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How to beat SirTag's Fast Cycle Challenge. Use Elixir Golem.
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  • Shay

    6:51 that is GOLD Literally why i watch him

  • Цветелин Калчев
    Цветелин Калчев

    Dude in the second game he was playing verses Bulgarian

  • Mushy.cheeerios1 Donut man
    Mushy.cheeerios1 Donut man

    I love u

  • Bruh guy
    Bruh guy


  • riccardo fascetti
    riccardo fascetti

    7:42 Ah yes, my favourite, the circular lemon

  • Cthulhu

    Imagine having clone in the deck when there is a clump of troops down

  • Jahan Esfandiary
    Jahan Esfandiary

    Imagine not using a horde deck

  • Elijah Nguyen
    Elijah Nguyen

    Use code OJ

  • Moussa Alkhodor
    Moussa Alkhodor

    This is realy the best deck ever!

  • ? Gaming_BS
    ? Gaming_BS

    I won that challenge :)

  • Garett Anderson
    Garett Anderson

    i went 0 losses with mirror tesla lol no deck in the game can break through

  • Sheenees

    i like how discord sponsord oj but everyone has discord

  • Aarons Kotstube
    Aarons Kotstube

    Just fucking play 2.6 it's easy game

  • William Winstrop
    William Winstrop

    You starting to look old as hell

  • Da GBGB
    Da GBGB

    for 7x elixer try elixer golem, battle healer, magic archer, bowler , golem, poison(cycle on their tower and troops), mega knight and mother witch

  • Krrishiv Shroff
    Krrishiv Shroff

    what a deck i won 7 and 0 . your decks always win


    I won this with 2.6 hog cycle 7-0 😂😂

  • 〽arshall FILMZ
    〽arshall FILMZ

    I find it funny when people use OJ deck against me but they aren’t good like him 😂 I always 3 star them

  • Kaisa Hiie
    Kaisa Hiie

    I did this Challenge with 7 wins but 1 loss but I didnt use oj deck

  • Tanvir Hossain
    Tanvir Hossain

    I finished it

  • Tyler Bland
    Tyler Bland

    I beat the challenge 7-0 without using a win condition. I played against like 5 elixir golem decks too. Baby D. Ice wiz. Log. Nado. Dart Gob. Knight. Poison. And Tesla. All I did was defend and poison and log cycle on the towers. Easy wins

  • Dimondov

    How can u even get sponsored by discord what 🤣

  • Evan Schubert
    Evan Schubert

    I used classic logbait with fireball and tesla and it was so easy. I lost one game by 43 hp because I took a pizza out of the oven in the middle of the game but I never struggled with logbait.

    • Evan Schubert
      Evan Schubert

      I beat elixir golem too btw

  • Joe Philosophy
    Joe Philosophy

    This was the easiest challenge in the game. Cycle decks take no skill lmao

    • UncleSam TheJew
      UncleSam TheJew

      And here i was, playing different cycle decks thinking they require more skill to master than your average ebarb rage or golem nw... You sir are full of shit

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    Ok but try this like me: a level 8 with level 7 and 8 cards.

  • William Sheridan
    William Sheridan

    William Sheridan I used furnace, dark prince, wall breakers, skeleton dragons, arrows, spear goblins, fire spirits and mirror. The main goal was to spam as many furnaces/fire spirits as possible to overwhelm the opponent, while the other cards were mainly to defend, tank, counterpush, and cycle. somehow it worked. It took me a few continues to end up making that deck, but then I didn’t lose any matches after that. ZERO LOSSES! I ended up facing E-Golem at one point and I had 8 furnaces down at once, all in one lane. Just a constant stream of fire spirits that annihilated everything the opponent placed and their towers. It was amazing. Felt like I was playing 7x Elixir Mode.

  • Gabriel Montesinos
    Gabriel Montesinos

    Just used this deck for the SirTag challenge. 7-0 and it only took 12 minutes!

  • Martin Anda
    Martin Anda

    thx OJ i just beat the challenge :D:D:D

  • Ott Puusepp
    Ott Puusepp

    Use rage too

  • Naruto's 4069th shadow clone
    Naruto's 4069th shadow clone

    Why do I feel like battle healer cycle is good in this. No rocket, Pekka mega Knight inferno tower... There's pretty much only mini Pekka. And you can cycle like 2-3 if your lucky at the back.


    I won by using 2.6 hog cycle Not much thinking

  • Lit Draco
    Lit Draco

    RIP the people who didnt read about the giant skeleton buff

  • Patrick Jeff del Val
    Patrick Jeff del Val

    Wow! I'm not even a pro but I got 7-0 with this deck. Can't put the screenshot though.

  • chiço

    Bro you are lit🔥 i used the 2nd deck in this video after 2 looses in challenge and after that loss i battled with my full concentration and with 0 losses i completed my first ever cr challenge once again thanks a lot oj i support you in supercell creater love you bro❤️

  • _GetOnMyLvL

    4-3, deck is impossible to play after my 4-0 hog deck destroyed me 3 times

  • Masternoob Junior
    Masternoob Junior


  • Dnole101

    This deck is fucking disgustingly good


    With my 2.6 hog deck i won 7-0 the challenge

  • Ujjwal Aggarwal
    Ujjwal Aggarwal

    i got seven-one victory with this deck. lost to one using three buildings........ thank you lots

  • Unika Ngxonono
    Unika Ngxonono

    I faced a healer elxr golem decks like 4 out of 7 and won all of them wrh a wallbreaker miner tesla

  • Pedro Ferreira
    Pedro Ferreira

    this deck is too good, wow

  • t series movies
    t series movies

    Ple best deck lvl 10

  • sander denheijer
    sander denheijer

    16k like😄

  • aesthetic boye
    aesthetic boye

    This is not feasibly possible as a f2p. Thanks for making this though, I managed to get to 4 wins

  • Bhakti Bhandari
    Bhakti Bhandari

    THIS DECK IS SOOOOOO UNDERRATED !! I won 7-0 UNDEFEATED within just 30 mins!

    • Bhakti Bhandari
      Bhakti Bhandari

      @‎Mehedi I meant that not many people used this deck actually... But ITS AWESOME!!!

    • ‎Mehedi


  • Julie Michmerhuizen
    Julie Michmerhuizen

    5:40 I know why Because poison does more damage I'll be your stats man

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt

      Ofc he knows it’s just that the battle healer negates the slow ticking damage of the poison



  • LogicianMagician

    I downloaded clash royale again bcz I wanted to join in the news of JNN and now he isn't doing it anymore

  • Gran

    I just bridge spam with mother witch and win

  • Rithesh K R
    Rithesh K R

    Bro, try this deck for cheese: ice spirit, heal spirit, electro spirit, rage, battle healer, mirror, ice wizard, tornado. You can stack so many healers on the map Please try this deck and make a video on it

  • Narhari Sharma
    Narhari Sharma


  • Divyesh Panchal
    Divyesh Panchal

    why there is no challenge namely OJ like for eg, now there is sir tag's fast cycle. we want a challenge of creator OJ.

  • Laxmi Prasad
    Laxmi Prasad

    Can u make a video on all legendary card

  • Shadow gamer
    Shadow gamer

    Does code on brings you luck or what I got 10 wins in a role when I was grinding luegs

  • Cjqt4 Ver
    Cjqt4 Ver

    too bad i already beat this deck many times with a log bait deck


    Original bridge spam is still the best deck ❤️

  • Austin Goertz
    Austin Goertz

    I went 1-7 with this deck thanks for the deck


    Use the clone :/ it worked for me and I won

  • Johnny

    This works so well I got 7-0 and no one even stood a chance

  • Mirko Ugolini
    Mirko Ugolini

    I just won 7-0 with this deck ZERO LOSSES ----thx OJ 💚💚💚💚

  • Person365

    I used ghost bridge spam but instead of Pekka I used mini Pekka and instead of zap I used arrows and I got 7 wins 0 losses. Worked really well against elixir golem

  • martmeister

    this is the content I am here for!

  • ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy

    I remember entering the 7x elixir thinking it was ramp up and I lost the first battle.

  • Vibhav Ohri
    Vibhav Ohri

    *laughs in mirror battle healer cycle*

  • Nikola Drakul
    Nikola Drakul

    RSloft is joking with me... This showed up in my recomended when i lost 3 times with 1 win...

  • LaZy

    I 7-0ed this challenge first day with the 2.6 hog cycle deck. I am not even that good, idk how I managed

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez


    • Alan Lopez
      Alan Lopez

      That was the funniest laugh ever

  • Ranger Razy
    Ranger Razy

    I am the 800th comment :)


    I HATE this cgelenge

  • Matthew Xiong
    Matthew Xiong

    I played infinite elixer mode for clan wars yesterday, and I had literally 8 executioners and 9 electro dragons, and three golems!

  • Zsolt Balogh
    Zsolt Balogh

    Just won 7-0 with this deck. I only changed log for clone and it's so good try it out if u want!👍 Good luck!

  • nabeel ahmad rafiq
    nabeel ahmad rafiq

    I just destroyed this deck with log bait deck


    Tysm OJ just went 7-0 I feel so bad 😂

  • Olio //
    Olio //

    He oblý added jnn to strech to 8 min!

  • yijowee

    Oj when are u postimg cookie run.

  • Master Rex _CR
    Master Rex _CR

    Egolem was hard for me to use.. without edrag is hard...

  • Samaz M
    Samaz M

    I don't buy anything but I use code OJ

  • JG - JSBG
    JG - JSBG

    So Need Any More Time

  • Underleveled_CR

    2:48 (he updates the deck)

  • besjan gohan
    besjan gohan

    ai went 7-0 with P.E.E.K.A deck its soo op

  • Premlata Lal
    Premlata Lal

    I see your all tourment Deck and how to Play

  • Night wolf
    Night wolf

    OJ i won with your deck and guess what ZERO LOSSES really thanks so much because of u i upgrade my inferno dragon to level 10 tqsm oj we all love u

  • Garret LG. Lolong
    Garret LG. Lolong

    Just finished playing the challenge thanks to this deck i won casually only 1 loss.

  • babita jodhta
    babita jodhta

    I defeated the chellenge with 0 losses by using log bait just changing rocket with poison and inferno with tesla and defeated elixer golem decks too

  • Glonek579Jabłko

    i got all wins using 2.6 hog, it's not that hard

  • PIZZAlover9876

    Goblin Drill 👀

  • BeastKiller1x1

    Petition to add an “OJ’s One Card Glitch Cheese Challenge” for an actual challenge where it’s 2v2 and everybody gets a random one card 🧀

    • 0_0 Hi
      0_0 Hi

      One random card seems a lil random so maybe they get to choose the card?

  • Smita Manapure
    Smita Manapure

    Thanks oj i won challenge zero losses

    • Smita Manapure
      Smita Manapure

      7-0 with this deck thanks oj😄😄

  • It’s me hadi
    It’s me hadi

    Ples tell paxxworksd soaie me and mio friend can get ball tok eary

    • Smit Bhatt
      Smit Bhatt

      Yes 😡😡😡😡

  • Arno Goedendorp
    Arno Goedendorp


  • Arno Goedendorp
    Arno Goedendorp

    No way that elixer golem is gold

  • The_Mysterious999

    i lost 3 times in a row as soon as i started playing this... why why why th exact same deck as this one just why


    Hi OJ i am türkish i dont know what do you say in video but i lova your clash royale videos

  • Afzain Hossain
    Afzain Hossain

    somehow i defended a 50 elixer e-golem push with 2.6. use that if you are skillfull...

  • cxian

    No leak for season 24?

  • ZacSeyShadow 's
    ZacSeyShadow 's

    OJ can you play "potato smash" but its almost look the same as clash royale but the gameplay is different

  • pro2winners

    Thx so much thanks to your deck I won the challenge Everyone like so OJ can see this

  • Thebestdogge

    Sir oranges orangey challenge ;)

  • ornel shaya
    ornel shaya

    NAT Is Ur Girl oj

  • Yagiz Aksular
    Yagiz Aksular

    ı played 2.6 hog and ı dont lose match in challange

208 хиљ.