez 12

    3:02 is that dynamike?

  • Heather Lijewski
    Heather Lijewski

    The emz hacker

  • Marcell Roszko
    Marcell Roszko

    Sqeak map

  • やiͥzzͣaͫGod

    Oj you are the best youtuber in the world you are too fun :D

  • Lokes

    3:23 poco forgot he had a brain

  • Ziomownik 2580 fun
    Ziomownik 2580 fun

    I love how he couldn't pronounce "szczelina" lol

  • Diego Landa
    Diego Landa

    You are saved by grace alone

  • Lenrokxd Gaming
    Lenrokxd Gaming

    Szczelina is in Polish language

  • besjan gohan
    besjan gohan

    hey oj ken i join youre clan

  • FM Gaming
    FM Gaming

    oh hey oj for the seige map is ice fort n gemgrab

  • Mvazquez

    Cheese for battle is sprout Rico and colt🧀

    • Mvazquez

      The bounty map

  • LVT | Baklažāns
    LVT | Baklažāns

    Day 1 of asking for a colab with kairos and lex to make a random brawler challange in robo rumble/super city rampage Asking all 3 of creators btw

  • Grzegorz Mędrek
    Grzegorz Mędrek

    8:16 POV all people who saw Polish and try to say it

  • LF§Pele Anti-constitutionnellement
    LF§Pele Anti-constitutionnellement

    3:37 o_o

  • YS - 05DA 832587 Garthwood Park PS
    YS - 05DA 832587 Garthwood Park PS

    I will explode if I pet pinned

  • Gene Hu
    Gene Hu

    In bounty Oj I’m out I’m out The collette oh freakin heck

  • Jan 1773
    Jan 1773

    OJ its polish language i'm from poland

  • B-Gob

    1:52 get that dinamic 2:11 OJ: i will kill all barley and dinamic Also OJ: sees a barley and doesn’t kill him 3:03 wait that sounded like dynamike

  • Har & Nagel Salong
    Har & Nagel Salong

    That gem grab map name is polish im from poland

  • Erick Penaloza
    Erick Penaloza

    Oj new clash royal sison

  • Dina Sailo
    Dina Sailo

    6:06 oh no the solid Russian "FORRR ME"

  • Little chad69
    Little chad69

    I dont feel the fun anymore

  • Anthony Guerra
    Anthony Guerra


  • Miguel Carvalho
    Miguel Carvalho

    7:14 I lost here.

  • aloha_xavier808

    Lazarbeam stole your kill 😅

  • Jolly Broom-tail
    Jolly Broom-tail

    I've never seen OJ"s editor this good! They need a raise

  • Kheisya Canni
    Kheisya Canni

    the name of the title was get changed..

  • Ryzon Dela Cruz
    Ryzon Dela Cruz

    11:11 I literally choked on my *own spit*

  • Tajkos

    8:14 Polish map

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    There was a GLITCHED Map Winner... So Much ❤️

  • Alexandru Patrascu
    Alexandru Patrascu

    do u remember that siege map that was called mapa intoarsa? its romain and it means back map i dont know if i said right

  • Dragon YT
    Dragon YT


  • Deepika Bhatt
    Deepika Bhatt

    Anyone know what's his real name

  • Vf Adam
    Vf Adam

    2:01 the slaps made me laugh xDDDD

  • tan hong shen
    tan hong shen

    OJ: keeps on winning Me: matchmake with low trophies players, OJ? ( we don't talk about that)

  • Slenderman

    Oh I think I battled against you in power league I was slenderman 😃😃

    • Slenderman

      But we good also gg

  • Mashallah Ehsany
    Mashallah Ehsany

    OJ we need a how to use vid for the New fire spirit

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja

    I battled you but my randoms didn't even try


    3:03 some dynamike sound

  • Invincible Games
    Invincible Games

    3:56 says bounty and it becomes big game. Though technically it is like there is a bounty on the big player

  • ramchandra tayshete
    ramchandra tayshete

    I Played bull on for oj

  • Florence EATON
    Florence EATON

    8:13 no i was online when heist changed this was the only map that day so saaaad

  • nika andriadze
    nika andriadze

    *2:44* Plot Twist: *OJ* Is actually Satan in human disguise trying to torture as much people as -Humanly- Satanly possible!

  • 23k_rxm

    oj luaghs

  • Zigardd Plays
    Zigardd Plays

    The solo map gliched on me! I got stuck on the water using carl!

  • Bartosz Hubisz
    Bartosz Hubisz

    8:13 “Szczelina” is in English hole. I am Polish and the map maker of the day is Polish, you can see it by the name (if you understand Polish)

  • jack bradway
    jack bradway

    Big Game not bounty.

  • Suniti vedant Raste
    Suniti vedant Raste

    Hey oj in hiest map do u know u can cheese with sprout charge ur super and activate in going place


    dude for sheesh play with carl I made a video u can check it out..... as the carls pickaxe reload speed increases

  • Gamer100far2

    I love brawl stars



  • Lol kalsi
    Lol kalsi

    If they replace maps(which they shouldn’t) they should atleast pick good and fun ones

  • Catalin Dorobantu
    Catalin Dorobantu

    2:50 that map was very bad

  • Andrea and Bill Surovek Capehart
    Andrea and Bill Surovek Capehart

    Ok likes only the same stuff only the same shit it pisses me off

  • no name
    no name

    10m likes 999 dislike Which one u click?

  • Alfie Collumbell
    Alfie Collumbell

    my man there’s a the first challenge of the season on clash and ur posting brawl stars? 🤡 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Caleb Drake
    Caleb Drake

    I found a glitched map like two days ago

  • Burger Chesse
    Burger Chesse

    3:36 omg bug?

  • Ethan Urbina
    Ethan Urbina

    nooo lazarbeam died 4:51

  • Oscar Qai Fung Gan
    Oscar Qai Fung Gan

    This is the only time the he does not use auto aim

  • Marc Kent
    Marc Kent

    can we get a how to counter new ebarbs

  • Z Scruffs
    Z Scruffs

    The bounty map was so fun to use primo in:)

  • Jessica Jay
    Jessica Jay

    At 3:03 he sounded like dynamike's voiceline.

  • Skketch

    7:06 That jump had me dying

  • Shiver Chill
    Shiver Chill

    You could on bounty one for oj could use colt break to make tunnel use tick

  • Martin Mendoza
    Martin Mendoza

    2:02 that's a top ten play right there

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