🧀 WINNING with ONLY TOMBSTONE (not clickbait) 🧀
Can we win with this IMPOSSIBLE win condition? Maybe if we take advantage of the 1 card glitch a few months back and entered 2v2 with MASS spawners, and ACTUALLY managed to win with JUST tombstone
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  • Juicy News Network
    Juicy News Network

    Can OJ win a Clash Royale match using ONLY Tombstone? Find out at 9. My name is OJ, and this is the Juicy News Network.

    • Mridul Joshi
      Mridul Joshi

      Ok big fan

    • Siddhant Singh
      Siddhant Singh

      Oj : we'll win only using tombstone Valkire : am I joke to you


      Plz make a vedio on clash of clans

  • Jose Rodrigo
    Jose Rodrigo

    Why tf are you matching with level fucking ones maybe it would actually be a close game if you played a level 12 or 13 wtf

  • Mohammed Alhaied
    Mohammed Alhaied


  • Andres Caamano
    Andres Caamano

    you can easily stop elixar golem with 2 witch XDD

  • Veljko Laptop
    Veljko Laptop

    When OJ says in the tittle not clickbait, you know it's not a clickbait

  • Bilal Kozan
    Bilal Kozan

    6.35 it was 120 elixir!

  • Nate L
    Nate L

    At 5:19 that was 53.

  • Draike Smith
    Draike Smith

    Like 45 elixir 💀

  • George Maatouk
    George Maatouk

    It was 58 elixir why did I count it?

  • João 007
    João 007

    5:21 i counted 33



    • krish :]
      krish :]

      what mode was that ?

  • Ambrus Bencsik
    Ambrus Bencsik


    • krish :]
      krish :]

      what mode was that ?

  • Elite-mikey

    36 elixir

    • krish :]
      krish :]

      what mode was that ?

  • Dipayan Chowdhury
    Dipayan Chowdhury

    You do the gym

  • 樓下陳伯

    Boom boom boom boom boom

  • Ayrus Zen
    Ayrus Zen

    how u can, just 2 card in deck?

  • shahirul islam
    shahirul islam

    Imagine how satisfying it would be if the opponent had wizards valks baby dragon etc anything that does splash n destroyed ur e golems

  • Mehjabin Contractor
    Mehjabin Contractor

    Like it was like 50 almost 50 I saw it in slow motion it was funny And 90 almost 90 elycir in the second time too

  • Jac Weng
    Jac Weng


  • Karthik Suresh
    Karthik Suresh

    OJ gets so excited winning against lvl 2 n 3.and when he losses with lvl11 he said they r also having infinite troops lol

  • MC Vineel
    MC Vineel

    6:24 to 6:34 Looks So Cute When He Says That😍😍

  • Hamzacool Bharmal
    Hamzacool Bharmal

    Bro oj why not try a Goblin barrel spam?

  • 1 1
    1 1

    2:00 *OJ why are we here just to suffer?*

  • OsmanAga-FG

    Most illegal thing for opponent: *Not Enough Elixir*

  • Arbi Gjylbegaj
    Arbi Gjylbegaj

    OJ is kinda like LazarBeam doing glitches and cheeses except that he doesent do humor but finds other forms of entertainment

  • Advith Bharadwaj
    Advith Bharadwaj

    It was 500 elixir

  • Yoga Candradinata
    Yoga Candradinata

    How to use only one card i can't do it ?!?!

  • Hoops the bee
    Hoops the bee

    How did you battle only with 1 cards

  • Josif Vissarionovich Djugashvili
    Josif Vissarionovich Djugashvili

    I never saw Oj speaking so fast

  • Beauty Myint
    Beauty Myint

    32 elixer

  • Applay


  • lord Grim
    lord Grim

    I don’t think cloning elixir golem is a good idea

  • Σπύρος Χάντος
    Σπύρος Χάντος

    40+ elixir

  • Camilo Marchesi
    Camilo Marchesi

    Lmao only bots on clash nowadays

  • SGG _romeo
    SGG _romeo

    Damm he be driping with that LV shirt

  • atharv muku
    atharv muku

    Tombstone : we are together and we are more then any thing Mother witch : magic is what I never know before now

  • Grant 17
    Grant 17

    Why are you proud of going against lvl 3?.?

  • Robbie Tieppo
    Robbie Tieppo

    31 elixir earnt off 3 elixir arrows!

  • 58 Miqro
    58 Miqro

    The elixir that the arrows got at the last battle was 86 omggg 👁️👄👁️👁️👄👁️👁️👄👁️👁️👄👁️

  • Søme Løser
    Søme Løser

    Do this with the giant Skelly

  • A guy
    A guy

    "Owh that wasnt a bot"

  • Clash with Bhavya Jain
    Clash with Bhavya Jain

    That was 35 elixer

  • Muthu.B. Shanavas
    Muthu.B. Shanavas

    I think cr is ignoring these glitches so that the game gets interesting or maybe for creators to make content.

  • veera gaming
    veera gaming

    Ivaru eppadi 2card la Play pandraru?

  • DiableVache

    OJ: "Who wins with an offensive tombstone?" lava hound players:

  • Yoav Huewes
    Yoav Huewes

    Omg that was 20+ elixir love your vids

  • Nithishkumar B XII CS
    Nithishkumar B XII CS

    Ok you can win with only log I think you can't make it 😉

  • abhay tanish
    abhay tanish

    5:21 55

  • Corey Faith
    Corey Faith

    Dislike for cheating

  • George Foto
    George Foto

    42 elixir

  • Jonathan0905 Gaming
    Jonathan0905 Gaming

    omg thats crazy

  • Fachri Ilyasa
    Fachri Ilyasa

    13:35 Zombie apocalypse

  • Jezú Con Z
    Jezú Con Z

    With that bug my man you've made a lot of content, has been so worth it for you😂💪🏻

  • Scruffle Animations
    Scruffle Animations

    47 elixer 5:21

  • Rosalinda Moreno
    Rosalinda Moreno

    I took a screenshot and I counted 40-50 elixir

    • Rosalinda Moreno
      Rosalinda Moreno

      On the second to last enemy giving elixir trade

  • William Vedelsby
    William Vedelsby

    54 elixir

  • Arijandas Urbo
    Arijandas Urbo

    Its like a war

  • Arijandas Urbo
    Arijandas Urbo

    Thats a lot of barbarian

  • Yannick Leonard
    Yannick Leonard

    I don't understand how he can play only one card?

  • Reeesaursrex _yt
    Reeesaursrex _yt

    13:32 ohhhhhhhh we are gonna win only joe tombstone

  • Risingstar Joy
    Risingstar Joy

    That were like 30 elixers 😱

  • Infinity YT
    Infinity YT

    3:04 That moan made me come cringe

  • Icecold blooD
    Icecold blooD

    kills a lvl 2 with tomb stone: oj: WEEEE BEATTTT THEEE GAMMMMMMM YESSS!!!!!!!!!


    Как он это сделал?

  • giannisveres

    Is this patched now?

  • nobody

    and that is how to play elixir golem

  • Daiva Juventino
    Daiva Juventino

    how to play this mode in clash royale?

  • Schuyler Powell
    Schuyler Powell

    I hate and love this vid

  • vishal bansal
    vishal bansal

    Total 50

  • Izuko Dragneel
    Izuko Dragneel

    hey oj I know am late but that was 42 elixir.

  • Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta

    It was 72 elixirs

  • Phạm Hoàng Minh
    Phạm Hoàng Minh

    5:05 OJ: "the most positive elixir trade I've ever seen in history"

  • bobaurus 69
    bobaurus 69

    1 witch would just destroy tombstone. If not. Add another

  • Pamki -e
    Pamki -e

    Is this glitch fixed now?

  • Oded Cohen
    Oded Cohen

    you should colab with another youtuber. he will glitch 2 accounts with barbs hut and you with 2accounts of goblin hut and see who wins!!!

  • I.L.Y. A.S.S. YT
    I.L.Y. A.S.S. YT

    One hendred elixir

  • AMIEL rivera
    AMIEL rivera

    To do only battle healer

  • The Llama Guy
    The Llama Guy


  • pedro Lopez
    pedro Lopez

    Is this already patched?

  • Otaku Boy
    Otaku Boy

    This glitch got fixed :(

  • Ruby Dragon
    Ruby Dragon

    Watch 0:00 to 0:03 with speed x2 ;)

  • Obito UchihaSwag
    Obito UchihaSwag

    It’s funny how people like this so much more than any other mode but they decide to be stubborn and remove it and won’t make it a mode 😂😂😂😂 I just find it funny when companies are this stupid

  • Aman Kalicharan
    Aman Kalicharan

    these are the most scuffed videos i've seen in a while

  • Zeyaad Moutier
    Zeyaad Moutier

    All interactions in this video are positive elixir trades for the enemy.

  • sai nandan
    sai nandan

    i tryed many times but always if the deck is not full it says battle request failed then how to do that glitch

  • Elias Cortez
    Elias Cortez

    This video was posted recent yet if you look that is back when the mega knight was boosted and there was only 99 cards

  • Marauder

    7:10 Freaking machine gun king tower. My goodness.

  • Mahmoud 9800
    Mahmoud 9800

    It is not Working 🥸🥺

  • Joe Palmer
    Joe Palmer

    Can you get the dabbing goblin off my screen please?

  • Jonathan Laprade
    Jonathan Laprade

    “That was the most positive elixir trade I’ve seen! For them.” -Oj

  • Crap-Caster Mage
    Crap-Caster Mage

    It was 33 elixer I counted

  • Scarecrow

    i upgraded my elixir golems to lvl13 only for that and they patched it

    • Reef anything
      Reef anything

      hey now you can play elixir golem decks like a pro in ladder

  • LogJamStudios :P
    LogJamStudios :P

    But can you beat it with just bomb towers?

  • Marko Ivanovic
    Marko Ivanovic

    Are you scare to tell your viewers how you do glitch?

  • Marko Ivanovic
    Marko Ivanovic

    Make a video of making glitch you are doing

  • latiremo

    this video was the definition of positive elixir trade

  • UnoBrunoBoi

    I think speak for everyone when I say *I've never heard a faster intro by OJ* 👏👏👏

  • Chang Bop82
    Chang Bop82

    I would've like to see him do only goblin cage lol.

  • krazymonkeyzzz

    U poupiy

  • Ji CAO
    Ji CAO

    Imagine if they got baby dragon, executioner, Valkyrie, arrow cheese 🧀, or log cheese 🧀