You Can USE Goblin Drill BEFORE It's Released...
Friendly draft picks can give you access to the Goblin Drill a little earlier if you want to experiment with a friend or clan mate before the challenge releases.

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  • Godson

    Bro has anyone gone against goblin drill in battle cause I did and lost

  • Jay Bali
    Jay Bali

    Babe say the magic words Babe:what? “Mmmmm it’sa orrrange juise”

  • Icecube1380

    adadadhasd im gonn a be a billionare joe lke noyd

  • Sugan M
    Sugan M

    9.06 Hilarious!

  • Eetu The Reindeer
    Eetu The Reindeer

    The fact that you can't counter it without hundreds of damage or using more than 4 elixir unless you predict where it comes (which is just lucky unless you can read your opponents thoughts) is really toxic. I definitely can sense a nerf coming. My sparky shot it instantly when it popped up and my tower still got like 800 damage

  • Eetu The Reindeer
    Eetu The Reindeer

    Goblin drill offensively is like shooting a rocket but with 80% accuracy To balance the 20% chance of losing it costs 2 less elixir and deals triple damage... Yeah.

  • 9675818a

    There a glitch for the goblin drill

  • 49Wafflez

    I repeat, this is not a drill, but it's a goblin drill - OJ 2021 *hilarious oj.*

  • creeper

    i wont trust randumbs

  • JClayton16

    @OJ make Skeleton Scoot open

  • Bahrein Maes
    Bahrein Maes

    This game 2 years ago: naaah we schraped the idea of a goblindril

  • YTR3m1xs

    When oj made a video about scarp cards in 2018 ig they added the goblin drill

  • sovata doctor
    sovata doctor

    When orange said that goblin drill wipl never become card in 2019


    Bomber and valkry is the best counter for goblin drill


    Oj: try to get goblin drill Me: get a goblin drill in 1 draft :)

  • Brayan Ornellas
    Brayan Ornellas

    Bro he say dog water in 2021

  • Jose Gallegos
    Jose Gallegos

    Bro Ive been going against them in ladder they suck at placing them but a good combo would be Mega knight and goblin drill

  • The Aberration
    The Aberration

    We don't talk about the drill here

  • angel ruvalcaba
    angel ruvalcaba

    Someone used the goblin drill on ranked battles, for trophies🤬 can someone explain why they can use it if it’s not available for 23 days

  • Berend Berend
    Berend Berend

    4:07 I love how in the subtitles "lumberjackaroonie" is a word

  • Dylan Lopez
    Dylan Lopez

    Oj use goblin drill with poison and zappies so over powered for me

  • Forged Warrior
    Forged Warrior

    I got got goblin drill in the challenge in the first hour of it... So much sweattt

  • marwane delhoum
    marwane delhoum

    9:06 “nice” 🥲

  • Mike Kachesov
    Mike Kachesov

    Win condition in draft? How come not me?

  • DeadShot

    I remember your video where the goblin drill was scrapped I mean I’m just saying maybe they are bringing back old cards that are scrapped 🤷🏼

  • Mateo

    Bomber and goblin gang is the best card to counter goblin drill

  • Zaiah#7580

    “My cards are dog water”😵‍💫


    you guys should watch all CR related videos in 1.5x speed. it makes more sense.

  • Joseph Perales
    Joseph Perales

    They should add calling cards to clash royale where you can get them completing challenges, also more variations of cosmetics, you know, not just gold, but diamond, platinum, emerald, ruby etc


    I thought oj will use a glitch for using Gob drill

  • Randy On Roblox
    Randy On Roblox

    9:05 lol this is quality oj

  • Jayden Punzalan
    Jayden Punzalan

    OJ like cheese so he likes rits

  • TopShowVideo7

    9:06 we do a little trolling

  • Monkey & spoungebob
    Monkey & spoungebob

    I got drill like 4 times

  • Karina Karasek
    Karina Karasek

    9:02 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Sal Modzelewski
    Sal Modzelewski

    9:02 LMAO OJ

  • game BOY
    game BOY

    After along time i'm watching this dude again 👽

  • CG06 Garrett
    CG06 Garrett

    Goblin drill poison is going to be OP

  • DJ Nikus
    DJ Nikus


  • Uncurupted Gaming
    Uncurupted Gaming

    What if in doubles u both mirror the goblin drill into eachother, it Will look like 1 but it is 4 and it Will spawn like 25 goblins

  • Camzizar33 Csmith
    Camzizar33 Csmith

    Goblin drill needs to cost 6 mana

  • EpiX _
    EpiX _

    7:58 why is no one talking about how nice that barbarrel was

  • JonathanUnova

    This was like the funniest Clash Royale video ever!

  • TNG _imande
    TNG _imande

    2:23 he got the goblin laugh there

  • Steezo x9x6x
    Steezo x9x6x

    Did anyone notice the spear goblins side-stepping that barb barrel loool Bottom left 8:19 Edit: I think it got pushed by the underground goblin drill..

  • Vuk Jović
    Vuk Jović

    Tricky barrel Tricky drill?

  • Yaniv Berlin
    Yaniv Berlin

    You really should stop saying goblin drill

  • Tyler DeWarf
    Tyler DeWarf

    If your reading this orange juice, if you use graveyard and goblin drill, it’s amazing, nearly unstoppable if used correctly

  • Ur daily memes Young
    Ur daily memes Young

    I’ve already figured this out

  • gacha aca
    gacha aca

    Are you?

  • Jonas rubert
    Jonas rubert

    Hi how can I join your clan

  • Arnav Bharti
    Arnav Bharti

    3:40 pause it there..

  • Satyarth Arya
    Satyarth Arya

    Hi can anyone please tell me which mode is best to push penny

  • Shakthi

    all the one want to see oj's first video more changes to first video to last

  • Saif smadi
    Saif smadi

    Can you download clash of clans video 😉

  • Abhimanyu Narain
    Abhimanyu Narain

    The oj "NICE " after tower health is at 69😂😂

  • Ranjana Ambilduke
    Ranjana Ambilduke

    How to totally counter the goblin drill (even spwan damage) 1.Bring the king tower down to extremely low health 2.Wait for him to drill and then time it just correctly to spell the tower just before the drill pops up 3.Flex on him Ezy peezy orange squeezy 😎

  • Mohammed Zubaier
    Mohammed Zubaier

    Yesterday I got a goblin drill on friendly draft.

  • Dodo gameing
    Dodo gameing

    🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹


    He sounds like the blue king waiting for magical archer😂 in clash a rama !!

  • _playn12_

    Фу читер

  • I talk trash but
    I talk trash but

    9:06 OJ: 69 HEALTH!!! also OJ: ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ nice

  • valt plays
    valt plays

    Hey oj the building in infite elixer so op for becuse you can put like 10 or more hahaha

  • Tony tony Chopper
    Tony tony Chopper

    You can show your real deck

  • LK_marck

    Orange juice🤝apple juice?

  • sehgal mhatre
    sehgal mhatre

    It's true I experienced this in goblin draft challenge

  • Yasith Lakmal
    Yasith Lakmal


    • Cricket criminal
      Cricket criminal


    • Yasith Lakmal
      Yasith Lakmal


  • Raph San
    Raph San

    I was able to pick it twice on the goblin giant draft ! 🤣🤣

  • Nicholas Grant
    Nicholas Grant

    Oj when someone uses a goblin drill defensively “ OH MY GOD DEFENSIVE GOBLIN DRILL”

  • chondramallika dhar
    chondramallika dhar

    9:06 hhah😂😂

  • Gamers adda
    Gamers adda

    When OJ went professor mode 12:41

  • Gamers adda
    Gamers adda

    In AI voice: Oj once said: 12:41

  • Gamers adda
    Gamers adda

    Famous quotes said by OJ 12:41 If you learnt anything about bad logic;Correlation is causation!

  • Amarjit Sarkaria
    Amarjit Sarkaria

    9:06/9:07 OJ: Ram Rider Connect, it was 69 health. Also OJ : Nice 👍

  • Milos Zec
    Milos Zec

    So i was scrolling on yt and a video caught my eye , "cards that almost made it into clash royale" posted in 2018. And in the thumbnail there is a goblin drill

  • amogus

    Watch them nerf it when it gets released to all the players

  • James Pilgrim
    James Pilgrim

    Am i the only person confused on where hes playing all of these challenges

  • Amir Jalali
    Amir Jalali


  • FireCraft Mixgamer
    FireCraft Mixgamer

    2:23 the laugh 🤣

  • comestible

    noooo he didnt place the spear goblins at the bridge correctly at 1 tile offset from the center

  • Diego Landa
    Diego Landa

    You are saved by grace alone

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Can i be in your clan i started 2 weeks ago pls pls pls pls can i join pls i wanna join a clan with a youtube

  • Imran Sameer
    Imran Sameer

    What is the use of creator code anyone knows plzz tell

  • UnderClips

    Your clan mates aren’t doing the optimal placement with the goblin drill showing that they haven’t watched your video

  • kirby stabs
    kirby stabs

    years later:a new card that counter goblin drill has came and its skarmy but spawn in o shape

  • Omar Merdawi
    Omar Merdawi

    the goblin drill is literally a goblin hut + miner +goblin barrel just for freaken 4 elixir

  • Mm2 Trxding montage
    Mm2 Trxding montage

    long time no see OJ. i haven't watched you for 2 years and now you stop wearing glasses

  • Jayden Herrera
    Jayden Herrera

    My dad after getting the milk 9:06

  • Pingul Angelo Josh
    Pingul Angelo Josh


  • Pingul Angelo Josh
    Pingul Angelo Josh

    hey oj can you play badland braal

  • Kreepe

    i havent played this game for 2 years and i still watch this lol

  • Ming Zhe Huang
    Ming Zhe Huang

    3:34 oj still can win by 1 hp (if time's up)😂

    • Armaan B.
      Armaan B.

      that match was intense

  • Fengguo Ma
    Fengguo Ma

    I play game in 2013

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid

    Who agrees with me that goblin drill needs to be higher elixer Like = 8 elixir Comment = 6 elixir. Comment a different amount of elixir if you pick 1,2,3,,4,5,7,,9,10 elixir

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid

    4:43 had me DYING🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Impractical Jokers Fan
    Impractical Jokers Fan

    Hey Ken Jeong...arent those headphones for girls?

  • Sev Fidel
    Sev Fidel

    dog water

  • Matthew star
    Matthew star

    8:04 wait don't let that goblin drill do more than a million damage lol

  • Veil

    1:51 OJ

  • JDWest04

    I’m in ur clan lol

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